Monday, August 15, 2016

Back to School School Supplies Haul 2016-2017

I am supper super exiting for this post! Why you ask? Because

A- It took a long time to take these photos and I am proud of them and
B- This is the first ever time I have done a haul on my blog

*Everyone gasps*. Yep I have never done a haul before. But in spirit of back to school I have decided to one. I hope you enjoy!

All of this stuff is from Target.

*note* I am in no way trying to brag at all.

First up binders! The one on the left I got from target and the one on the right my grandmother got for me. 

I just love the sparkly stripes. 

Next up composition notebooks.

I got 1 purple and 1 pink wide ruled notebook. Then I got 3 college ruled ones. I have always just had black ones before so I am exited to actually have color for once.

OK yes these are way to many folders. I have no idea why I ended up getting this many.

I really love the colors though.

And now for the cute notebooks.

I love these so much! Ahhh!!!

I bet you can't. 

And everything will turn out OK. 

They will!

Paper! I know very interesting.

And rulers! These are just the standard wood kind. I wanted the colored plastic ones but my dad said these would work better. 

And pencils! I love mechanical pencils and those are usually the ones I use but I also had to get some regular ones. 

And then sense I got pencils I had to get a sharpener.  

And then some erasers. I love the colors. 

Plus some post-it notes. It's a cute pink color. 

And colored pencils.

And sharpies! 

Go pens! I love pens. There cool. I got some black ones some blue ones and some different colored ones. 

And now for me trying to get good stationary blog photos and failing.

This is the thing I keep all of my school supplies like pens and pencil in.

I was trying to do one of those pictures with the stuff falling out of the bag. I totally forgot what this kind of picture is called. 


  1. EEEEP all these school supplies are awesome! <3

  2. You can never have enough folders or notebooks! I have enough notebooks for an entire school class now, but that won't stop me from buying more XD

    x Envy
    Lost in Translation

  3. These look great! I love those notebooks, haha! XD

  4. Cool stuff! I would be excited if I got those kinda stuff. I am excited though. Does that make any sense? ;P

  5. These all look lovely! I've always loved getting new school supplies ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  6. So awesome! School supplies are so fun to shop for!

    - Edie

  7. I love school shopping! Those notebooks are SUPER cute! Where did you get them?

    1. So do I! Ahh thanks! I got them from target which is also where I got the rest of my stuff.

  8. Hey Nabila! Ugh you're making me super jealous with all the supplies! This is my first year away from high school and so I kinda go crazy every time I see the stationary in shops and realise I have no excuse for cute supplies now :'( I wish we had a target in the UK, all the stuff is adorable!

    I hope you have an amazing year at school, try really hard and I'm sure it'll be great. Good luck <3


    Anne //

    1. Hey Anna! Aww thanks! Yeah target is awesome. :) I hope you have an amazing year as well! Good luck to you.

  9. Super cool! I love sharpies too! Those notebooks are so cool, especially the "try to stop me" one!

  10. You've got quite a haul there!
    My school gives a supply list full of useless stuff every year but by now I know exactly what I need and so I crumple it up and get my own stuff :)
    Get pumped Nabila! It's almost time for school! Conquer it! And the waking up early five days a week of it! :b

    You're Just Right

    1. Yeah! Sometimes you have to crumble stuff up. Ahh thanks! I will conquer it *dies because I end up not conquering it*! Yeah waking up early is very fun *dies again because I have to wake up before 7:00*.

  11. SCHOOL SUPPLIES ARE MOST DEFINITELY MY WEAKENESS! I look forward to back to school shopping all summer haha!
    Lovely Post!

  12. The notebooks are so cute! We don't get notebooks at my school. (I only have 6 heavy binders) (cats)