Sunday, August 7, 2016

Interview with Bubbles from A Tween's Chitter Chatter

Hey everybody! I am so so excited today because I am doing a interview swap with the one and only Bubbles! She is a super cute and very awesome newbie blogger from A Tween's Chitter Chatter. Plus she is like the same age as me. Aka we are awesome friends and I am so happy that I got to interview her. You can find her post where she interviewed me here. Make sure to check that out once you finish reading this post.  


Would you rather stay in a hotel or camp?

1. I would rather go camping because I love nature, and it's a whole different experience!

Nature is pretty awesome. What are your favorite activities?

2. My favorite activities are reading, hanging out with friends, and riding my bike.

I love to do all of those things! What is your favorite book?

3. Favorite book...hmmm I like so many books! But right now I really like reading The Kane Chronicles, mostly Rick Riordan books in general.

Same! I really like Rick Riorden books. Would you rather go back in time 100 years or forwards?

4. I would rather go 100 years into the future, to see how things have changed and see if I made history.

I bet you will make history. Haha. What is your favroite type of food?

5. I really like Thai food! It's really spicy, and I love spicy food!

I also like Thai food (fun fact I went to eat it a couple days ago. But I like the non spicy kind. How old are you?

6. I am 11 years old

Awesome! We are the same age then. What is your dream job?

7. My dream job....Become a successful business owner. I would love to become an entrepreneur and hopefully, help people. I want to become an entrepreneur because you can create and use your own ideas. But what I want to do is always changing. Hehe

I can so relate! Like one day I want to be a blogger and the next a doctor. I have weird interests. A business owner sounds really cool though! What is your blog name?

8. My Blog name is A Tween's Chitter Chatter.

What is the meaning behind your blog name?

9. The meaning behind it is that I am a Tween and I love talking and rambling on and on....When I become a teenager I will probably change it.

That makes sense. What is your favorite movie?

10. My favorite movie would be Inside Out because I love the changes Joy makes at the end, and the other awesome places in Riley's mind.

I love Inside Out too! What is your favroite season?

11. My favorite Season is Summer because I was born in Summer, you get a vacation from school, and you can spend almost every day outside! 

I also love summer. What do you love most about blogging? 

12. What I love most about blogging is that you can connect with other people, and share your ideas and opinions.

Those are very awesome reasons! If you could have any pet (magical, dead, alive, anything), what would it be?

13. I really want a golden retriever puppy, but I would save a puppy from a shelter even if it isn't a golden retriever

Puppys are so cute! If you could talk to any one person (dead or alive) for 30 minutes, who would it be?

14. I can't choose between J.K Rowling and Rick Riordan!.....

Those are like my favroite authors!

Thank You Nabila for Interviewing me!

Totally Bubbles! Anytime. 


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And make sure to check out Bubbles post here where she interviews me.

So did you like this post? I hope you did! Should I do more interviews? Who should I interview? Are you going to visit Bubbles blog? Isn't she awesome? Do you want to be interviewed? If so you can find out more information about how you can be interviewed here.