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Monday, October 17, 2016

9 Fall Essentials and Must Haves // 2016

As I have said in previous posts, fall is here and now. Today I am going to be showing you guys some fall essentials and just things that you need for fall. Enjoy!


Preferably a nice big plaid scarf. These things can be so cute with just a plain t-shirt and jeans or a sweater. Plus they actually keep you warm sometimes. 


I definitely don't drink coffee but some people do. I do really like tea though. It can just make me feel so cozy and warm. You can find tea bags at a lot of different places and there are some delicious fall flavors. 

Nice warm blanket

That you can just snuggle in and enjoy while watching a movie on your couch. This is perfect for fall and can keep you warm on the coldest nights. 

Dark lipstick

I actually don't have any dark lipstick and I am semi annoyed about it. I am not "old" enough. Bahh! Anyway a dark lipstick is definitely an essential for fall. It could be a dark red, brown, black, purple, or even orange if you are feeling adventurous. 


Ok so there has actually been days here that I needed a sweater in the morning. This amazes me since normally I can take a nice stroll in shorts in the winter. I feel like it is more global cooling then global warming. Lol. Anyway a cute sweater can be a perfect accessories and can keep you warm all season long. I recommend getting those adorable long ones. 

Fall room decor

You have to decorate your room for the fall time! Maybe get some lights and leaves. A couple pumpkins. You get the idea. Fall room decor is seriously so cute.  I actually did a post which you can find here where I show you how to make a cute fall room decor DIY.  


Just go to target and you can find just about a million of different candle scents. These smell good and is a perfect way to decorate your room. Also if you burn a candle it can help you fall asleep (if you want some more sleeping tips I did a post on it here).


I am absolutelly in love with all things boots. These things can define an outfit and keep your toes nice and cozy.


Jeans are neutral bottoms that can be paired with nearly any outfit.  They are affordable and adorable.

I hope you enjoyed that everyone! If you would like some more essentials or fashion posts comment down below. Do you agree with my list? What are your fall essentials? What is your favroite thing about fall? What do you wear during the fall time?


  1. This list is great! I agree with all. I would love more posts like this! Btw I really like picture you made to go with the post. It looks very professional!

    1. Thanks Lilah! I will try to do more posts like this in the future. :) Oh thanks. Yeah the pictures was from pixabay and then I edited it using canva. I think I have gotten better at graphic design.

  2. These are all great things to have in the fall! ♥
    Also, I tagged you in the Harry Potter Tag if you'd like to participate! The questions are on my blog :)
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

    1. I thought so. :) Oh thanks! I will totally go check that out.


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