Friday, August 5, 2016

30 Back to School Blog Post Ideas

Hello my fellow students and bloggers. A very sad (and super awesome) time is approaching us. The Back to School time. When kids start to go back to school after the amazing and awesome summer vacation. I go back in only about 2 weeks. Summer vacation is almost ending. And this is a super awesome time for bloggers and youtubers to take advantage of. People are scared to go back to school. They need tips and tricks and advice to get them through this hard time. Back to School posts are very very popular. Pretty much all of my youtube feed consisted of Back to School videos. And that is why today I am telling you guys some super awesome and easy Back to School blog posts ideas!

By the way a lot of people believe that these kind of post listed can only be done in a videos but that really isn't true.

Also if you do use any of these I would love if you could give me credit for the idea. :) By the way I did not like come up with all of these without help from the web. They have been done before.

1. Tips for decorating your locker

2. School Supplies Haul

3. What is in my backpack?

4. Super easy back to school DIYs

5. Things everyone has to have in their backpack

6. Back to school supplies giveaway

7. Super cute backpacks perfect for school

8. First day of school Expectation vs. Reality

9. Why back to school is actually pretty awesome
10. Tips for back to school shopping

11. Essentials for your school emergency bag

12. DIY notebooks for back to school

13. The stages of back to school
14. Back to school clothing haul

15. School lunch ideas

16. School Morning Routine

17. School Nightime Routine

18. Back to school life hacks

19. Tips for for first day of school outfit

20. Awkward back to school situations
21. Types of kids on the first day of school
22. Back to school then vs now

23. Back to school hairstyles

24. Easy breakfast school ideas

25. DIY backpack

26. First day of school pictures
27. How to get to know your teachers
28. DIY planner

29. DIY locker decorations

30. DIYs you have to make before school starts

So did you like my post? I hope you did! Was this useful to you? Are you going to make any of these posts? If you do I would love for you to link to the post in the comments. When do you go back to school? Are you already in school? Are you excited for school? Should I do more blogs posts like this with blog post ideas? Should I do more back to school posts?


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