Sunday, April 30, 2017

Haulternative 2hand #FashionRevolution

Hello peoples! Today I am back with a fashion haul type post. You might not know this but this past week was Fashion Revolution week which is this super cool thing that is trying to make so many things better in fashion industry. Because I thought this was so cool I have decided to join in and do a haulternitive post which pretty much means a haul but without buying a bunch of new clothes from some new big store.

Recently I read a book called Uprising by Margaret Haddix. It was seriously amazing. The book was about the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire. After reading this book I went online because it had caught my attention. I looked up some other factory disasters and also living conditions for the average worker in a 3rd world country. I was kind of amazed. That's when I found Fashion Revolution which is trying to change all of this. Besides the whole living things the fashion industry at the moment is seriously hurting our environment. It takes the equivalent of how much water you would drink in 3 years to make one single t-shirt. Like wow.

My mom is super into thrifting or buying old clothes from things like garage sales or thrift stores. It is basically reusing clothes. So yesterday we went to a cool garage sale the church near my house put on. I got a couple things that I am absolutelly obsessed with so I have decided to share them with you in this haulternitive 2hand post. Enjoy!

*Note I am not sure if this really counts because it is less clothes and more earrings and some shoes but I am going with it.

I am so in love with these shoes right now. When I saw them laying on the floor I could not resist at all. I have seen stuff like this before and I loved them then. They are like these converse boot things. I am not really sure. But my friend said they were so "me" when she saw me wearing them yesterday. 

Someone just gave this book to me. It was pretty cool. I have actually not read the artemis fowl series. I think I have listened to the first one but other then that nothing. I am looking forward to maybe possibly reading the series. 

These earrings are like heart peace signs. Aka they are two of my favroite things combined.  have almost no earrings and these are quite small so I can easily wear them to school.

They are owls! I have wanted owl earrings almost forever so when I saw them I was like yes. I ahve to get these. Thye are silver sparkly owl with the types of backs that make them harder to fall off. 

These are more heart earrings because I like hearts ok. They have these cool designs in the middle though that I love.  The earrings are a tiny bit bigger then the other ones but still so cute.

Yes I do relize these are to big and not really appropriate for my age but you have to deal with it. I have wanted earrings like this for longer than I have wanted anything thing else in this post. And then I got them for a dollar and they are so amazing. 


And that is it! If you want more haul post or maybe my thoughts on ethical fashion (or something like that) please comment down below. Make to sure to follow my blog if you enjoyed. :)

Friday, April 28, 2017

the Cramm award

There was like a couple months where on my blog I like only did tags and awards. I loved doing them but they weren't the best posts in the world. Recently though Rukiya who is awesome and just started blogging again nominated be for this award so I was like "why not?".  So here is it!


Mention the person who nominated you + link their blog/site
 Include a bit about the person who created this award + link to their site
 Share 3 people who inspire you to blog
Answer your challenge question
 Nominate bloggers and give them a cool challenge question

Yes I do relize that the text changed but I didn't want to retype the rules so deal with it. 

3 People Who Inspire Me To Blog

1. My mom and dad for being like the best people ever. Not trying to brag but they are sometimes a lot cooler than some other parents. Just saying. The only time they are slightly annoying is when they are making me do like ten million chores but other then that my parents are kind and inspiring people who fight for what they believe in. They tell me to follow my dreams and they some how make me think of myself as not a complete loser which is kind of hard to do. They might just be better than Emma Watson which in my book is incredibly hard to do. 

2. My amazing readers and commenters definitely have to be one this list. I blog because it is insanely fun to me but I have to admit that if no one actualy read my blog I might just kind of give up. I actually do have at least some awesome people who read my blog and give amazing heartwarming comments that make me smile so much. Shoutout to Ray for commenting on like all my posts with actual opinions and stuff like that. I see you and I apreciate it. :)

3. I relize this isn't an actual person but just the world around me. It is a very very inspiring place.

The Challenge Question

Ok so Rukiya's question was "What is one thing you love about our generation and why?"

Ok wow. This is hard. And kind of deep. I would say one thing that I think I love about our generation is how deeply we think about things. This doesn't mean everyone but I feel like there is a lot more thinking and analyzing going on. Does that make sense? Probably not. 

Ok so my challenge question for all of you guys is this

If you could change one thing about our world and community and society what would it be?

I nominate:

Everyone who reads my blog!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

6 Super Easy And Cute Hairstyles For All Seasons

Hello! I'm back! So as you might know I love fashion and that kind of stuff but I am also super into hair. I have wanted to do a post like this for so long. I just kept waiting and waiting and then one day I was just like I am going to do it. And so I did. Here are 6 easy and simple hairstyles. 

This is a kind of katniss and elsa type look with just a simple side braid. I do this hairstyle a lot at school or when I just don't want to do a ponytail but I can't leave it down. 

This is more of a winter type look. All you have to do is get some hair from both sides of your head and then pull it into a ponytail. Aftre that if you want you can braid it which is what I did in the picture above. 

I have loved this ever since I found it because it kind of makes me feel like a princess. All you have to do for this is get to braids and then lay them on top of your head and then secure it with bobby pins. It gets your hair off of your neck and it looks super elegant and fancy or just whatever depending on the outfit. 

