Monday, July 25, 2016

Things To Do In Houston: Watch Thousands of Bats Fly Around at The Waugh Drive Bridge

Can you guess what I did yesterday? I went to see bats! It was a super amazing experience that recommend you do too. I have seen bats before at the zoo and around my house at night but nothing like this before. Today I am starting a new series called Things To Do In Houston (where I live). I will have posts with (as the title says) fun things to do in Houston. Today I am telling you guys about the amazing bats I saw! These bats are so cool.

By the way all of the pictures in this post are mine and I apologize for them being so horrible. The bats were very hard to take photos of.

What will I actually see?

Hundreds and thousands of bats flying in the sky and all around you and under the bridge.

Where are they? 

The bats are under the Waugh Drive Bridge which is in The Buffalo Bayou Park. 

When should I go?

 The bats emerge from their bridge at dusk and around sunset so you should be there about 15-30 minutes before that. The thing is there is not a specific time that they come out so you need to get there a little early so that you are sure you can see the bats. The bats are there all year and don't migrate like a lot of other bats do. 

Those are all bats.

Does it cost money?

It does not cost any money to see the bats. It is completely free.

Do you see that big line of black dots? That is bats.

Is there any parking?

There are a couple parking spots near the bridge but if you go on a weekend they will proably be full so chances are you will have to park on the street.

Is it family friendly?

Definitely! When I went the whole family came with me including my grandparents who moved to Houston a couple days ago. The bats are interesting for all ages. 

  Should I bring anything?

  Nothing is mandatory but I recommend bringing binoculars and wearing shoes and an outfit that is comfy.  

  But remember:

  -Don't throw anything at the bats
  -When the bats are emerging don't stand under the bridge
  -Don't touch the bats

Have you seen bats before? Where was it? Do you want to see bats? Do you think bats are scary? Do you like this post? Should I do more posts like this and continue the series?


  1. Cool! Austin also has some good bat viewing

    1. It is very cool! I haven't seen the ones in Austin yet.

  2. I've never seen loads of bats before, but that sounds like an amazing opportunity! Great post. You should definitely continue the series!

    - Edie

  3. This looks so cool! Have a lovely day ! :)xx

    Vildana from Living Like V & Stalia Is BAE

  4. Thats awesome! I would love to see many bats at once! I love your pictures! Nice post!


    1. Yeah it was amazing too see all of the bats! I am so happy you like pics. :) Thanks!