Monday, August 8, 2016

FLC Project 1 - Create a Fantasy Creature

Hey peeps! I am back today with another post. You might know about Katherine's awesome camp for bloggers called Fantasy Literature Camp. But what you might not know is that I am entering this year! I didn't last year because I guess I just didn't have enough confidence in myself. But this year I am doing it! FLC is pretty much a week long camp for bloggers where about everyday there are prompt/assignment like things which you can complete on your blog and then for everything you do you get points for your team. There are 2 teams. I am on team dragon!

Go dragons! So the fisrt assignment for today is to make a fantasy creature. 

My creature:

The official name for this creature is Sullana which is named after the place where they are from in Peru. But all of the natives just call this creature Sal for short. It is a tiny lizard like creature. But never ever mistake it for a  lizard. It could cost you your life. It is about 1 feet long with green scales and a long tail with a poisonous tip. There scales are shiny and slick. Most things will just slide right of their bodies. Female Sullanas have green spots and males are just plain green. They have strong and sticky feet so it is very easy for them to climb and jump. 

The females are most of the time in charge. They mate for life and the female hunts and the male takes care of the house and babies and stuff like that. The Sullana lives in forests and under houses. Pretty much anywhere that is dark and shaded. They love the dark and don't go into the light often. Sunlight hurts there scales and can dry out there skin. 

These are ambush creatures that wait for their prey to get near them and then they attack and bite their victim.  They mostly hunt during the nighttime. To lure animals to them they will sing a certain toon (but only females can sing this) which is irresistible to males but can't be heard by females. Their teeth are poisonous and can kill or paralyze a grown man in about 30 minutes.  After biting their victim they run away and come back when it is dark. 

The weird thing about this animal though is that they really only eat the hair or fur of the victim and leave the rest of the body unless they are extremely hungry. They eat birds and deer and creatures of that sort. But when needed they will eat a human. 

These are most rare though because they have a very peculiar diet and they are hunted by humans. There spit can heal wounds so many are captured and killed by humans. To capture them people set food out which the creatures are lured to. These animals are traded in black markets. Sometimes when they are captured though they are not killed and instead become a pet of a warrior. Sometimes they will bond with the person but most of the time the Sullana ends up killing the person. Once someone is bonded to one of these creatures they can not ever be killed by a Sullana again. It is like a type of protection. People bonded with these creatures are usually respected. 

These are quite intelligent creatures but most of the time they only think about food and rank.  

*note this creature is a fantasy creature that I made up! It is not real. A certain person thought that it was real and got scared. You do not have to be scared. This creature is currently not real. 

And make sure to check out my contest that is going on in my blog. It is a super easy and fun 6 word contest. You can find out how to enter here. Also make sure to check out my collab blog The Fangirl Blog!  So do you like my creature? Are you participating in FLC? If so what team are you on? Did I do a good job describing my made up creature? If I make up anymore creatures should I put it on my blog? Do you like fantasy?