Tuesday, September 27, 2016

How to Finish Your Homework Fast // Tips and Life Hacks

Hey everyone! As you guys know with school comes homework. It is pretty much a fact of life. I mean it is a horrible fact of life but still a fact of life. Most people want to get there homework done fast so that they can enjoy the rest of there time. In this post I am going to give you some tips and hacks on how to get your homework done fast.

Take a break to do something you enjoy

Every once in awhile you kind of have to take a break. Once you have been doing plain and boring work for an hour your mind just kind of stops working. Raise your hand if you can relate. And so taking a break is the perfect way to recharge that amazing brain of yours. I recommend doing something like:

-Watching tv
-Taking a walk

Really anything that you enjoy.

Eat a healthy snack

After like a bazzillion hours at school you need a snack of some kind. I recommend:

-And orange
-Some chips
-Frozen grapes

Aka anything that is semi healthy that will revive you. When you are hungry you can't think so once you are full it will be easier to anwser all of those hard math problems on your homework.

Drink some water

Same principal as the tip above. It just helps you think. Getting dehydrated is exceptionally bad but drinking water (a lot of it) really clears your mind.

Have a comfortable place where you do your homework

If there is a desk or something in your house then that is the perfect place to do your homework. But if you are one of the people who don't have a desk (aka me) then a counter or table also works perfectly. Just make sure to pick out a place where you will do your homework and stick to it.

Color coordinate everything

I swear it does help.  This makes everything more visually appealing and just easier to read as a whole.

Write all of your homework down in a agenda/planner

This really really helps. If you don't write down your homework you will either forget what you are suposed to do or do it wrong. I haven't really done it in years before but this year I have been using my agenda so much. I mean with 5 classes a day it is hard to remember everything. For me my school gave me an agenda but if that is not the case for you I recommend you buy one. There are a lot of places online where you can buy adorable planners.

Take everything you need home

If you have math homework then take all of your science stuff home. Your science binder and your science journal. So when you forget how to do something you can just look at your stuff. I do relize that our delicate student backs are amazing and can't carry that much stuff but still!

During class pay attention and take notes

This is pretty much just a rule for school but it also helps with your homework. Most of the time teachers assign homework that is based on what they were talking about in class. This means that you must pay attention and also take notes so that you remember everything. If you don't listen in class you will have pretty much no idea how to do your homework.

Do everything that you can at school

No I am not saying that you should do it during class (refer to point above for explanation) but sometime in school. Maybe when you have a study hall class. I do and I always take the time to do homework and go to the library. Or just in class when you have extra time. When you are early in class, if you are done with test, between classes. Pretty much just MANAGE YOUR TIME WISELY.

Give yourself rewards

One thing I like to do is get some sort of snack that I like. Let's say chips. And then after every problem I complete or after every couple of sentences I write I get a chip. This is a really good method to use to get your homework done fast and easily. Or instead of something like that you can do once you finish a sheet you get to watch 5 minutes of TV. 

Hey! I really hoped you liked this post. It seriously took me like 2 weeks to write. I have no idea why though. 

Do you like homework? Do you get homework? How much homework do you get? How do you usually do your homework? What are some of your tips for doing homework? 

Saturday, September 24, 2016

26 Reasons Why All Teens/Tweens Need a Phone

Now you guys might not know but I actually don't have a phone. I am in middle school though. I have wanted a phone for a long time. I'm pretty sure I was promised one at the beginning of the summer. I still don't have one. Now this post is not suposed to be me complaining or anything I just thought it would be cool and funny (also it might convince my parents to get me a phone, who knows). Also if you want a phone but your parents won't get you one feel free to use any of these excuses that might apply to you.

1. We are in middle/high school now. That is a very very big deal.

2. Some people walk home from school (hint hint me) and so we need to tell our parents where we are and how long we are going to be.

3. So that you can tell your parents where you am.
4. To ask parents if you can stay at school for a certain amount of time. If said teen did not have a phone and they needed to stay after school the parent would get worried and everything would be exceptionally complicated.
5. So that said teen can ask parents if they can go somewhere.
6. To ask parents where parents are if said teen and parent get separated. It is hard to try to find someone in a crowd.

7. To call parents and ask them a question.
8. To talk to friends so that said teen doesn't have to use said parents phone.
9. Almost all tweens/teens have phones.
10. To research stuff for school.

11. If said teen gets lost said teen can just look up where said teen is on a phone. No more lost teen.
12. To keep track of homework. No one wants to turn in a report late.
13. So that when said teen forgets her camera said teen doesn't have to use her parents phone.

