Saturday, March 4, 2017

20 Reasons Why I am a Feminist // Video!

Hello everyone! So today I have a kind of follow up post to my last post on this blog about feminism this time telling you guys some more reasons (20 in fact) about why exactly I am a proud feminist. And to make it even better I have included a video type thing. I have had making a video like this in my head for a long time and I worked on it and so I hope you enjoy it! No let's get started.

1. Because some men think that they are above women
2. Because a strong woman is looked down upon
3. Because I believe in social equality
4. Because I believe that women are capable of anything that a man can do
5. Because women are paid less than men
6. Because some girls in other countries are denied an education because of their gender
7. Because "like a girl" is still a phrase that is used
8. Because women who do or do not wear makeup are criticized and men who do wear makeup are criticized even more
9. Because not enough people know what feminism is
10. Because in 2005 1 out of 3 women killed were killed by a partner
11. Because women can wear pants but men can't wear skirts
12. Because the U.S president does not seem to respect women
13. Because in some countries girls are still sold into forced marriages
14. Because boys (and girls) are taught that showing emotion is weak
15. Because the phrase "man up" is still used
16. Because people are criticized for who they like or if they don't feel comfortable with the gender assigned to them at birth
17. Because some people think feminism is a bad word
18. Because women feel the need to tear other women down
19. Because people can get away with saying bad things about women
20. Because I am a feminist and I know what it means and I want to make a real difference in the world

Now for the video!! I really hope you guys like this. It is basiclly just a video version of the list though so whatever.  :)

The faces that I make in this video are like killing me. Why do I have to make such weird faces!? Like bahh. If you want more videos and posts and stuff like this follow my blog and like the video and comment down below. I would love to know why or why not you guys would call yourselves feminist. Comment down below all thoughts and suggestions! I love you and bye. :)


  1. I love this post! This is such an important post :-)

  2. I'm very impressed with this list. It's comprehensive without being repetitive. That is no small accomplishment. Excellent work.

    That face! That perfect face! How on Earth could you think your expressions were "weird"? Imagine someone starring blankly into the camera. Or maybe worse, smiling continuously for several minutes. Your instincts here were just right. Trust yourself. And make more videos!

    I'm a feminist because the most important people in my life are women. In the (limited) world of my personal experience, they do most of the work, provide most of the compassion and make the greatest personal sacrifices. There isn't a (sane) man alive who doesn't know, somewhere deep in his heart, that women are much more than the equal of men.

    -- Ray (Charter member of the "Seditious Fringe")

  3. Thanks Ray!

    Well I mean my expressions are slightly weird sometimes but I guess I could have been the tiniest bit worse. But trusting myself is hard! Lol. Thanks.

    Wow ok well thats awesome.

  4. This is absolutely perfect! :) This is such an important topic and your points were all very intelligent. I was going to write a post on feminism soon, about what it should mean to be a feminist, and you are a prime example of what a feminist should be!

    1. Aww thanks jo! I do think that this is a super important topic that needs to be more acknowledged for what it is. You should totally do a post on feminism and I am so happy and honored that you say I am a prime example of a feminist. :) Thanks for commenting!

  5. I loved this post! The video is cool and such a good idea, I wish there were more people like you in the world:) I'm a feminist because simply, why should what the parts of your body are affect anything? Women are just as amazing as men in every possible way - it would be like saying that having freckles means you are superior and should be paid more (for example).


    1. Oh my gosh thanks Lexie! That is one of the most perfect reasons one should call themselves a feminist. Like why should how you are born and look effect how people treat you in the real world? Yeah I have no idea. Thanks for commenting!


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