Tuesday, October 25, 2016

7 Best Gifts To Buy For Your Girl // A Guest Post

Hello everyone and welcome back! I have not had a guest post in over a month so when Eric Price offered to write one for me, I happily agreed. The article is going to be talking about a how to buy a girl a gift and also some gift ideas. I hope you enjoy. Here it is!

"7 best gifts to buy for your girl

Coming up with a perfect gift for your girlfriend can be very frustrating in some cases. Sometimes you just have no idea what to buy. There are so many options out there, and you have to pick one and it must be perfect. The important thing to remember is that the gift must make your girl feel like you really know her.
So, how to buy a girl a gift?
Our advice is to plan ahead. Never wait until the last minute. That way you have more time to decide what to buy and also to order it online and wait for it to arrive.
Make a list of ideas. No one can come up with a perfect idea right away. So sit down and think hard.
Use your recent conversations for ideas. She might have been giving you subtle hints on what does she want.
Another way to find out what she wants while avoiding asking her directly is Pinterest. If she has Pinterest, that is an amazing resource for gift ideas. Or you can use her Amazon wishlist if it is public.
Additionally, try to avoid gifts that are not so much for her as they are for you like the tickets for the game you want to see and don’t buy her a teddy bear. Just don’t.
Making a gift by yourself or doing something for her is always a thoughtful and romantic option. But in case you are not very crafty to make a gift, here are some of the ideas we came up with. This rundown was compiled with the help of our friends at Spend Rush, dig in!
Sterling Silver Filigree Heart Locket Necklace
Every girl loves jewelry. Well, maybe not all of them, but the most of the girls definitely do love it. If your girlfriend is one of those girls then this sweet silver necklace is a perfect gift.
The sterling silver necklace is made of 92.5 percent silver combined with 7.5% of copper. This is a good combination to maintain its durability but not to harm its sparkle.
This hand-crafted necklace features the heart locket that has cutouts and a fabric lining on the inside to add contrast. It comes in a beautiful box which is perfect because you don’t have to buy a gift box separately.
Graceship Laptop Bag for Women
It is always a good idea to buy a practical gift. But don’t just buy something that she would have bought anyway. It has to be something nice but also practical for everyday use.
This classy laptop bag for women has a padded compartment that fits most of the 15-inch laptop computers. Be sure you know the measures of her laptop before buying this bag.
Graceship laptop bag for women is made of PETA-approved fake leather. It is very durable and it’s water resistant while remaining fancy and tastefully designed. The inside of the bag is made of suede-like lining in chocolate color.
The laptop bag features numerous pockets, including the smartphone pocket, pen holders, paper pouches, a zip laptop charger pocket and a key ring. This is a briefcase and a purse in one.
The combination of fashion and a practicality in one are making this bag a perfect gift for working women.
Flameless Candles
Candles are very romantic, but can also be very dangerous due to fire hazard. This flameless candles the safest way to create a romantic atmosphere and if your girlfriend is a romantic soul you’ve just found the perfect gift.
The package includes 3 candles in different sizes and a remote control. The candles are made of real paraffin wax with LED light bulbs that will create a realistic flickering, dancing effect of the flames.
You can leave these candles in a room unattended and you don’t have to worry if the open flame would cause a fire.
Additionally, the remote control comes in very handy to control the atmosphere without leaving your bed.
BURBERRY Miniature Set for Women
Every woman on the face of the Earth likes to feel attractive. That makes the perfume a perfect gift for any woman. When you are not sure what to buy, go with perfume.
This BURBERRY miniature set is a perfect way for your girl to try a few different perfumes from BURBERRY. The package includes Burberry for Women, Brit, Body, Brit Sheer, Brit Classic and The Beat.
It comes in a beautiful gift box so it’s ready to go as soon as it’s delivered.
So, if the perfume is a perfect gift for women, what does that make a set of six perfumes?
SHANY Makeup Carry All Trunk
Well, we had to get to the makeup at some point. If you know the woman who doesn’t love to experiment with makeup, congratulations, you’ve found the unicorn.
This set is a perfect gift for any girl obsessed with makeup or for a teenager who is just discovering the basics of it.
SHANY Makeup Carry All Trunk contains a bit of everything and all kind of different applicators and brushes. Everything is packed in a reusable high-quality aluminum case. Just add some makeup remover in it and you are ready to go.
Fred & Friends Muffin Tops Denim-Style Baking Cups
If your girl likes to bake and has a sense of humor, these adorable baking cups are the gift to go with.
When you fill these cute pants with your favorite muffin pastry, as they bake they will create an extra bulge around the middle.
The baking tips are included in the package and it comes with a beautiful gift box.
Sterling Silver Diamond Square Shape Stud Earrings
The last item on our list is another piece of jewelry. These beautiful square shape earrings feature a real shiny and beautiful diamonds. They give away a very classy look when you put them on.
The diamonds are not huge, but they are big enough to look absolutely stunning. The earrings look delicate and elegant and they can be paired with almost anything.
Your girlfriend would be absolutely blown away by these earrings as a gift.

