Monday, February 27, 2017

6 Things all Bloggers Know

Hello everyone! How are you guys doing today? So as you all know I am a blogger (you could proably figure that out by my blog and all). And as you also proably know bloggers are basically precious dolphins who know everything (not really we are more insecure little sardines fishing for compliment but we will put that aside for a moment). But bloggers are definitely very different from some of your normal unsuspecting people out there. Anyway so today I have decided to write a post about 6 things that all bloggers will proably know that some others might not.

When using photos that aren't yours you have to give attribution

When I fisrt started blogging I had no idea this was a thing. I have actualy deleted like a whole year of my posts because they were so cringy and really really bad but if I hadn't deleted them you would have noticed that the photos that I used were not mine. I also did this quite a bit in my 2015 posts. But as I learned how to be an actual blogger I learned that using photos that aren't yours without attribution is like not legal (kind of). I did a post a little bit ago where I listed 9 sites where you can find free images which you can find here. 

Doing a happy dance when getting a new follower is not bad

I must admit that when I get a new follower on my blog or on bloglovin I might possible do a happy dance type thing. Sometimes physically and sometimes just emotionally and sometimes both. And most new/not very popular bloggers I am almost absolutelly certain do this as well. I mean think about it. On a blog it is different from social media. When someone follows your blog they want to read all of your content that you worked really hard on. That is like a whole person that actually likes your stuff. It is pretty awesome. 

kirun dance cute yum happy dance

People have the attention span of gnats 

Most bloggers who know stuff about blogging or have done research knows this fact well. Sometimes through experience and sometimes through being well informed. People need bullet points, they need bright pictures, and they need bolded words. For most teens, tweens, and, young adults they need stuff to stand out, for there to be subheadings just to get one interested. I remember like a year ago (I forgot what post) I was working on a post that I was very passionate about.  It was like 1,000 words and I really really cared about the subject. I thought it would be super popular but once I posted it I got like one comment and like 10 views. I was kind of heart broken but now I think I finally relize my mistake. It had no pictures and the subject was not something that would be interesting for the masses. 

You can't become popular overnight

At first everyone (including me) definitely thought this. Write like five posts and then you will have people knocking at your door asking for a photograph. Not true! I have been blogging for basicly 4 years and I am still not that popular. Sometimes overnight sensations are a thing. But most times they are not and  all  most blogger probably know this by now. 

filmeditor mean girls popular mean girls movie lacey chabert

Blog post ideas can come from anywhere and at the weirdest times

For reals! I actually get most of my blog post ideas at night or during school or when I am walking out and about. None of these are very helpful but true. And I get inspiration from the weirdest things. Like a sentence my sister says or a restaurant sign the title of a book. Notes on phones really come in handy for times like theses. 

It takes about 10-20 photos to get 1 good one

It doesn't matter if we are talking about flat lay photos or outfit posts, this still applies. What most normal people don't relize that taking photos for posts actually takes a lot of times an effort. For like a flat lay post or one of those fall out of the bag pictures it is not just snap and done. You have to organize everything to look natural but clean and nice and adorable and color sensitive and bahh. And then for fashion bloggers when they have an outfit post I don't think anyone realizes what goes into that. It is not (normally) like well I look cute today and this is a nice backdrop dad takes 5 pics of me and done. It is more like what in the world looks cute on me and what is a backdrop in my house I haven't tried yet and dad take about 100 pictures of me. 

I am done for now but comment down below if I should do a part 2. So for all of my bloggers out there do you guys relate to this at all? What is something that you have learned over your time as a blogger that you proably wouldn't have known otherwise?


  1. In many aspects you are 'spot on'! I can relate to several of these points, although, I still wouldn't call myself a blogger- and I'm not fully sure why that is. I'm interested to see at what point I do decide to change that...but not for the next while, at least.

    The thought that one can become popular 'overnight' is what probably gets most people writing to begin with, but that's the same thing that results in an abandoned blog.

    Very relatable post.

    1. Interesting. I would say one becomes a blogger when they have a blog that they post on pretty consistently.

      Very true. So many people think they can become popular with just one click and when that doesn't happen they get annoyed or angry and just stop writing.

      Thanks for commenting Steph!

  2. I totally agree with having to take a bunch of photos! I'm always suer worried about my photography, and to me, having good photos is one of the most important aspects of blogging!
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

    1. I agree! The visual appeal of a site is one of the most important parts of like everything about it. Taking like ten million photos at a time is an essential but annoying part of blogging.

  3. Yup so true, especially the one about how ideas can randomly pop up out of nowhere! Great post Nabila

    ~ Rukiya

    1. I am so happy that you agree with my post. Yes! Like ideas for blog posts seriously pop up in the most peculiar times and places. Thanks for commenting!

  4. Haha these are so so so true. Love the mean girls gif!

    1. I am happy that you agree with my post also aren't mean girls gifs like essential to life? Haha. Thanks for commenting Sophia!

  5. Love this! Thanks! And yes, It's so true how ideas can come out of nowhere! xD


  6. YES THIS IS VERY RELATABLE OMG. Especially the last one! It's so tricky to get a good photo. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL. :') Great post, Nabila!!

    1. YAY! I AM HAPPY THAT I COULD BE RELATABLE. Yes like getting a good or at least semi good photo is very painstaking and can take like ever. Thanks Abbiee! I am happy that you like my post. :)

  7. I definitely agree with all of these! Personally, I also find that Blogging was a lot more time consuming than I first thought. I think I definitely started at the wrong time of my life because I'm just so busy at school at the moment that its hard to find time. I get home and I really want to write a post but I can't because I have homework due or five tests the next day.
    I also agree with the fact that ideas come at the most random times. Also, its very frustrating when I don't have enough time to write a good post idea to a good standard.
    Anyway, I love the post - it was amazing, as always!
    ~Elsie A

    1. I am very happy that you agree with my post Elsie! Yeah one point that I didn't really mention is that blogging is a lot more time consuming than anyone thinks. Thanks for commenting!


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