Tuesday, January 31, 2017

I Fought for Equality at The Women's March + First Ever Vlog + Voice Reveal

Hello everyone! I am super excited right now. Like major excited. Like freaking out excited. Both with excitement, fear, and delight. I think that is what life is though. Anyway you might have heard on the news about the women's marches across the nation (and the world) the day after the president was sworn into office. A lot of news medias have been portraying this as Anti-Trump and that was some of it and the reason they even had to do it but for me that wasn't the reason that I went. For me it was Pro-equality for everyone no matter who you are or where you come from. That was my standpoint. It was a Women's march to raise awareness about the women's issues and how all genders are still not equal. Also no I didn't get to go to washington. I really wanted to and so did my mom but instead we went to one of the sister marches in Austin which is the capital of Texas (there was like 50,000 people there). And now for the amazing part




I filmed the whole thing!! I am kind of excited. There are a lot of youtubers who vlog like every day or every week and I took inspiration from that and I basically vlogged my day.  Yes after lots of pushing (not really she just weirdly agreed) I got my mom to let me put my updated face and my family and my voice on my blog. Very excited about this.





I sound so weird. I have like this weird voice that sounds gloggly. But I did really like making this. Comment down below if I should make more videos!  Also shout out to my dad for helping me edit this. 

Did any of you guys go to any of the marches? Should I do more vlog/youtube type videos? What are your standpoint on the issues talked about or portrayed at the march? Please comment all of your thoughts/suggestions below!

Saturday, January 28, 2017

The HamilTag

Hello everyone! What's up? How has your day been so far? Cool well today I have decided to do a tag. I have seriously not done a tag since like october or something. Way too long if you ask me. Anyway as I was going through my subscription feed I landed on this post by grace where she makes/does/completes a Hamilton tag. Now you might not know but hamilton is a musical (and person but the musical is more important) that was written by Lin-Manuel Miranda about Alexander Hamilton. It is amazing (I would love to go see it one day) and it is very popular. So when I saw this tag I was like I have to do it. No I wasn't actually tagged but we are going to ignore that fact for a moment (or forever). Now let's get started!

-Answer the questions left for you
-“Pass Your Legacy” to at least five other HamilFans
-Use my questions, or leave “10 Duel Commandments” of your own
-Let them know they’ve been nominated

The Ten Duel Commandments: 

1. How did you discover Hamilton?

So I have 2 friends who were originally obsessed with this last year I think. The one that introduced me to Hamilton was probably my friend Emma though. She is very awesome and very geeky and creative and I think I went over to her house one day and she was just listening to it and I was like "what is this" and so she explained. 

2. Who is your favroite character?

This is already so hard! Why try to kill me? Well my favroite character is either Angelica or Hamilton. I love both of them and pretty much everyone else in the play as well. 

3. What's your absolute favroite song?

And how am I supposed to decide something like this?? I love schuyler sisters and the story of tonight and satisfied and wait for it and yeah. 

4. Music wise which is better, Act 1 or Act 11?

I would say they are equal but if I had to choose act 1, I think. 

5. What's your dream role?

Definitely Angelica. I love her character and I think I could play her really well. 

6. What's your favroite quote?

"If you stand for nothing Burr, what will you fall for?" There are so many amazing lines in the musical but this is the first one that came to mind. I feel like this is advice for everyone that we should have something we stand for or as the wise alexander said "What will you fall for?"

7. Describe what Hamilton means to you in 3 words.

Energetic, Fun, Genius 

8. Who do you consider your "Hamilton Buddy" (someone you can ramble, talk to, or sing Hamilton with)?

My friend Emma, Lexie, Lydia, my sister Naomi (she is like absolutelly obsessed with it) and a bunch of other people. 

9. How has Hamilton impacted your life?

Well sometimes I just sing lyrics randomly so that has changed but also I think it has gotten me even more into musical theatre. I love acting and I hope to do musical theatre next year.  

10. What is the best thing about Hamilton?

The music and the reason they are writing the story. How it is historical and mostly true but also how it touches on hard subjects that are relevant now. 

My Legacy passes to (aka I tag):
And since I couldn't think of anyone else at the moment, anyone who likes Hamilton can do it! If you do do this tag make sure to comment down below with a link to the post. 

Bye everyone and thank you for reading! Do you like Hamilton? What is your favorite song? 

Monday, January 23, 2017

How to Successfully Finish a Group Project With an A+ in 7 Steps

Hello everyone!! How has your week been? Amazing? Not so amazing. So so? Well I hope everyone is feeling well. But before we start I want to clear something up. I am not an expert at school or anything. I actually don't know everything. Anyway today I have decided to do a post on group projects. Recently I had to do a gt math project where we got a virtual million dollars and then we have to make something with it (my group did amazingly if you were wondering). So since I have learned some things over my six years of being at school (I am a six grader) I have decided to share some of my knowledge with you all.

1. If you get to choose your group pick very wisely

Your team members can basiclly decide if you fail or not so you must pick with caution and thought. Get the smartest, nicest, and most reliable people in the class. Friends are usually fine but don't pick on that alone and make sure that you won't goof off with the person. 

