Friday, December 23, 2016

10 Fun Things to Do During Winter Break

Hello peeps! So first off so sorry for my little hiatus. I had exams last week and I guess I just wasn't really feeling it. I am back now though. So I got off friday which means I am officially celebrating  winter break. So far I have had so much fun. I have actually only stayed home for christmas once in my whole life. And this year I am staying home again! With my mom's parents now living here there is no reason to leave. And all of my uncles and aunts and everything are coming here which I am so excited about! It is pretty cool. But with so much free time sometimes people get very bored. So I have decided to list 10 fun things to do during winter break. Enjoy!

1. Go Ice-skating

I personally love ice-skating. True I don't get to do it a lot (hint hint parents) but when I do I have a lot of fun. It almost makes me feel like I am in control of where I am going and what I am doing. And I also like being cold. Is this a bad thing? I think not! There are a lot of places with indoor ice-skating rinks and if you don't have an outdoors one there is proably a pond or two that should be safe to skate on.

2. Decorate for the holidays

To tell you the truth I am very bad at DIY's and decorating and all that. I try and I kind of fail. But christmas/winter decorations are slightly essential to having a full winter break experience. You could put up a tree and decorate it (my sisters love doing this. They will take like an hour trying to get the ornaments in the correct place), or you could put up a wreath on your door, or maybe an adorable centerpiece.

This is in my house if you didn't guess.

3. Look at lights

There are so many amazing decorations this time of year! Everyone just feels so motivated to do stuff I guess. With lights and inflatables and many many more adorable iteams. In my family we personally like never put up lights but there is a street in my neighborhood where there are like 5 awesome houses in a row (awesome meaning lots of winter decor). I recommend going online and finding a neighborhood or street in your city where there are lights. You can even make some hot chocolate and bring it along. Bring some family members. Perfect way to spend an evening. 

4. Watch endless amounts of youtube/netflix videos

This is pretty much what I have been doing for the last (*thinks about it for awhile) FOREVER!  couple of days. It truly does pass time. Not that productive but fun. Find a series that you like and binge watch it. I have like 4 series that I am watching and it is proably not good for me but it is OK. Maybe, proably not. 

5. Make a blog post/youtube video/social media account

If you have a blog make a winter themed post. If you have a youtube channel make a video with all of the things that you want for christmas. Or maybe get a new social media account. I recently got a account (it is private though so if you know me in real life contact me but other wise my parents won't let me). To tell you the truth I have been having a lot of fun with it. And you know making this post. 

6. Go christmas shopping

I really enjoy going christmas shopping. Not the spending money part but the hanging out with other people and getting other people stuff. I guess it just makes me happy to think that I am spending my hard earned money on people. 

7. Sleep and sleep and sleep some more

With most people having exams the week before (I did and I died) people are tired! And with winter break we have time to sleep. So my number one tip this break is to sleep your heart out. Except for on christmas. Wake up at 7:00 on christmas day or you will be waken up by the kids in your house. Which one do you prefer?

This baby is so cute!!

8. Go see a movie

There are so many awesome movies out right now! Moana, star wars, soon to be sing. I am pretty sure the whole family will like a good movie and it is a great way to kill time. I haven't seen rogue one yet and I am pretty sad about it. But we are going as a family either on christmas eve, christmas day, or the day after christmas. 

9. Cook a desert

Even if you have no cooking skill (like me) this is a perfect time to try to make something. Pick out a delicious pastry or bread like desert and bake it. Even though the process is sometimes annoying the outcome is always worth it. One of my friends is like super into cooking (her mom owns a cooking school) and her goal this winter break was to bake something everyday. I am not sure if she has succeeded so far but it is still cool. 

10. Take a nice long bath

I am pretty sure no one has time to take a bath during the semester so during break is a perfect time. After half a year of school relaxing is a must. Get some bubbles maybe a scented candle or 2 and just relax. I love long baths all though I like never take them. One time I stayed in a bath tub for like and hour and a half and when I got out I literally took a nap. It made me tired! So I recommend taking the bath in the evening like after dinner. 

I hope you liked my list! Comment down below what you like to do during winter break or if you are even on break. Are you celebrating christmas and if so what are you doing? 


  1. oh i saw that you had and was like, "YES!" then i read you had a private account and i was like, "dang it." lol. xD (well you can follow me.... i have a public account so. i just don't think i'll be able to follow you...) xD
    anyway, great post! :)
    (btw if you can follow me i can send you our online friends' accounts so.)

    1. Lol. Yeah I can totally follow you. Just tell me your name. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Long baths are the best in the winter! This is such a lovely list ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon