Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Photo Diary // Contemporary Art Museum + Sculpture Garden

I am back today with another photo diary post! I have gotten such great feedback from this and you guys are all so nice and you compliment me. Pretty much it makes me really happy so thank you for being such awesome readers! So guess where I went a couple days ago? The art museum! I have not been to a museum in almost forever. And I kind of love museums. Plus there are so many museums in Houston. And they are all in walking distance from one another. There's like ten right there. It kind of blows my mind. And so we decided to visit one of the smaller museums in the area: The Contemporary Art Museum! It is like modern art. So let's get started!

This is proably one of my favroite pictures I have taken. 

This is the tree statue of all power. It is growing from the pyramid thing of all awesomeness. Anyone who says otherwise will die. 

Isn't the building just so cool?

Plus it has blue railing.

It is like a greek tapestry that got burned and then splatter painted by little kids. I am in love. 

Look! The guard that guards the tapestry!

The lights seriously went off of the ceiling. 

I am not sure what this is. It is like a dying planet or something. 

This is probably my favroite art piece in the whole museum. Go fangirls!

This is the second story. 

The white stuff is actually paper.

It looks so cool!

Just go with the flow man. 

And this is the gift shop.

I want pretty much everything in this shop. But very very sadly I do not currently have enough money. 

It is the best piggie bank of them all!

This might be one of the most awesome umbrellas in the entire world. When my dad showed it to me I thought it was a sword because of the handle. Then of course when he pulled out out of the case I found out it was an umbrella. 

You guys might possibly know that I live in Texas. The awesome and humongous state of Texas. Fun fact it is actualy bigger than some country I forgot the name of. So Texas's slogan or saying or whatever it is called is actually the "Lone Star State". That is why we have one star on our flag. Truly I have never liked It. I don't want to be alone!  I want to party with the other 49 stars! Yeah I have awesome opinions. 

More umbrellas!

It my mom holding a call mom pillow. This might be the most ironic and awesome photo ever. 


The sock monkey blanket!

This was like a 8 ball but more of a decision maker. It was cool but weird. 


  1. All of your photos are lovely! The art looks really cool ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

    1. Thank you so much Amy! I thought the art was cool as well. :)

  2. Lovely photos, you should totally do more photo diaries. ;)

    P.S. That fangirl art thing is the best. ;D

    1. Thanks Hannah! I will try to do more of these posts in the future.

      P.S. I know right! Thanks!

  3. Sooo. Many. Pretty. Pictures! Awesome photography Nabila!

    - Edie

  4. You are truly an amazing photographer! I really love this post!
    By the way, I want one of those umbrellas (just to see people's faces when I walk down the street with what looks like a sword).


  5. "Anyone else who says otherwise will die." LOL!!! XD THat's a really cool museum!
    Is it just me or does all that paper kind of look like pasta? :P

    1. Yep. They will die. Thanks! I thought it was cool. :) The paper does kind of look like pasta.