14.  It will not get lost or broken. For parents who are scared your kid is going to break the phone. THINK AGAIN! Phones are precious things that people take care of.
15. It doesn't actually cost that much. If a parent already has a plan is doesn't cost that much to add another one.

16. It makes kids feel more mature which them makes them act more mature. Logic people logic.
17. So that when said teen gets kidnapped by evil masterminds said teen can secretly call the police and not die. Go not dying!
18. Or when said teen is lost said teen can call someone.
19. Or maybe if said teen suddenly burst into flames they can call someone to help.

20. There aren't any more pay phones believe it or not. Teens need a personal phone.

21. So that when it is raining said teen can get parent to pick said teen up from school.

22. When the said teen gets bored and said parent wants teen to shut up said parent can just let said teen play on said phone and everyone will be happy.
23. It is a good thing to remind people since there is calender's and stuff. This will keep kids more organized.

24. It makes people feel connected.
25. It makes teens feel like outsiders since almost everyone else has a phone.
26. It makes everyone feel safer and less scared.

So did you guys like that? If you couldn't guess I kind of really want a phone. I think once people get my age (aka tween to teen age) and there families actually have enough money to buy a phone that they should get one. People have seriously asked for my phone number at school and I have had to tell them that I don't have a phone.  It is awkward OK. Or when teachers are "you can use your phone to research this" and then everyone pulls out there phones but I don't have one. Again awkward and annoying. 

Do you have a phone? Do you like it? How do you recommend I convince my parents to get me a phone? If I do end up getting a phone which type should I get? Do you think I should have a phone?

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Discovering Middle School // Collab

Today I have a super exiting post planned! A bit longer then a month ago me and Bubbles were talking about doing another collab. We already did one where I interviewed her here. Pretty much since she is so awesome I wanted to work with her more. We decided we would do a post where we share our thoughts about starting middle school one week at a time. You can see her post here.  Let's get started!

Oh my god. I am actually starting middle school in a WEEK. This feels so unreal. It means I will actually be a teen. A TEEN! And that means I won't be a kid anymore. That is a scary thought. I wonder what teachers I will get. I will have so many of them. Hopefully I will get in some classes with my friends. I mean I have like 6 friends going there so with 10 classes and multiple teachers per subject that means. *Trys to think like a math genius and fails*. Like 1% chance! Also it is so annoying that I haven't gotten my schedule yet. I am getting it on the first day of school. I mean I kind of want to memorize and talk with my friends about it before school starts. Week before school friend meet-up ritual people? It's sacred! Also what kind of locker will I have? A bottom or top locker? I really want a top one but I have this bad feeling that I will get a bottom one. Wait but what if thinking about makes it come true  *stops thinking about lockers*. Also where will it be? Bahh I'm thinking about again. Shut up mind! What about my school supplies and backpack. Will people actually like my stuff? Or not? I hope they do. I mean all of the people who comment on my blog seemed to think they were cute. So it has to be at least semi cute. Maybe. Ahh! Plus I will proably be walking to school alone for once in my life. And it is like a million minutes away (well it is actually about 15 minutes but with books on my back it will probably feel like a million). Hopefully I can get some of my friends to walk with me. Like I. Or L. Or the other L. They live close to me. Sort of. You know I liked it better when I lived right across the street from the school. It took about a minute to walk. Also what about the dress code. Will they like my shirt? I mean of course they will.  It is like a uniform shirt. I think I am going to wear the purple ones with some jeans. That has to be cute. Also what is if I get detention? And get in trouble? That happens a lot in the movies.  No! I am vowing to myself now that I will not get in trouble! But can I really keep that vow? I mean of course I can. I'm a good student. Right? I mean I think I am. I get good grades usually. Sometimes. I am going to fail life aren't I. Yeah I totally am. 

*Wakes up*. OK today is the day. The day I start middle school *smiles and then falls out of bed* *gets dressed*. Hmmmm.... How do I look. Do I look OK. I want everyone at school to see that I am good and I don't want to look bad *asked every singles person I see if I look OK* . *Drives to school* Ok this is middle school. This is where I will be for the next 180 or so days. Oh yay it's my friends. *Goes to homeroom* well this teacher seems quite nice. Oh my gosh it is my schedule! What is here. Hmmm. A much of boring stuff. More stuff. Theater! Sounds fun. I am also the first one here. Is that bad? Maybe? Oh no my notebook is breaking. On the first day of school. Just my luck. I have like a million of these at home. *Goes to other class* so this one is called enrichment. What in the world do I do here? I like the teachers tie though. I actually really like this teacher. He is nice *goes to other class*. Oh yay media and lunch. Hmmm. But what if I can't find my friends? Where will I sit? Lunch sounds less appetizing now. But actually my friends are in this class with me so we can just walk *walks with friends to lunch*. You know finding a table wasn't as bad as I thought. It was OK. Plus the 8th graders aren't actually killing each other so I know that information was false. This lunch is actually pretty good. The food tastes good at least. I think I have gotten better at making sandwiches. So what do I have have next? English. Hmm. Oh my gosh I have this with my friend. Yay *goes to English*. This teacher looks nice. She is pretty laid back I think. Boom. And then there is only 1 more hour of school in which I will have math *goes to math* *gets lost in the hall going to math* dies*. Ok so now that I finally got to the class. This teacher looks pretty nice. She is very organized. And pretty young. And kind of strict. I actually like this teacher *bell rings*. Yayay! End of the daaay. Of my first day of middle schoooolll.