I hope that was helpful to all of you guys with a girlfriend! Personally I would love to have any of these gifts (hint hint). If you enjoyed this post make sure to check out the other posts on my blog and all of my social media's. If you want to do a guest post on my blog or work with me on another project check out this page for all of the details.

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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Birthday Haul // 2016

I have done a haul post once before which you can find here. And you guys seemed to really like it. So I decided to do another one! For everyone that does not know my birthday was on the 4th (I am still accepting happy birthdays though) and I turned 12. So old right? Anyway I got a couple of presents and I have decided to show them to you guys. Also if you happen to be a parent/friend that has no idea what to buy your 12 year old friend/daughter feel free to use any of these ideas.  I hope you enjoy!

This is a super adorable card my very artsy friend drew me. 

Ok I have actually been wanting a shirt like this for the fall so I am very happy that I got this. 

Definitely one of my favroite presents. Ahhhh! I mean it is a freaking unicorn emoji on a shirt. Like how could that get any better?

A very bueatiful gold and blue necklace.

This might be my favroite water bottle that I have ever owned/been gifted. I love the colors and the skulls. My friend Lexie gave this to me. 

She also gave me this. A very cute white elephant equipped with gold and silver paint. I am going to probably paint the elephant soon. 

My grandmother made the dress and got me the other 2 things. It is a complete and cute outfit. This is my dad's mom. She is very crafty and loves to make things. 

My aunt got me these! I have been wanting locker supplies since I got a locker and I think she might have picked up on that. 

I love these so much! Definitely some of the cutest office supplies I have ever owned. 

And this card!

Another one of my wonderful aunts got me this adorable outfit. 

My other grandmother got me these. 

I love this. One of my new friends made it for me. It has purple (my favorite color), my name, and a rose. 

My friend lydia (who you can see here) got me this. There are like 20 things of duct tape (here is a post where I show you how to use duck tape). 

I hope you enjoyed that! Did you enjoy this? Should I do more posts involving birthdays? Like a must haves for every birthday party? Or 12 year old birthday present ideas? What kind of posts do you want to see from me?

Monday, October 17, 2016

9 Fall Essentials and Must Haves // 2016

As I have said in previous posts, fall is here and now. Today I am going to be showing you guys some fall essentials and just things that you need for fall. Enjoy!


Preferably a nice big plaid scarf. These things can be so cute with just a plain t-shirt and jeans or a sweater. Plus they actually keep you warm sometimes. 


I definitely don't drink coffee but some people do. I do really like tea though. It can just make me feel so cozy and warm. You can find tea bags at a lot of different places and there are some delicious fall flavors. 

Nice warm blanket

That you can just snuggle in and enjoy while watching a movie on your couch. This is perfect for fall and can keep you warm on the coldest nights. 

Dark lipstick

I actually don't have any dark lipstick and I am semi annoyed about it. I am not "old" enough. Bahh! Anyway a dark lipstick is definitely an essential for fall. It could be a dark red, brown, black, purple, or even orange if you are feeling adventurous. 


Ok so there has actually been days here that I needed a sweater in the morning. This amazes me since normally I can take a nice stroll in shorts in the winter. I feel like it is more global cooling then global warming. Lol. Anyway a cute sweater can be a perfect accessories and can keep you warm all season long. I recommend getting those adorable long ones. 

Fall room decor

You have to decorate your room for the fall time! Maybe get some lights and leaves. A couple pumpkins. You get the idea. Fall room decor is seriously so cute.  I actually did a post which you can find here where I show you how to make a cute fall room decor DIY.  


