Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Bayou Bend: Mansion and Beautiful Garden in the City // Things To Do In Houston

Hello, everyone! A couple of days ago, my family and I went to family day at Bayou Bend. Bayou Bend is a 14 acre piece of land owned by the Fine Arts Museum. It is mostly made up of beautiful gardens with an amazing house stuck in the middle. I personally think that this thing was a castle but I was informed by my father that this was incorrect.  But the most amazing thing about this house was the things inside. Each room was suposed to represent a different era. The person who originally owned the house was a collector and collected items from many different time periods. On the tours you can go through the house and learn about the rooms and the items. It is very cool. Anyway I took a couple of pictures and decided to show you guys. 

My dad. I actually really like this picture but I kind of wish that the person was me. The bridge was so cool. It was like an old draw bridge made adorable. 

The lighting is questionable in this photo.  Probably a fail. What do you guys think?

The statue is beautiful. My sister and mom are in the background. 

Like how cool are these windows? I love the border. Very old timey. 

That is my mom, by the way. She is quite photogenic. I have like the cutest mom in the whole world (no offense to other moms). 

Aren't the gardens beautiful?

It kind of looks like the alamo. 

Go yellow chairs!

And more yellow chairs!

The staircase might be one of my favroite parts of the house. 

This is one of the only portraits of the lady who used to own the house. 

I love this dining room so much!


I kind of liked the vibe from this room. 

Me going inside. 

Have I improved my posing skills at all? No? Yeah proably not. 

I love this photo so much! Like ahhh! I might be in love. My mom took it. She is seriously amazing. 

I love how the arch goes over the statue. 

I look bored don't I. Fun fact I am wearing the same leggings I was wearing
 that day as I type this. 

I am not sure about this photo. Also do you like my dress? It is one of my favroite dresses. 

There was also a little band. 

And bonus you get 2 pics of me at the beach because why not. 

It was cold at the beach *everyone gasps* I know it was weird. Anyway so I had to wear a jacket and I was still freezing. 

So how did you like this post? Should I do more posts like this? Do you like my outfit? Have you been to Bayou Bend before? Have you ever seen a mansion/castle/amazing garden before? 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

29 Things/People That I am Thankful For // Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving is in 2 days! Ahhh!!! I am quite excited. My grandparents came last week so I will be able to see my grandparents on thanksgiving. I am quite happy about it. So for thanksgiving I have decided to list 29 things that I am thankful for.

1. My sister Naomi for showing me that being obsessed with animals is a thing
2. My mom for being a leader and inspiring me to make a difference in my own life
3. My dad for making me think and explaining things to me that I would never understand
4. My other sister eden for being the both annoying but so cheerful little sis that she is
5. My middle school for letting me go there for free
6. Ms. Davidson for being the best theatre teacher and for looking better than me. Like my teacher is freaking cooler then I am!
7. Mrs. Arlt for letting me do the announcements and get better at presenting
8. My phone for letting me communicate with others quickly
9. Blogger for letting me connect and talk with you all
10. My computer for letting me use blogger and connect with so many amazing people
11. Houston for being the amazing place that it is and providing me with so many cool opportunities
12. The Unites States of America for being the diverse and free place that it is
13. Michael Obama for being the inspiring and cool person that she is. Personally I think her and someone like Emma Watson should run for president (these might be my 2 favroite people).  
14. Dishwashers because now people don't have to wash dishes all day
15. Fireplaces for being adorable and warm and comfy
16. My grandparents for getting me so much stuff and just for being so kind and awesome
17. Rick Riordan for making me laugh
18. Big piles of leaves though I never see them
19. All of my best friends for being amazing! Lydia for always standing by me. Also one of my new friends Jade. Jade if you are reading this text me with #Friends. Or if any of my friends are reading this text me with #Friends. 
20. Google for making life just so much easier 
21. Ice cream for making me smile. It is like the best medicine after a long day of school. 
22. My health. I can actually move and I don't have to stay in a wheel my whole life which I am very much grateful for. 
23. Pinterest for giving me so many good ideas
24. Taylor Swift for being an awesome and inspiring artist
25. Spell Check because I am seriously bad at grammar as you all know
26. My grandmother meg for seriously being the grandmother that makes pie and sews stuff and just being overall so kind. If you read this text me with #Grandparents
27. Saturday mornings where I can truly sleep in
28. Church for being a place for everyone
29. All of you guys for commenting and just making me so happy!

What are you thankful for and what are your thanksgiving plans? 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

12 Things to Do at Church When Your Bored

As you guys might know I am a christian and I go to church  every  most sundays. Sometimes it can get very boring. Now that I am a middle schooler there is no kids service for me so I have to stay with the adults and watch the pastor person talk about stuff. And I mean hey sometimes the sermons are very interesting. I do love my church. But sometimes it is very very very interesting so I have to find some other things to do. Now my parents are kind of annoying so during church I must do something relating to church. It is very unfair. If you are ever in the same situation I recommend you look over this list of 12 Things to Do at Church When Your Bored.

1. Actually listen to the sermon

True sometimes they talk about how amazing words are and why we should do blah blah blah. But on occasions it is actually very interesting. Now don't just doze off into space listen but actually listen. This is a skill some people have not mastered yet (I definitely haven't). 

2. Take notes about what is being talked about in a journel

I have this journal that I really really like that I always right in during church.  I put down all of the special points and try to make it look good on paper.

3. Draw something from the bible

Draw some pictures. Maybe a cross or heaven. Be creative and be awesome. 

4. Plan out a blog post

This is the perfect time to plan a post (I planned this post at church) . By plan no I do not mean right every single word but if there is going to be a list of some sort right that down and all of the big things for the post.

5. Read the bible or some religious book

I have never actually read the whole bible and I am kind of ashamed of it *hides face*. Anyway during church is the perfect time to start reading the bible. Or if you are into C.S Lewis read one of his christian books. I find them boring but my friend is kind of obsessed. 

6. Listen to music using headphones

I mean hey my parents won't let me but some parents are more lenient. You can listen to some gospel songs or just some soft tunes. Tip don't listen to anything loud like rock and roll. 

7. Go to the restroom

This takes up like 10 minutes and it gives you an excuse to walk around. 

8. Get a drink

A lot of churches including the one that I go to have refreshments that you can get before and during the service. This is perfect because you can move to get the drink and then actually drink it which is fun I guess. Sorry I am trying. 

9. Write in your diary

Tell about what you have done so far that week and think about how bored you are. Write it all in the diary. 

10. Do homework

I know a lot of us don't like doing homework on the weekends but by sunday afternoon you kind of have to do it. Doing it during church is perfect. 

11. Just look around

Notice all of the amazing details about your church. 

12. Plan out your week 

Get one of those agenda planner things and just go through what you will be doing that week and what is do for school and that sort of thing. 

I hope that was helpful to you all! Thanks for reading. :) Should I do more church related post? Maybe what to wear to church? Also if you have any post ideas or posts that you would like me to do please comment down below!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Go Vote! // Thoughts about the election from a 12 year old + Funny Election memes

If you live in a hole in a deserted island you might not know that the U.S Presidential Election is currently happening. Ok I usually never talk about politics on my blog. But this is a very very interesting election.

Truly I think it is amazing how a woman (Hillary Clinton) is running for president. If you know anything about U.S history you will know that we are very far behind on making all genders equal. Like just a couple years (ok a little farther then that) women weren't even allowed to vote. Now one of them is running for president. Like what?? I mean we made all races equal before all genders. That makes so much sense. Lol. Also you might not know that a lot of the world's most powerful countries are run by women. Pretty cool. I am really honored and happy that we have a girl candidate.

The other candidate is Donald Trump if you were wondering. But the main thing that I am trying to say in this post is go vote! Here in this country we are so privileged that we get to decide who runs our country. In so many other places that is not true or they don't have an organized election like we do. If you are able to (over 18 and American citizen) make sure to make your opinion heard by voting today!

To make everyone laugh in the quite depressing last few hours untill we know our president I have decided to gather a couple of memes. But none of these are mine and if they are yours please tell me so that I can give credit. 

Image result for election memes

Image result for election memes

Image result for election memes

Image result for election memes

Image result for election memes

Image result for election memes

Image result for election memes

*This is just my opinion and I also respect all of your guys opinion on the matter.

 Sorry for the short post. So what are your guys thoughts on the election? Leaving on that note bye everyone and make sure to vote today!

Saturday, November 5, 2016

4 Songs You Guys Should Totally Listen To // Guest Post

Hey everyone! I have another guest post up for today by the one and only Izzy *everyone claps*! And also super special announcement it is her birthday today so make sure to say happy birthday to her. So before I ramble on about how cool she is, let's welcome the one and only izzy!

hi guys! for those who don't know me (which is probably half of you oops.), i'm izzy, and i run the blog satellites and stained glass eyes so. anyway, i'm doing a post about some songs that i think you guys can listen to (if you're into pop-punk/alternative stuff.) so yeah. enjoy!

Inline image 1
why do we insist,
on crossing bridges that do not exist?
let's take these issues
step by step by step, to work it out,
day by day by day we're falling down,
but life goes on.
i've got some questions,
are you sick of feelin' sorry?
uh huh,
and people sayin' not to worry?
uh huh,
sick of hearing this hakuna matata motto,
from people who won the lotto,
we're not that lucky.
have you noticed that you're breathing?
uh huh,
look around and count your blessings,
uh huh,
so when you're sick of all this stressin' and guessin' i'm suggestin' you turn this up and let them hear you sing it.
set it off is just a really great band okay. this is one of my favorite songs by them and it's just amazing. 

Inline image 2
please, don't take this out on me,
'cause you're the only thing that's keeping me alive.
and i don't wanna wait for the down-set date
'cause i would rather end it all tonight.
and if i mean anything to you,
i'm sorry, but i've made up my 
can i just say that the guitar solo is so freaKING GOOD. pierce the veil is one of my top three favorite bands (and i sorta have a crush on the lead singer SENPAI NOTICE ME.)

Inline image 3
ll we are is an isle of flightless birds

e find our worth in giving birth and stuff

e're lining our homes against winding roads

nd we think the going is tough

e pick songs to sing, remind us of things that nobody cares about

 honestly we're probably more suicidal than ever now
twenty one pilots is just... twenty one pilots, you know? ​i LOVE the older stuff, just like house of gold, car radio, stuff like that. ;)

Inline image 4
ve me therapy.

'm a walking travesty

'm smiling at everything.

ou were never a friend to me

nd you can keep all your misery

anyway, that's it! i would include more, but it was hard to find songs on my spotify playlist that didn't have cussing in them *cough*mostpiervetheveilsongs*cough* and i didn't want to spam you guys with music like that so. 
anyway, you guys can go check out my instagram (if you want to follow me comment your ig name so i don't decline a follow request.), my google plus, and my blog (i also have snapchat and oovoo but i don't want to give those out so.)

I have listened to all of these songs and you can take my word for it they are pretty cool. If you liked this make sure to go check out Izzy's blog (it seriously has like the coolest name ever). Also if you want to do a guest post on my blog email me at nabilaeve@gmail.com or go here for more info. 
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