Friday, March 17, 2017

spring break and st patrick's day and just life

Whats up. This post for some reason isn't scheduled. So be afraid.

I am on spring break right now and having quite a bit of fun.

My family is renting a beach house in galveston that is really nice.

A couple of my aunts came which always makes things cooler.

I love water and swimming so being by the beach is magical.

That galveston water though.

It is all grey and seaweedy.

And the beach is nonexistent.

It is just mud.

Which never makes for cute pictures.

I am hoping to do something tomorrow afternoon (maybe) that could make some of you guys happy.

If I do it right but I only have like a 40% of succeeding.

Today is St. Patrick's day.

Which is cool I guess.

Celebrating the Saints.

And Green.

I am wearing green today but entirely by accident.

I have on a dark green shirt that my parents got me from guatemala that has a turtle on it.

I am using it as a bathing suit cover up.

Also the water is so cold.

I guess that should be expected though.

In some parts of the country there was a blizzard and it seemed to be snowing like everywhere.

For anyone affected by that I pray for you.

Now I will go.

And see if I can try to be a healthy person and maybe go run on the beach.

Wish me luck.

I had fun typing this.

Comment if I should do more stuff like this.

Also comment what you are doing over break.


  1. ugh my break isn't a break. since I'm homeschooled we can kinda schedule our own break so we said, "oh any day this week that's over 60 we can take a break." of course the whole week it's in the 20's. Lol :P but I hope your having a great break right now =)


    1. Ok that doesn't seem fair. You should still totally get a break regardless of the weather. That sounds annoying. Lol. I am having a great week actually and I hope you enjoy the weekend and maybe do something fun. :)

  2. Urgh, I'm getting off Spring Break at the end of this week. *cries* The good thing about Spring Break is that I don't get pinched as much, since I end up forgetting to wear green... I hope your spring break goes well for you!

    xoxo Morning

    1. Haha thanks. My spring break has been pretty good actually and I hope yours is/was amazing as well. :)

  3. So for most of these days I've been pretty lazy! Lol! But yesterday we went hiking and swimming and today I went for a walk so that's cool. But my break is over now and I have to start school again on monday. :(
    -Dani Jones

    1. Laziness is the supreme way to vacation. Yeah hiking and swimming sounds nice. I hope you had fun. :) School is annoying but sadly essential (don't worry I am dreading the return as well).

  4. Hey,

    I like the style of this post. It seems very natural, easy and free-flowing.
    If you enjoy it, keep doing it!


    1. Well ok then. I think I will keep doing it. I really liked writing this because it is just really free and easy.


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