Just go to target and you can find just about a million of different candle scents. These smell good and is a perfect way to decorate your room. Also if you burn a candle it can help you fall asleep (if you want some more sleeping tips I did a post on it here).


I am absolutelly in love with all things boots. These things can define an outfit and keep your toes nice and cozy.


Jeans are neutral bottoms that can be paired with nearly any outfit.  They are affordable and adorable.

I hope you enjoyed that everyone! If you would like some more essentials or fashion posts comment down below. Do you agree with my list? What are your fall essentials? What is your favroite thing about fall? What do you wear during the fall time?

Saturday, October 15, 2016

9 Things To Do On a Rainy Day

Hello everyone! So in the fall (or anytime of the year) sometimes it rains. Then we can't go outside and it just gets kind of boring sitting inside going nothing all day.

The Comeback HBO tv hbo wow bored

So since I never want you to suffer through that I have decided to give you 9 ideas of activities you can do on a rainy day.

Play in the rain

Ok I am totally contradicting my fisrt statement. Sorry! But if you put on a bathing suit and just dance in the rain it can be really quite fun. At times it can be refreshing. My sisters do this like all the time. But if you are like me and don't really want to do that you can just get an umbrella and go outside. The sound of the water dropping all around you can be really soothing. 

But health warning if it is raining hard or if there is lighting don't go outside. You can literally die. 

Read a nice book

Get a big long book like a Harry Potter book and just read. Find a cozy chair in the back and get so into your book that when you look up your mom is calling you for dinner. This makes time go by incredibly fast. Also I know that I have a tbr list as high as the tallest mountain in the world so like perfect time to crack down on that.

Look at my posts

Sorry self promo but seriously they can be insanely interesting. Well I am mean I hope they are interesting. Are they??? Answer me!

Have a movie marathon with your favroite series

Watch every single movie. From first to last. And when it is raining it is the ideal setting to watch movies. Since it is so dark outside it could be like a movie theatre. Close all the curtain and get some popcorn. Just relax in your paradise. You could watch the harry potter series or the hunger games series. Or pretty much any series you enjoy.

Plan out your outfits for the week

Especially for school. I have always had a dress code at all of the schools that I have gone to but if I didn't I can't imagine how long it would take me to get dressed. I mean it already takes me like an hour to get ready and then with picking out cute clothes it would be extremely interesting. Anyway the solution would be to plan out ahead. And a rainy day would be the perfect day to do that. Just set aside a little space in your closet or desk to lay/hang your clothes. Plus your friends are also proably home bored so this is the perfect time to have a little texting fashion show (aka you send your friend pictures of you in outfits and friend comments on how amazing you look). 

Take a nice long nap

Now some people can just not sleep with the sound of rain. I am one of those people. Though then again I can sleep with nothing expect silence. But some pople actually sleep better with the sound of water. Interesting right? I know. Anyway either being an adult or a kid you proably need your sleep. You don't want to be caught snoozing at work or school.

Get out a board game

Most people have board games or card games at home. It could just be a deck of cards or some nice monopoly. Possibly a game of munchkin or headbands. Personally I love games like that. You can play it with a friend and seriously just have fun. On a cold rainy day playing a game like this is fun and a good way to past time. 

Bake/cook something

There are some seriously delicious recipes out there. You could make some super chocolaty brownies or some sweet and soft cookies. Truly I don't enjoy cooking that much. I have just never been good at it. But when the end result is an amazing dessert, I mean who wouldn't like that?

Draw/take photos/write/make something

What I am trying to say here is be creative. Draw or take photos of the rain drops on your window. Write a poem about the beauty of nature. Use your skills to make an amazing piece of art!

I hope this helped! Comment down below what you do on a rainy day. Should I do more posts like this? Have any post suggestions? What should I do to improve my blog? 

Also I will be posting a birthday haul post soon (maybe tuesday) so watch out for that!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Roses are Red

So recently (actually just this sunday) I had a little photoshoot. And since I haven't done it in like forever I was actually the one in the pictures.

I decided to wear this bright red dress.

I paired it with this super adorable bracelet that my aunt gave me for my birthday (shoutout to her).

Since It is fall I thought a really bright red like this would work perfectly. 

