Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Daughter of a Sailor

I have not done a fashion post (meaning pictures of me in clothing) in like forever (you can find my most recent one here). So since I was feeling very bueatiful last sunday I decided to get my dad to get a couple pictures of me. 

To get my hair all wavy like that I take a shower and then right after I put it in a braid and let my hair dry that way. After my hair is fully dry I take it out of the braids and it looks like that. 

The jacket is really my moms (me and my mom are like the exact same size). It is a grey jacket that is super smooth and I really like it. 

My dress is super soft and is this bueatiful color of purple. Little green/white sailboats are plastered all over it. It fits me really well and it just kind of makes me feel pretty. 

My leggings are sparkly and quite adorable. I got them for my birthday (You can see the rest of the stuff that I got for my birthday here).

I love my boots. They are these black combat boots that my grandmother got me for thanksgiving/christmas. I have been wearing them almost everyday since I got them. 

And this is me saying goodbye. I love each and everyone one of my readers and I thank you for sticking with me. Should I do more fashiony type posts? What do you want to see more of on my blog? Did you like this post? Do you have any suggestions for me? Thanks and goodnight! :)  


  1. You look good, girl! Glad to see you. Hope the rain didn’t get you down. Take care. Love you,

    1. Thanks Grandma! The rain ☔️ kind of got me down but I am ok. Love you too!

  2. You look great, Nabila! Your hair is just beautiful. Love the boots!

    - Edie

  3. This outfit looks so cute! I love the blue and the jacket-- such a great combo.

    xoxo Morning
    Ups & Downs

    1. Thanks Morning! Yeah I really like how the blue and the jacket kind of match and work together.


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