2. If you don't get to choose then take what you can get and make the most of it

Sadly a lot of times you don't get to choose your group partners *everyone nods heads sadly*. But you must make sure if you get someone that you don't like don't acknowledge it or else you can make the person feel bad. But you must make the most out of your group. Find everyone's talents (everyone has something) and don't cast anyone aside. 

3. Get everyones contact info 

If it is a one day project then don't bother but if it is something big get everyone's emails and phone numbers so that you guys can communicate. I recommend starting a group chat if everyone has a phone. 

4. Plan out what everyone will do

Personally I like working with the group but everything gets done faster if each person has a different job. Maybe one person will do a powerpoint. One will buy the poster board. One will design the logo. Assign these things early once you have decided what you will do.

5. Write everything down

A lot of times I will be talking with my partner or group and then we will come up with the best idea. Like 100 worthy idea and we talk about it all day. But then the next day no one can remember it. This is like a tip for everything. Make sure to write everything down that is at all important. 

6. Don't get to bossy or controling

This is personally something that I have to work on. Many times when my group is being annoying or if they are not doing everything exactly right I get kind of angry. I am already a bossy person but that is when I go full on controlling. It makes everyone in a bad mood when I do that. Soo mind your volume and always check yourself, Unless there is like an elected leader there is no leader or person in charge. 

7. If you have to present it PRACTICE

Plan out what everyone has to say and practice your whole speech at least once. Messing up or having to make something up on the spot is both humiliating and will get you a bad grade. Like on everything you must must must practice.  

And that is it for today folks. Comment down below what is your favroite group project you have ever done, your tips when working in a group, and maybe some blog post suggestions for me. Love you and bye!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Daughter of a Sailor

I have not done a fashion post (meaning pictures of me in clothing) in like forever (you can find my most recent one here). So since I was feeling very bueatiful last sunday I decided to get my dad to get a couple pictures of me. 

To get my hair all wavy like that I take a shower and then right after I put it in a braid and let my hair dry that way. After my hair is fully dry I take it out of the braids and it looks like that. 

The jacket is really my moms (me and my mom are like the exact same size). It is a grey jacket that is super smooth and I really like it. 

My dress is super soft and is this bueatiful color of purple. Little green/white sailboats are plastered all over it. It fits me really well and it just kind of makes me feel pretty. 

My leggings are sparkly and quite adorable. I got them for my birthday (You can see the rest of the stuff that I got for my birthday here).

I love my boots. They are these black combat boots that my grandmother got me for thanksgiving/christmas. I have been wearing them almost everyday since I got them. 

And this is me saying goodbye. I love each and everyone one of my readers and I thank you for sticking with me. Should I do more fashiony type posts? What do you want to see more of on my blog? Did you like this post? Do you have any suggestions for me? Thanks and goodnight! :)  

Friday, January 13, 2017

Art Car Museum + Walking Around Town // Things To Do In Houston

Hello peeps! How are you doing? I am doing quite good and I hope you are too. So you guys might remember a post that I did awhile ago which you can find here  where I talked about a parade that I went to that had a bunch of cool artistic cars that were decorated. I love the parade and I go every year (this year is the 30th time that they are doing it I think so I will definitely go this year). Anyway recently we went to a museum where they house some of the cars and show of art. When my family was in town a couple weeks ago we decided to visit it.

The building might have been my favroite part. It looks very futuristic junkyard but in an artistic way. 

All of the pieces on display were made by local artists. At some point the museum had a thing where the first 100 people to call in got there art displayed. They do it annually and this year's theme was #AllLivesMatter. I really liked that because I think a lot of people have to learn that lesson. That all people regardless of gender, race, or sexual orientation (or pretty much anything like that) should be treated equally. We need to learn (even have to work on it) and remember this always wherever we go. Some more then others (hint hint very important person about to be in power). 

Each piece was supposed to represent the theme somehow and I think all of them turned out really well. 

Doesn't this look awesome?

You can't really see the words in this photograph but it is talking about black and white and the differences and things like that. I think it is quite clever.  

Unity between all people. 

I am not sure if I really agree with this one that much but it is very interesting. 

This is the coolest car like ever. It was driven across the country and I am slightly in love with it. 

And yes all people does mean everyone. 

It is like a dinosaur car. 

The print on this car was just. Like wow. 

I feel like there was a lot of meaning in this piece that I didn't even get half off. 


The tv's were just from a bunch of different angles so it looks kind of cool. 

My mom and uncle admiring the scenery. 

Best entrance ever (almost). 

#OneMan'sTrashIsAnotherMan'sTreasure #NoOneMessesWithTexes 

Look it's me!

After we were done with the museum we decided to walk around town a bit and look at all of the different shops. 

I kind of loved this. 

Walking up the mighty stairway of boots. 

This dress is bueatiful. 

This is a cool little green space outside of the store. 

Aftre walking around we drove to an ice-cream place. 

It is ranked in multiple newspapers as amazing and I must say it was pretty good.  

I got brownies and cream and then apple sorbet topped with cookie crumples. 

It was kind of amazing. 

Like how awesome is this sign?

Well I am done and so now I must say goodbye. How have you guys been lately? Anything fun happen? What kind of posts would you like to see more of on this blog?
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