Sunday, December 4, 2016

Winter Essentials

Winter is fast approaching and now it is time for some essentials. I am doing a blogger christmas with a couple of other bloggers where each week there is a theme and all bloggers participating makes a post with the theme. This weeks was winter/christmas go 2s which I decided translates into essentials. So let's get started!

A warm drink because who doesn't want something warm in the winter?

Decorations to get into the season. My mom is like the best decorator almost ever and she has made the house so pretty. 

A jacket and or adorable sweater. This is proably the most major essential. We want to stay warm people. 

Some adorable boots. I got these recently and I love them.

A good book to curl up on a couch and read on a windy night. I actually met the author of this book and got her to sign my copy. 

Some nice and big and comfy socks. My grandmother made these for me. She is very awesome. 

A good flannel shirt. I got one for my birthday from one of my amazing friends and I love it so much!

Some jewelry for all of the holidays this season. 

Hand sanitizer. This is the season where people get sick a lot. That means a lot of germs. I personally do not want to get sick and sanitizer helps that. 

Some kind of hair spray. My hair has a lot of thoughts about the different ways that it wants to die during the winter and hair spray helps. 

Some chap sticks. My lips get so chapped during the winter! 

Lots and lots of blue nail polish. Like what screams winter more than blue nails?

Fingerless gloves because like cute and functional. My grandmother made these for me last year. 

A big and nice headband. You guessed it, my grandmother also made me this. 

An adorable hat. I have had this thing forever and I still love it. The most cold enters your body through your head and your feet so keeping your head warm is very important in cold weather. 

A good scarf. True this is not really that warm but I love it. 

And finally some good leggings.

I hope you liked this post! If so comment down below what your winter essentials are and if I should do more of these posts. :)


  1. I totally agree with you about the sweater/coat being essential for winter :)

  2. Great post! Thank you for doing this with me!

  3. Hey nabila,
    That are some really good essentials. It sounds strange since I'm 17 years old but I knit things by myself. A headband is really easy and comfortable. When you have long times to wait the perfect strategy against boreness.

    1. Thanks Lea! Also I personally think that a 17 year old knitting stuff is very very awesome. I have tried being crafty before and it slightly failed (you can see by looking at my "DIY" posts). Thanks for commenting!

  4. Glad you like the things I made you. I like your blog. Love you