Wednesday, March 29, 2017

What To Do When You Are Tired But You Need To Stay Up

You know those nights. When you are tired. Like super tired. But you also have like ten million things of homework left? Yeah that happens sometimes. Or you know a lot depending on the school you go to. Or maybe it is not homework but instead you desperately have to finish binge watching the whole season of that tv show. Yeah... That happens sometimes too. In this post I am going to give you guys some tips on how to stay awake when you are super super tired.

1. Be active

Move around. Run. Sit up sit down. Just move and didn't let yourself stay in one position or else there is a possibility that you will wake up in the morning with no idea why you aren't in bed.

2. Drink something with caffeine

I personally don't like coffee like at all but I do hear that it helps keep you up. Stuff like caffeinated tea also helps. 

3. Drink a cold drink

In the morning when I first wake up and I am not really up but I need to go to school a lot of times I will drink a cold drink like apple juice that has been in the fridge. It is refreshing and definitely helps me stay awake. 

4. Talk with someone or just sing a song to your self

It will help keep you because first you have to think and second it makes you move (your mouth at least) which as I said helps. 

5. Sit up straight

The reason we sleep on our backs and not standing or sitting up is because laying down increases tiredness. 

6. Stare at a screen

TVs and phones and computers and ipods and kindles and all of those other stuff have this type of lighting that pretty much keeps you awake (I don't know the whole science of it or anything). Anyway it keeps you up. A lot of times my parents will be super annoying about this and not let me use my computer like ten million hours before I go to bed because it will "keep me up". Bahhh!


7. Just go outside

If it is dark this won't help but if it is during the day go outside and just enjoy the sunshine. The sun like tells your body to wake up pretty much.

8. Splash your face with water or take a cold shower

I also do this in the morning when I need to go to school. Putting cold water on your face just awakens your senses and helps you not fall asleep. 

And that is it for now! Comment down below your tips for staying up and also if the tips I gave helps you. Thanks and bye!


  1. When I really had to stay awake during high school, I would sleep. It sounds counter-productive, right? Well, I found out that my brain used to shut down at 22:00 but had no problem waking up at 03:00. So, I'd let me brain rest and I'd wake up really early to get something done. Call me mad, but it worked for me!


    1. That's actually a MUCH better idea than staying awake, Steph.

      Nabila! What are you thinking?! Staying up late is a terrible thing to do to yourself. I used to work a week of about 4 30-hour "days". Then I'd catch up with sleep one day a week. That was a very self-destructive life.

      Get 8 to 9 hours of healthy sleep each night if you want to look and feel your best.

      -- Ray (who woke up early and already feels tired)

    2. That is so cool Steph! It is amazing how your brain was wired that way. :)

    3. Ok so this post was not supposed to encourage staying up late it is just like tips for when you have too. I do still get about 9 hours of sleep each day. Sometimes when I wake up though and I have slept a lot I am immediately tired again so I should probably sleep more. LOL. Thanks for commenting Ray!

    4. I actually have an amazing story about sleep (and the lack of it), but it's a bit dark and grown-up. I'll share if you ever want to hear a sad story that you'll have trouble forgetting. Hint: think twice before asking.

      A less disturbing story occurred just last year. sitting at my computer and, exhausted, my mind shifted into "sleep-mode". I had a super-vivid dream about something I worked on several years ago at a different computer. Then I woke up and for several minutes couldn't distinguish dream from reality. I just kept asking my sister, who was sitting nearby, "What happened?!" Moral of this story - Sleep at night, lying down, with your eyes closed ... and you won't sleep during the day, sitting up, with your eyes open!

      -- Ray (ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz)

    5. "A bit dark and grown up." Interesting. I might just want to hear that story.

      Less disturbing stuff is also good. Oh wow. That sounds fun. Was your sister weirded out? I must say that that is a very good moral that proably me and everyone else in the world really has to learn.

    6. I think my choice of words was poor here. I should have said it's a story best appreciated by those who work for a living.

      There are truly great storytellers in my family. I'm not one of them. I tend to go to the point without building suspense properly. So let me give you the super-condensed version.

      A family friend was having terrible problems sleeping. His mother had recently passed and so it seemed only natural. Because he couldn't sleep his work suffered. That made getting to sleep even harder. Before long he was given leave without pay. Basically his boss had put up with enough and he could either get himself in order or be terminated. At his wits end, he thought about suicide.

      Then his wife diagnosed the problem. The man loved espressos. At least he did at first. Then He needed them. And because it was second nature, he hadn't realized it was caffeine that brought him to the brink of losing everything. It wasn't his mother or work. It was addiction.

      Beware the bean!

      -- Ray (5.5oz Starbucks iced coffee/day)

    7. Oh my gosh that's so sad. Addiction is a problem with so many people. This is sad. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Good tips! I'm so bad at staying up late, I get so sleepy so fast XD

    1. Thanks Vivian! For me I seem my most awake at night but during the day and when I first wake up I am like a zombie. It is incredibly annoying.


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