This is just a super simple upgraded ponytail. You pretty much just put your hair in a ponytail then get some hair and wrap it around the base of your ponytail. 

I have super bad princess leia buns! For this all you have to do is to separate your hair and then make pigtails and then make that into buns. Cute and simple.   

Any time I do this I feel like I look like pippi longstocking. Pretty much just do 2 braids.


And that is it for now! In the comments tell me your favroite hairstyle on the list and if I should do more posts like this. Bye! 

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Cover Up My Face

Usually I try to cover up my face.

But when I see you, it is open space.

Usually I try to cover up my face. 

But with you, I feel safe. 

Usually I try to cover up my face.

But with you here, I am perfectly in place. 

Friday, April 21, 2017

7 Super Easy Things You Can Do To Help Save The Environment #EarthDay

Ok I wanted to post last year on earth day but I didn't have time so instead I am doing it this year! Our earth is basiclly what keeps us alive. It is literally why we are here today. The thing is our earth is kind of dyeing. With pollution and so many other things human being are doing it is really affecting our planet. I recently read the book "An Inconvenient Truth" which is by one of our former vice presidents and I really liked it. So here are 7 pretty easy things that you can do to help save our world. Enjoy!

Use reusable containers instead of plastic bags

There are way too many barely used plastic bags sitting in landfills. Like way way too many. An easy way to fix this is to instead use reusable containers. Recently for school lunches my family switched from instead using bags to using containers to hold our snacks and everything for school. It is easy and it means you won't have to keep buying bags when you run out. 

Air dry your hands

I promise it won't kill you. When there are paper towels to dry your hands I really recommend just air drying them. Don't use the like ten million paper towels I see some people use in public restrooms. I have been doing this for a while and although it won't make that much of a difference, it still helps. Or if you have a cloth towel then that is the next best thing.  

Pick up one thing of trash every day

If everyone did this the world would be a million times cleaner. Littering is such a big problem and if we all made it a priority to pick something up it would help so much. Maybe just a small candy rapper that was under the chair or a random piece of scrap paper someone forgot. 

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

In houston we have a super convenient recycling system where we just put all of our recycling into one big container thing which is the same way we do trash. I know for some other people though it is a little harder. But make sure to look up what you can recycle in your area and then make sure to recycle those items.

Walk instead of drive

If there is any time that you can walk then do it. Walk to work or school or the store. You get exercise and you don't pollute the environment. My mom always make sure that my family does this and I also always walk home from school. 

Always turn off water and lights when you are not using them

This is like a duhh but even I have a problem with this. When you walk out of a room make sure to check that the light is off. My mom is always complaining to me and my sisters that we never ever turn off the lights. She says it wastes money and stuff like that and I proably don't listen to her but she is very much right. 

Do everything that you can online instead of on paper

This is like a tip for life and helping the environment. With the internet there are so many thing from doing billing, to filling out forms, too writing that you used to only be able to do on paper that you can now easily do with a computer or phone. If you have access to the internet then save paper and do it online instead. 

And that is it for now! Tomorrow is earth day so make sure to do at least something to show that you care. Lol. Also shoutout to Asha who is a blogger who actually knows what she is talking about regarding the planet. She is a young blogger like me who blogs over at Asha For The World and I love her posts so much. Shs is extremely inspiring. :) Anyway comment down below if you have any earth day plans!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

What is a word FT. A Post Where I Talk About Words

As a writer and singer and blogger I am very interested in words. In how they sound in your mouth. In your head. In your heart.

A word by definition is "a single distinct meaningful element of speech or writing, used with others (or sometimes alone) to form a sentence and typically shown with a space on either side when written or printed."


So a word is is one part of a language that means something. But only with other words can it mean something that actualy does something.

I have noticed an interesting thing lately about myself and all of my friends will agree that I do this a lot. Whenever there is an argument about a word or anything really that has to do with talking I will look up the definition of the word and read it aloud and then be all like "boom!" (because I do that alot). I act as if I won something by looking up a word and its meaning.

But recently a friend of mine brought up a really great point. She said that words have so many different meanings and one word could be like ten million things to people. Doesn't really have to do with the point above but it made me think.

A word is just a sound that overtime has gained meaning. Everyone (that is speaking english) calls the wood type thing in the dining room that we eat at "table" (usually). For other languages though they call it other things. That doesn't mean they're wrong. It just means they assigned a different sound to the inanimate object.

The english language is complicated. Like really complicated. It is one of the hardest second languages to learn (and first languages for that matter) because there are just so many rules and words and different meanings. Sometimes though it seems spontaneously the rules are broken for a special word.

My father has a PhD in english so he stresses for me to make sure to use words correctly and to always learn to new words. The dictionary is always always changing and retiring and adding new words.

In our world we are judged by our words. By how well we write in our english essays. By how well we punctuation and express ourselves at the audition. By if we understand and use the long words at our interview for that new job. You are always being judged by what you say or do.

This post was suposed to be like super physiological but it kind of just went everywhere. Hope you enjoyed. :) Tell me what you did this week in the comments.
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