Tuesday, March 14, 2017

I Am.... 100 Reasons Why I am Me

I was sitting in church on Ash Wednesday just being super bored and thinking about my blog when suddenly I got an idea. Why don't to help my followers learn more about me I do a post where I tell a bunch of stuff relating to me in an "I am" type of way. I thought this over and finally decided that this was a splendid idea so here it is!

  1. I am Nabila
  2. I am me
  3. I am an American
  4. I am a Texan
  5. I am a proud Houston resident
  6. I am a blogger
  7. I am a photographer
  8. I am a writer
  9. I am a singer
  10. I am a an artist
  11. I am an adventurer
  12. I am a fashionista
  13. I am a food lover
  14. I am christian
  15. I am a feminist 
  16. I am girl
  17. I am a lady
  18. I am female
  19. I am a person
  20. I am a human
  21. I am not a robot (long story)
  22. I am creative 
  23. I am a reader
  24. I am a critic
  25. I am a reviewer
  26. I am a lover
  27. I am a follower
  28. I am a designer 
  29. I am a graphic designer 
  30. I am a museum goer 
  31. I am a people watcher 
  32. I am a runner
  33. I am self conscious 
  34. I am a lover of bueatiful things 
  35. I am a swimmer 
  36. I am 12
  37. I am a middle schooler 
  38. I am a pretty much straight A student 
  39. I am a learner
  40. I am a student 
  41. I am a teacher 
  42. I am a sibling
  43. I am a daughter
  44. I am a sister 
  45. I am a niece 
  46. I am a cousin 
  47. I am a trend follower 
  48. I am egyptian 
  49. I am a technology lover 
  50. I am part of Generation Z
  51. I am a typer 
  52. I am a scientist 
  53. I am a teacher's pet 
  54. I am a friend 
  55. I am strong 
  56. I am vulnerable 
  57. I am sometimes intelligent 
  58. I am a laugher 
  59. I am who I am 
  60. I am change 
  61. I am free 
  62. I am a journalist
  63. I am active in my community 
  64. I am a goal setter 
  65. I am enough 
  66. I am peppy
  67. I am quirky 
  68. I am alive
  69. I am not dead 
  70. I am a first born child 
  71. I am complicated 
  72. I am a dreamer 
  73. I am a thinker 
  74. I am a cook
  75. I am loyal
  76. I am clever 
  77. I am a nerd
  78. I am a bookworm 
  79. I am that girl 
  80. I am in Name That Book
  81. I am equal 
  82. I am coming in peace 
  83. I am a Hunger Games lover
  84. I am a Fangirl
  85. I am not special
  86. I am right
  87. I am wrong
  88. I am mean 
  89. I am a debater 
  90. I am a negotiator
  91. I am a tween
  92. I am a teen
  93. I am an actress
  94. I am a shopper
  95. I am a stalker
  96. I am a board game winner 
  97. I am a video maker
  98. I am a gmail user
  99. I am a texter
  100. I am perfectly me
And that is it. I hope you enjoyed that random list of things. If you are a blogger then I challenge you to do a post like this on your blog and if not I challenge you to comment down below a sentence in an "I am" type way where you tell what you think makes you, you. Bye and thanks for reading! 



  1. I am a good person. A lot of people who know me will win. Because I am a good friend and friend at the same time. I am a volunteer slave to love and love.

  2. Wow this is an amazing post! I love it!

    xx Bubbles

    1. Awww thanks Bubbles! I am so happy that you enjoyed my list. :)

  3. You are also a granddaughter and my first grandchild. I like all the things you are. Love you-

  4. You are a robot. You're my friend, but I'm friends with a robot. We should do a back and forth post and you'll see that you are a robot. Or you should just do a post on that 'long story'. You are a great blogger and you know it, but just in case you didn't realize, you did 3 in a row confirming your gender and another three in a row confirming you're human (even if you are a ROBOT). All that aside, this post was awesome. I wish that when you meet somebody they give you the list of all of their characteristics just like this list and you know more about them starting out. It's great that everybody got to learn more about you!!!

    1. Thanks Lydia. Seriously Thanks. I have like the best friend in the whole world. She thinks I am a robot. And you know. Maybe I will do a post on that "long story". I will be all about how my best friend is extremely annoying.

      Well thank you for calling me a great blogger and yes I do know those things. It was on purpose (kind of).

      Thanks! I am happy that you like it. :) It would be cool to know more about someone when you meet them. Haha. Thanks for commenting!

  5. Lovely post to read through and further get to know you!


    1. I am happy that you enjoyed reading through my post. :) Thanks for commenting!

  6. We're all composed of many tiny aspects, aren't we? At least we know who we are. <3

    xoxo Abigail Lennah

    P.S. I also make blog posts mentally during church, as much as I try to break out of that habit during the homily. xD I'm guilty of doing that, but hey, aren't we all?

    1. We are all composed of the tiny miniature parts of ourselves and it is very interesting to dissect that and see who we individually are.

      P.S. Thank you! I wasn't sure if it was normal or not. Like I try to stop but it's hard. LOL.

  7. Lovely post, Nabila! It was easy to read and fun!

  8. Hi Nabila! Saanvi again! I loved your list, so I decided to do mine! (Don't worry, I have given a link to this post at the end of my list)
    Check it out below:


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