Sunday, March 19, 2017

5 Things You Should Do Daily To Be A Good Student

Hello everyone! So as you might know I am in middle school at the moment and I must admit it is kind of hard. Like very very hard. And that is just 6th grade. No I am not pretending to be an expert but today I am telling 5 things you should do daily to become a better student overall. Enjoy!

Check your grades 

Not all schools have this but my school has an online gradebook called parent student connect or gradespeed where you can check your grades. All you have to do is make an account and sign in. If you do have something like this I recommend definitely looking at your grades. It is good to check daily so that if you are failing a class or missing something you can address it right away. If you school does not have a system like this then just ask your teacher.

Write in an agenda or planner of some kind

Planners are basiclly essential for school (and life in general). Every school that I have been to hands out agendas at the beginning of the year but if that is not the way for you then planners are pretty cheap at almost any store. All through elementary school I never really used by agenda because well first I wasn't organized and second I guess I just didn't have much homework. Now that I am in middle school though I can not live without my agenda. Homework, important dates, and what the heck that girl's name is that sits across from you in science should all go in your agenda/planner. 

Read Read Read

It has been seriously proven that by reading you become smarter. The average american reads only about 19 minutes per day and most of that is proably for school or work. I challenge you to do some reading at home. I promise you. Its helps. Maybe read and go over the section of your science textbook for the test tomorow. Or possibly read more of a pleasure book like the hunger games. 


Everyone's proably like "I came here to get better grades not get tips that don't help!". Yes yes yes I relize that. But guess, what smiling does help your grades and also everything else in your life. When you smile you basiclly trick your brain into thinking that you are happy which leads to happiness. When you have a positive attitude everything goes better. It is easier to listen in class, harder to give up on homework, and you will just be a happier person. When you are feeling like nothing is going right at school... smile. 

Ask a question

During class so many students don't understand the concept but are too lazy or shy or ignorant to ask a question. This is a PROBLEM. Every school day ask at least one question. Maybe something that you have been struggling with lately, something clarifying exactly what the teacher wants you to do, or maybe just a question that you think will help others. 

And that is it for now folks! I hope these tips help. :) Comments down below if you agree with these points and also what are your tips for school?


  1. My school never had an online system to check our grades. We just had to go on our last report or previous test. The two online facilities are such a resourceful tool to help students.


    1. Yeah not every school has an online grading system but it is very helpful. Thanks for commenting!

  2. I'm one of those people who made copious notes and then never bothered to use them. Instead, notes should be few and reread often.

    It may help to ask your teacher(s) for a syllabus (lesson plan). This will allow you to study ahead of time and make a note of questions to ask when the material is being presented in class.

    A clever man once said that knowing everything you're supposed to learn in elementary school makes an adult appear uncommonly wise.


    1. Ok I am also definitely one of those people. Like in class I look all prepared because I try to take notes and that kind of stuff but then they end up in the bottom of my backpack. #I'mAnAmazingStudent

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. After reading about what you ARE. I'd like to know what you want to BE. You might consider a post about this. Serious ideas are worthy of the effort to define sub-goals. A careful plan, with lots of input from the people you care about (and the ones who care about you) can make even a very ambitious dream possible.


    1. Ok I am seriously just starting to write a post on what I think about the future. You might have just read my mind. You are so right. With goals and planning and friends you can make pretty much anything happen. :)


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