Thursday, February 2, 2017

Thoughts During a Flood

Recently Houston flooded. Again. This has happened 3 times (Including this one) in the last 2 years. Thankfully this time was a lot better but it was still scary. You know before the flood on memorial day (Last year) it hadn't flooding where I live 50 years. Climate change is a thing everyone and all data says so (hint hint most powerful person in the world right now). So I have decided to do a little post where I show my thoughts during a flood. Enjoy!

*Wakes up to my sister's screaming in the hallway*

Bahh what are they doing now. I just woke up and they need to get ready for school. 

*hears sister ask parents if we are going to school*

And what kind of question is that?? Of course we are going to school. Unless. Dun dun dun.

*Walks out of  room and sisters tell me that is has flooded.*

Ohhh. That's why they were asking that.  Wait what??? It is flooding. Like agin! Dangit. I had a really important and fun field trip scheduled for today. 

*walks outside*

You know this doesn't seem as bad as it has been before. We are proably fine. Maybe. Dun dun dun. 

*asks parents if we are going to school and they say yes*

Wait a minute. Yes???  But I CAN'T EVEN GET OUT OF THE DRIVEWAY! How am I supposed to get to school.

*frantically texts everyone* 

And if I can't get to school and there is still school the like bahh! Ok Nabila. Stay calm. Be a good girl. And get ready for the day.

*Get's ready*

I actually look pretty good in these boots. 

*see's that school has had a 2 hour delay*

Delay?! Seriously? They should just cancel school and also delaying like 2 minutes before my school starts is not cool people, not cool. Well I guess this means I have 2 extra hours. 

*keeps texting everyone to see if they are fine*

Thank god no one flooded. 

*hears dad tell sisters to go to school*

Well I guess the 2 hour delay has happened

*sisters go to school and then come back like 10 minutes later followed by dad

And what are they doing back so quickly?? I thought I would have some time before I had to go to school. But no they just have to come back. What is they are skipping? But wait dad is with them so maybe they got in trouble. But wait they seem happy. Hmmmm....

*finds out that there are only like 4 teachers at their school so they don't have to go*

Seriously! Why do they not have to go to school. Well I guess I should see what time it is and pray that I don't have to go either.

*dad drives me to school and all of my teachers are they*

Dang it. So now I have to actually learn while there is like a freaking tornado and water and flooding and a bunch of other stuffff!!! That doesn't seem very fun or logical.

*Goes through school day*

Ok half of the kids aren't here because they proably can't even get out of their driveways (like me in the morning). They should have just canceled school. 

That is all I am going to do! I hope you enjoyed this everyone and if you want me to make this into a tag/series say so in the comments below! Have you ever been in a flood? Has your house ever flooded?


  1. Wow! Where I love they don't have really floods, but they do have hurricanes. Stay safe!

    xx Bubbles

    1. Haha. Yeah we have both but not like every other weekend or anything. I will try to stay safe. :)

  2. "Climate change" is the term used to calm the manic right. You might as well call it what it is - "Global Warming". Expect to see a lot more flooding in the years to come. Houston will take a beating from the rising waters of the Gulf.

    -- Ray

  3. Well I feel like they are basicly the same thing but you are right. Yeah I am hoping that maybe it somehow gets better but the gulf will be annoying. Thanks for commenting!

  4. Aww! That sounds awful, I was hoping you'd have a flood day, because a surprise day off is always nice! We never really had flood days off, more snow days in Scotland; and in India it's days for festivals, which is fun.

    I hope the flooding clears up and doesn't get too bad anytime soon! Stay safe though :D

    Anne //

    1. Haha it was ok (the first time was worse). I know right! I love when I get days off from school but nope instead my school district decided to be annoying. They get days off for festivals? That is so cool! Thank you for commenting. :)


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