Wow. So I have actually completed a whole day of middle school. And I haven't died. Or gotten hurt. Or failed. Or turned into a zombie. I am having a pretty good life right now. I feel very accomplished that I got through the week. Today is Monday which means it is exactly a week after the fisrt week of school. I haven't memorized my whole schedule yet but I am getting there. I got my gym locker today. I am extremely scared of changing in front of everyone though. I don't even change in front of my sisters or my mom. Definitely not strangers that are in my grade. I am suposed to get my lockers tomorow. Hopefully I actually am going to get them. We were suposed to find out where our lockers were on Wednesday but some guy quit so of course that didn't work. I really want to decorate my locker and make it look cute. I wonder what I should do. My parents won't but me any of those cool mirrors. I don't think I already have any cute small ones. Hmmmmmmm.......


And that is it folks! How did you like this post? As you can see I am a very sane 6th grader. Truly though school has been going OK so far. How has school been for you guys so far? Do you have any tips for me being a new middle schooler? Should I do more collabs? If you want to do a collab with me just email me at nabilaeve@gmail.com. Also make sure to check out Bubbles post here. 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

3 Super Cute and Easy Back to School DIY's // Emoji Binder Deviders, Notebook Cover + More

As you guys all know school is back in session! Really not the best thing ever, but something fun that you can do in this interesting time is decorate all of your school supplies (you can see all of my supplies here)!  Truly though I am kind of horrible at making stuff. Like in general. Just nothing ever works. But I still wanted to make my school supplies unique and cute.  If you are in the same situation as I am you will love these 3 super cute DIY's.

Duck tape Notebook Cover

So this first one is super easy. But I think it is still good to do. I mean which of these notebooks do you like better?

Hopefully you said the one on the bottom. 

You will need:

-1 notebook
-Some cute duck tape

Pretty much all you have to do is put the duck tape on the cover of the notebook. I recommend going from top to bottom and the you can wrap the tape around the front part of the cover. Like this.

I decided to just leave the back cover of my notebook blank but you guys can also do the back if you want. 

Then if you want you can also make a little title for your notebook. Just get a piece of paper and cut it to your liking. After that you can write the name of the subject your notebook is going to be used for. Like science or math. Then you just have to tape and or glue the piece of paper to your notebook.

 It should proably look something like this when you are done.

 Washi Tape Binder Cover

Again this will be a cover using tape but different types. 

You will need:

-washi tape

With my washi tape I decided to go with a striped pattern all along my binder. You can do this or some other design is you like. 

All you have to do is lay the strips of washi tape along the binder in whatever design that you want. 

For the title you can just cut a piece of paper and then write the subject you will be using the binder for. 

Then you can tape it to your binder with regular tape.

As a border for your title you can then put some washi tape around it. Do you like how mine turned out?

Emoji Binder Dividers

I saw this on YouTube and instantly feel in love. Binder dividers are super useful if you want to stay organized. 

You will need:

-Same way to print
-Different colored construction paper
-A binder

First of all we need to print out some cute little emoji's. You can find these everywhere online. I just decided to google image search it. I went with 5 face emoji's. 

After you have printed the emoji's the next step if to cut them out.

And then just admire how cute they are.

After admiring your emoji's you should put the name of your tab on the front and back of the emoji. 

Then you can glue your first emoji to the top of your first piece of construction paper. 

It should look something like this.

After that you can do that with the rest of your paper and emoji's. Make sure that none of the emoji's overlap. Then it should look like this.

It is so cute! Right? We are almost done. After this all you have to do is punch holes into your paper since we will be putting it into a binder. 

Then put the dividers in your binder and admire your super cute creation. 

Here is a little infographic summery thing of the dividers. 


So how did you like my diy's? Did you make any of them? Should I do more diy posts? Which diy is your favorite? Do you like diy's and making stuff? 

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