I am seriously so proud of my hair! I took a shower the day before and then put it in a braid and then a bun. I slept in that and when I woke up an undid the bun this is how it looked. It makes me so happy!

*The absence of my face is because I am not aloud to show my face on the internet except for the profile picture that I have now. 

If you guys don't know my birthday was on the 4th. I am having a party this weekend. Aka I have and maybe will be getting presents. I am planning on doing a birthday haul post either next tuesday or saturday so watch out for that!

How did you guys like this? Should I do for fashion posts? Should I do more outfit posts? What have you been doing recently? Would you like more photos of me? How should I improve posts like this? 

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Super Cute and Easy Fall Room Decor DIY // Leafs, String, And Washi Tape

Hello everyone! So last saturday I decided to get pretty crafty and actually make something for once in my life *everyone gasps*. I know! I decided to make a super cute decoration that I can string over my bed. In this post I am going to show you how to make it as well.

You will need:
-1 to 3 different colors of washi tape
-Hole Puncher

First you must decide where you are going to string up your creation. I decided to put mine on top of my bed but a desk or a cabinet would also look super adorable. After you have decided where to put it, you have to measure and cut out your string. 

So a lot of people can just buy fake leaves from the store but I did not have any. If you also don't have any fake leaves then it is totally ok. Now just go online and search something like "Fall Leaves Cutout". Once you find some cute leaves you can transfer it to a word document and then print them out. 

I decided to do 3 different patterns but feel free to make your leaves the same. Once you have them printed it is time to cut all of the leaves out. 

Now that you have your leaves the next step is to punch holes into them. I actually don't have one of the singular hole punchers so I just ened up using one made for a binder. Do not laugh! It did end up working. So just punch a hole to the top of all of your leaves. 

You must be very careful though not to rip your leaf if it is small. 

Once you have holes in all of your leaves it is time to string them on your string. 

After you have all of your leaves on I recommend you space them out so that there is about equal room between each leaf. And now it is time to use the washi tape! Cut out a medium sized strip of your first color.

And then fold it around the string after your first leaf. 

If you have 2 colors also do the same with the second color and put it by the first one. I am sorry I am really bad at explaining this. But do that for every leaf untill it look something like this.

After this you are pretty much done and you just have to string it up. 

I might have possibly made my bed just for this picture. 

The last step is just to stand in awe of your creation. 

Personally I think it looks pretty cute.


So how did you like this post? Do you think my DIY looks cute? Are you going to make this? Do you have anything like it in your room? Should I do more Fall DIY posts? What should I make?

If you enjoyed make sure to comment and follow!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

31 Fall Blog Post Ideas

Ok before I start let me tell you how amazed I was monday morning. Can you guess why? It has to do with the weather. It actually felt like FALL! This is like quite mind blowing to me since we like never get actual fall. Sorry. I was excited. But there is also something that I am even more excited about. TODAY. IS. MY. BIRTHDAY!!!! I am officially 12 years old. I might have a whole post on my party and everything soon. Ok now back to the post. I thought it would be fun to give you guys some fun fall inspired blog posts for when you can't think of what to do. I hope this helps!

1. Fall Goals
2. What I love about fall
3. Halloween Costume Ideas
4. Cute Fall Outfits
5. A Cute Fall Recipe. It could be some kind of tea or a pumpkin related thing.
6. Fall DIY's
7. What did you like about fall last year?
8. Halloween Party Ideas
9. How to Update Your Fall Wardrobe
10. Fall Essentials
11. Favorite Fall Memory
12. Books to Read in Fall
13. TV Shows to Watch this Fall
14. Fall Wish List
15. Favorite Pumpkin Carving Designs
16. Fall Playlist
17. A Day In Your Life Fall Edition
18. Fall Nail Polishes
19. Favorite Fall Scents
20. Fall Hairstyles
21. What's In Your Bag? Fall Edition
22. Spooky Halloween Stories
23. Favorite Things About Halloween
24. How Was Your Halloween?
25. Fall Activities
26. The History of Halloween
27. Halloween Decoration Ideas
28. Halloween Pranks
29. How to Layer Clothes
30. Fall Morning Routine
31. Fall Nighttime Routine

If you have any more ideas for some fall inspired blog post ideas make sure to say so in the comments. Do you like this post? Should I do a birthday post?

If you enjoyed make sure to follow!

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