Thursday, August 11, 2016

FLC Project 3 - A Haiku about a dragon + BIBPC #3 Category #2

Hey peeps! I'm back now with another post. Wow. My school starts in just 11 days. Where in the world did summer vacation go? It is crazy. And kind of scary. I think as I get older time goes by faster. But back to the subject at hand! My last post with my 1 project for FLC you can find here. Now it is time for the 3rd one! I decided to just skip the 2 one because I couldn't think of what to do. So this time I am supposed to make Haiku describing a dragon. Here is my Haiku!

Dragons are awesome.
Dragons are very unique.
They are popular.

Yeah it is kind of horrible.

Also I am entering my photo for BIBPC #3 Category #2. This time the category was Water Drops. Annoyingly it hasn't rained in almost forever so there were no actually authentic water drops. It seems like in Houston is always either flooding or going through a drought.  So I had to spray some stuff to make water drops. So here is my picture!

Yeah the picture is kind of horrible. 

So hi. How ya doing? Do you like my Haiku? At all? It is kind of bad. I don't have very good writing skills. Do you like my picture? Do you think it shows water drops? Also I have been thinking that maybe I should get a posting schedule. It would have like 2 set days a week that I would post. Do you like that idea? Them maybe when I have time I would post 3 times a week. It would only be during the school year. So do you think I should have a posting schedule? Has it rained where you are lately? Do you like seeing water drops?


  1. LOL! <3 LOVE <3 the haiku! LOLOLOL! Dragons ARE awesome! XD

    1. Yay yay yay! I am so happy taht you like my Haiku! Dragons are amazing. :)

  2. The picture is beautiful! It shows the water droplets very well. I think a posting schedule is a great idea. Have a wonderful day!
    ~ Bubbles
    A Tween's Chitter Chatter

    1. Thanks Bubbles! I'm happy you think so. :) I hope you have a wonderful day as well!

  3. Haha, that's funny that you decided to spray water on the plants to get water droplets. When life gives you dry weather, spray plants to get water droplets :b
    I didn't know about FLC or I totally would have entered. Good luck with it!

    You're Just Right

    1. Yep. That is exactly what I did. Oh my gosh that needs to become a saying! Thanks Crystal!

  4. I love both the Haiku and the picture. The photo shows amazing detail!
    Also, I think a post schedule is a great idea!
    Good luck with the FLC!

    - Elsie