Sunday, January 1, 2017

Tween Christmas Haul // 2016

Hello peeps! How was christmas/the holidays for everyone? I must say I had an amazing time. Like all of my mom's family came to stay with us/my grandparents that live right by us. You know I have only stayed in Houston twice for christmas (including this time). It is kind of crazy. In the morning I woke up at precisely 8:10. My dad made homemade cinnamon rolls (he is a spectacular cook) so we ate those and opened stockings. So the night before I was basically screaming in everyone's ear that we would open presents at 10:00. But did all of them listen to me? No! It was quite annoying (but I still you love you guys for the people who are reading this). At around 10:30 or so we started opeing presents. The way my family opens presents for christmas is that we do them one at a time. Like maybe I will open one of my presents than my aunt will go and then maybe my sister. It is a very long but super fun process. This is slightly hard with 16 people in the house but it was cool. Overall I would say I am pretty happy with the stuff that I got. I didn't get anything big (since I got a phone for my birthday) but I was fine with it. So I have decided to show you guys the things that I got.

*I am in no way trying to brag and I just want to share with you guys. Please do not take this like offensively or anything I am just trying to have fun. Thanks!

This was what I found in my stocking from santa (aka my dad). Me and my two sisters got these emoji pez dispensers, the thing is both of theres were smiling and happy and I got the angry face. I feel like santa thinks I am a bad person. 

I got these beautiful earrings from my grandmother (sorry it is a bad picture). She got them from egypt (I am half egyptian).  

These might just be my favroite presents. I got both of these items from my aunt and her fiance. I love the earring so much!! I am wearing them right now.  The stone is opal which is my birthstone. I love how it glitters and kind of lights up. I am kind of in love with them. And then of course I got a hunger games pin! You know I have like no fan merch at all. For basically anything. So I was happy when I got this. 

This is the shirt my dad officially got me. I was going to buy it with my own money (we were shopping at a store) when he was like "do you really want this shirt?" and I was like "yes". So He payed for it and then wrapped the shirt and gave it to me on christmas. This is how he gets me presents. 

These are the items that my sisters gave me. A white giraffe (I think that is a giraffe, not sure) and then some ornaments (that were hanging on the tree just a couple days before this). 

These are the items that my aunt gave me. I love her quite a bit. She is very cool aunt and she was fisrt born so we conect (I guess I don't know but she is very cool and fun). It is a jewelry box, a picture frame, and two little bags. 

My grandmother decided to get me a bunch of cloths. 

A skirt for school.

This adorable shirt. I have wanted a shirt with an elephant on it for like ever and now I have one. 

And than last but not least some jeans. 

What did you all do and get for christmas? Comment down below! Thanks for reading. :)


  1. Hey Nabila! I'm really glad you had a good Christmas! It sounds like you had a great time!
    Your presents all look great. I especially love the Hunger Games pin as I'm a huge fan! And those Opal earrings are so beautiful!
    Happy New Year!
    ~Elsie A

  2. Hey Elsie! I definitely had a wonderful cristmas time. How was your cristmas? Yeah the hunger games pin and the earring were by far some of my favorite presents. Happy New Year! Thanks for commenting. ��

  3. I am new to this blog and I want to say that this post is awesome and that you are a very good photographer. Because I'm new I was looking at your old post too. I think you should do some sort of post about your past post, like which ones were the most popular and comment you want to share, because it's still January 2017, I think it would be a cool way to look back on the past year for your blog.

    1. Well welcome to my blog! I am so happy to have a new visitor. Ahh thank you! I love photography and I am always improving. Ok I feel like you were reading my mind. I like just published a post with my posts popular post and goals and whatnot. You can find it at

  4. Just stumbled across your blog- love the title! :D Looks like you got some great gifts!