Sunday, January 8, 2017

2017 // Goals, Thoughts, Plans, Complaints, Recaps, Bucket List and other amazing things about life

Hello everyone and happy New Year! Can you believe it? You know I have never really liked the number 17 or 7. They have always seems very mysterious and kind of evil to me. I have no idea why. It is my friends favroite number (she is kind of mysterious and kind of evil though so). That is the complete opposite about what I feel like this year will be though. After last year (which I will get into later) I feel like 2017 will just be better, calmer, and maybe less people will die. It is like a feeling. That I have. I have lots of feelings. But I mean congrats! If you are reading this and alive (I am assuming that you are alive if you can read, unless you are some sort of vampire like creature which in that case awesome) then you have already gotten a couple days into this year. That is a pretty big accomplishment. Anyway I have decided to put all of my thoughts and goals and everything like that into this post. I hope you enjoy!

2016 highlights

-I finished elementary school. You know the first school that I ever went to. I actually graduated. Kind of scary. The last day was very bittersweet for me. 

-And on that note I started middle school. The school that makes me like a teen (or tween as I call myself because I am not technically a teen yet ). It was pretty scary. But I did it and I haven't died yet! I did a post about my experience here. 

-I actually really really got into blogging. Before 2016 all of my posts were either bad or not trying that hard or just not really that professional. I mean my 2015 were pretty good but not like the best. I would say I started being more amazing at this post. 

-I got over 60 followers on my blog! Isn't that awesome! That means that 60 people wanted to read my posts and that they cared enough to click a button. It personally made me pretty happy. 

Image result for 60

-I got a phone!!! Yes after my many many naggings and whole post about it I finally got a phone. It is so pretty and I am kind of in love with it. 

This is my case. It is a butterfly princess holding up the majestic apple (I got an iphone 6s) . 

-There was an election that I could actually understand (all of the other times I have been too young). It was very interesting to say the least. I did a post on the election here. 

-I turned 12! Yep. I am 12 now (I have to update my about page). You can find my birthday haul post here. 

-I went to my first school dance. Yes they have dances at the middle school that I go to. It was for homecoming and I had a lot of fun. I wore heels and a dress and hung out with all of my friends. 

-*inserts more stuff that I can't remember at the moment*

Things I learned in 2016

-If the rest of the world seems to be going backwards then you have to take a stand and actually do something about it

-My mom is an absolutelly amazing person. Yes I did already relize this but not truly untill this year. She does stuff and has a business and an opinion and great fashion taste. Basically what I want to be. I love her so much.  

-I am a kind of mean/shy person. Yes I do relize that those 2 adjectives should not go together but it is true. I have noticed over this year just how kind of bossy and a little rude I am in real life when I am not meaning too. And then I have also realized how shy I am online. I get really really scared that I will say something wrong that will upset you guys or that will make you guys not like me.

-I think way too much and I really like attention. Like seriously once a topic goes into my mind I will analyze every single thing untill I confuse myself. Can't decide if this is a bad or good thing. And then I also really like attention. Whenever a teacher or really anyone says my name and then something good about me it makes me kind of weirdly happy.

My favorite posts on my blog from 2016

I will do this by month. There might be more than one per month. All words are links. Go check the out the posts!

January- Either this post or this post
February- Here, and here
March- Number 1Number 2, and Number 3. 
April- hi, hi, hi, hi, and finally hello
May- may, me, moy, my, mall
November- not, no
December- do

My most popular posts in 2016

This is the friend that I was talking about. 

Image result for election memes

So I am getting from this that you guys like hauls, fashion photo-shoots, election things, and fun performances. 

My 2017 blog plan

I am still not truly sure where I am trying to go with my blog. If I am going to try to make money or anything like that. Here are some things I have decided though that I will try to do. 

-I will be posting at least 3-4 times a month with good posts. This mean I will be posting once or every other week. In the past I have done posts like everyday but with middle school starting I have had less time and also my dad has decided to limit my computer time by like a lot. But this also hopefully means that my post will be better because I will be working on it for a week or so

-My posts will be lots of pictures, hauls, tips, essentials, ideas, and just general fun. This year one of my blogging goals is to be at least a tiny bit more professional. I love my blog to death but sometimes I relize my posts or my layout isn't actually that amazing. I am going to try to work on that.

-If I can get on a scedule scedule then I will be posting every 5 days. 

My 2017 goals/Bucket list

1. Have a snowball fight
2. Get 100 blog followers
3. Get straight A's
4. Have 280 dollars
5. Have a snowball fight
6. Water Balloon Fight!
7. Visit a new state that I haven't been to before
8. See one of my online friends in real life
9. Exercise a lot more
10. Do a collab post with a group of bloggers
11. Draw something that actually looks slightly decent 
12. Write a room tour post
13. Learn more about photography 
14. Make more goals
15. Make a video of some kind (music or just me talking to a camera) and then actually publish it online
16. Make a friend at my church
17. Volunteer at 3 places
18. Become an animal lover (This was typed by my friend I am always talking about. She said I couldn't delete it. I do like animals but this is not really one of my urgent goals.)
19. Pain my entire face/Get more than one henna
20. Get a nice camera
21. Do a review/discussion post that I am proud of
22. Read 100 books (I almost never count the books that I read but I am pretty sure I completed this goal this past year so I have decided to do it again, I love reading.)
23. Be more grateful and content in my life. I am so so lucky even to be alive and to have a house and food and I need to remember this. 

Well now we have officially got a week in 2017. Pretty impressive. How has your 2017 been so far? What was your favroite thing you did last year? Have any goals for this year? Do you guys have any blog suggestions from me? What was your favroite posts of mine from last year? What kind of posts do you want to see more of on this blog? Love you guys so much, thanks for sticking with me this year. :)


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