Friday, January 13, 2017

Art Car Museum + Walking Around Town // Things To Do In Houston

Hello peeps! How are you doing? I am doing quite good and I hope you are too. So you guys might remember a post that I did awhile ago which you can find here  where I talked about a parade that I went to that had a bunch of cool artistic cars that were decorated. I love the parade and I go every year (this year is the 30th time that they are doing it I think so I will definitely go this year). Anyway recently we went to a museum where they house some of the cars and show of art. When my family was in town a couple weeks ago we decided to visit it.

The building might have been my favroite part. It looks very futuristic junkyard but in an artistic way. 

All of the pieces on display were made by local artists. At some point the museum had a thing where the first 100 people to call in got there art displayed. They do it annually and this year's theme was #AllLivesMatter. I really liked that because I think a lot of people have to learn that lesson. That all people regardless of gender, race, or sexual orientation (or pretty much anything like that) should be treated equally. We need to learn (even have to work on it) and remember this always wherever we go. Some more then others (hint hint very important person about to be in power). 

Each piece was supposed to represent the theme somehow and I think all of them turned out really well. 

Doesn't this look awesome?

You can't really see the words in this photograph but it is talking about black and white and the differences and things like that. I think it is quite clever.  

Unity between all people. 

I am not sure if I really agree with this one that much but it is very interesting. 

This is the coolest car like ever. It was driven across the country and I am slightly in love with it. 

And yes all people does mean everyone. 

It is like a dinosaur car. 

The print on this car was just. Like wow. 

I feel like there was a lot of meaning in this piece that I didn't even get half off. 


The tv's were just from a bunch of different angles so it looks kind of cool. 

My mom and uncle admiring the scenery. 

Best entrance ever (almost). 

#OneMan'sTrashIsAnotherMan'sTreasure #NoOneMessesWithTexes 

Look it's me!

After we were done with the museum we decided to walk around town a bit and look at all of the different shops. 

I kind of loved this. 

Walking up the mighty stairway of boots. 

This dress is bueatiful. 

This is a cool little green space outside of the store. 

Aftre walking around we drove to an ice-cream place. 

It is ranked in multiple newspapers as amazing and I must say it was pretty good.  

I got brownies and cream and then apple sorbet topped with cookie crumples. 

It was kind of amazing. 

Like how awesome is this sign?

Well I am done and so now I must say goodbye. How have you guys been lately? Anything fun happen? What kind of posts would you like to see more of on this blog?


  1. Hi Nabila,
    You seem to have enjoyed yourself. I'd live to check out some of these things but I live halfway around the world in New Zealand so there's a slim chance of that happening anytime soon!
    Maybe if you get a chance you could check out my blog,

  2. I did enjoy myself, it was a lot of fun. Haha yeah. Well if you ever do come to Houston you can look at some of my posts,m. You know I have always kind of wanted to go to New Zealand. I will totally check out your blog.


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