Friday, March 24, 2017

5 Tips For When You Are Trying to Get a Song Out of Your Head

Hello peoples! What's up? So a normal part of the human experience is getting songs stuck in your head. Like for the whole day and you just keep singing it (in your head or out loud) and it just won't stop. Like an ever revolving playlist of only one song or a bike gif. It keeps going and going and going. Sometimes this can get quite annoying so I have decided to give you guys some tips and ideas that I use when trying to get songs or phrases out of my head. Enjoy and I hope this helps!

Sing a different song

Find a song that you love. Maybe your favorite song. Sing the song or play it a couple times to get the other song out of your head. If you are lucky then now you will have no song stuck in your head or if you are a tiny bit less lucky (still pretty amazing though) you could get your favorite song stuck in your head. 

pokemon singing song karaoke jigglypuff 

Watch a movie or tv show or video 

When I am sick or if I just don't feel good then I love just watching tv. It takes my mind of off basiclly everything. It can also take your mind off of other things like for example a song stuck in your head. Get your favorite movie or for something shorter look at your favroite youtubers videos.
Watch and sooner or later the song will no longer even exist. 

SpongeBob SquarePants tv spongebob watching tv binge watching

Work on your math homework or solve some word problems

Thinking about other sentences or words drives the other song lyrics away. There are like abuzillion games online with cross word puzzles that are very helpful in situations like these. Math or math problems can also help. Yes I did just give you a good reason to go finish that math homework that is due tomorow. 

Look up the lyrics

No actually, I am not kidding. A lot of times when you have a song stuck in your head it is just a snippet of the song. Maybe the chorus or one or two lines of verse. So if you actualy learn the whole song your mind will stopping guessing what the rest of the song is. Another way this could help is that if you know the whole song then it will be too many lines to play in your mind on a continuous basis. 

Eat food or gum

When you chew or eat food sometimes the whole movement thing can interfere with the sound in your head. It messes everything up. Gum works the best but other foods can also help. This helps me sometimes and sometimes not but it is still worth a go. 


And that is it for now folks! At the moment I have Katy Perry's new song Chained to the Rhythm stuck in my head. I have literally memorized the whole song to all of my family's horror. Comment down below what song you have stuck in your head and also what your tips are for getting songs out of your head. Bye and I love you guys!


  1. Maybe I'm just a bit contrary, but it sounds to me like you WANT a song to stick in your head. Ok, miss 12 years old. How about something you haven't heard before? Something from the 70's, perhaps?

    Go to that website with all the videos and search on Melanie Safka- Brand New Key (1972 - HQ - Live). Or Chicago - If You Leave Me Now. Or, and this one will drive you mad if you love it, Mason Williams - Classical Gas.

    Remember you ASKED for this! Don't blame me if you fall in love with music's greatest decade.


    1. This comment made me laugh so much. And yes sometimes I do want songs stuck in my head but not really the point of the post miss however old you are.

      Thank you so much for the song recommendations of "music's greatest decade".

      Haha, Thanks for commenting!

  2. Hey I ain't no "miss"! I mean, don't let the lipstick, Capri pants and high heels fool you. I'm all man! Seriously, you didn't know I'm a guy?

    Most everything is dreck. You increase your chances of finding neat things by stretching your search over a longer time period. There are songs from the 30's that sound fresh and new to ears that haven't heard them before. And amazing films from the silent era. Every decade offers much if you go looking and ask the right people for recommendations.

    What did you think of Melanie? I believe she's still around and still singing.

    -- Ray (They call me Mister!)

    1. I am very sorry Mister. I did know you were a guy I just forgot. I forget things qute easily. Sorry.

      Ok I agree. If you search over longer periods of time you will find more things and every time does offer something awesome (sometimes).

      So I looked up Melanie and she is pretty cool.

  3. These are super beneficial for getting songs stuck out of my head, for sure! Especially when in math class. While math isn't easy for me, I tend to zone everything out-- the loud country music blaring overhead, the chatter my table group generates, the carts rolling outside of the classroom-- and just concentrate. It's really helpful.

    xoxo Abigail Lennah

  4. Have you heard about teenfeminist dot com blog? Sorry about breaking it up but I don't want the spam filter to block this comment. She's amazing. Have a look and maybe take a cue from what she's doing.

    -- Ray(Call me "Mister" one more time and I'll hit you with my purse!)

    1. No actually I haven't heard of that but I am definitely looking that up right now. *looks her up*. Wow ok. This person is awesome. Thanks for sharing!


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