Monday, July 4, 2016

The Struggles of a Tween Blogger

Hello my wonderful readers! So for this post I am doing something a little bit different. I was inspired by Jade's post. As you have proably realized from reading my blog that I am actually a kid or a tween as I like to call myself. Most bloggers are (as you have proably also realized) adults. And hey I am fine with that. Being different is cool and unique. But the thing I run into a lot of problems since I am younger. So I have decided to do a list and share them with you. Hope you enjoy!

The struggle of being a tween blogger:

People don't really take me seriously sometimes 

It is true! I feel like it at least. Since I am younger then a lot of bloggers I think they see me as maybe less then them. Like a lesser maybe. Like I am not as experienced at a topic then them (which I am probably am but still).  I am not saying this for everyone though. Some peeps are very awesome. 

The older bloggers are kind of intimidating 

They are just so much bigger and have had more time to live and grow their blogs they are kind of scary. Sometimes I have trouble even trying to talk to an older blogger. I mean would an adult or a teenager really want to talk with an 11 year old me? Probably not. If you do though then I would love to talk with you!

Like all of older bloggers are mountains and I am the smallest hill in the world. Mountains are scary. 

landscape, mountains, natureLandscape Photo of 1 Tree and House
I mean look at the differences. 

I miss out on a lot of opportunities 

Like I can't go to that event and making money without getting one of my parents to help is out of the question. Why? Because I don't have an bank or any kind of money account. So if I wanted to make money I would have to get my parents to help. Which is just blehh. 

I am very limited social media wise

Since I am still kind of a kid I can't really have accounts like twitter or facebook (well at least I think so. I have actually never asked my parents but I am sure they would say no.) And that means I can't advertize my blog with those platforms where a lot of other bloggers do.  It is kind of annoying sometimes. I do have a pinterest and google+ account though so I would love if you could follow me. You can find out how to do that on my sidebar or here. 

There are less blogging friends my age that I can connect too

I am so so lucky to have all of the blogging friends I have now. I am happy to have that. But the thing is that there are still less people that I can become friends with that are my age (or somewhere around my age). 

I am overlooked

You know those posts that are like "Best Fashion Bloggers of 2016" or "Recipes from bloggers we loved most this month"? Yes? Ok good. Now look at them and see if you can find any kid/teenagers listed. Can you? If the answer is yes then yay! Someone actually realized we exist but the answer is sadly proably no. Most people seriously over look us younger bloggers. You're proably thinking they they do that because most kid bloggers are less famous. True but that is because we are over looked!!  It is very very annoying. 

Except for other kid bloggers no one my age really reads blogs

It is true! Most of my friends don't really know what blogs are. They only heard of it because I told them I had a blog and made them look at it. So this means that there there is a much higher chance of me getting older readers. I am absolutely fine with that but the thing is that that means that I can't really connect with them as much as I would with people my own age (I love all of you guys equally though). 

Baby, Boy, Child, Childhood, Computer, Concept

A lot of "tips" online for bloggers I can't use

Like someone said that twitter is amazing or to buy this thing that is supposed to help you with blogging. Or maybe get this 5 dollar layout. Umm hello! I can't do any of that stuff! I can't buy stuff online! 

I can't relate to the older bloggers

Like I don't take exams yet. I have never had a boyfriend. I have never had a job *Inserts 4th reason*. Like I can't relate to all of that stuff. I haven't been through that. 

One thing that is actually cool about being a kid blogger:

Since there are less kid bloggers out there when 2 kid bloggers meet it is very cool. Also I think kid bloggers and kids in general feel more connected to me then they would to an older person. I mean I  do (oh my gosh after I finished typing that the song "Begin Again" came into my head. If you know the song you will relize why. Can you guess?). 


So did you enjoy that? I hope you did? I had a lot of fun making it.

Did you like that post? Can you relate? Are you a kid blogger? What are some good things about being a kid blogger? What are some bad things? What kind of posts would you like to see from me?


  1. I actually started my blog when I was your age (you are doing a lottt better than me. lol) I started out without knowing any other blogs and went from there. I don't have twitter, or FB or instagram. Actually, we have the same things with social media. You don't need that to be a good blogger, just be who you are. I have some people that don't like my blog, but, hey, WHO CARES. It's my blog and I'm happy with it. And itt makes me happy when other people like it too. It's like an online journal and a way to share my experiences and photography.

    Just be who you are. All those "big bloggers" aren't *really* big. At least, they don't feel big themselves. It's just that pure pressure thing. Ignore it.

    You are a great blogger, Nabila, keep at it! <3

    1. That you so much Sarah! This means so much to me! Well I guess don't have to have social media but it is still pretty cool to have. I know right! Like who cares if someone doesn't like my blog (well actually I care a little but still). You know what I am also super happy with my blog. It brings me so much joy and laughs and smiles. Same! I like your blog Sarah. :) I guess. Maybe. That's hard! Thanks for the advice though. I'm happy you like my blog Sarah. :)

  2. I first venture into blogging when i was 13 but then i stopped and just last december i decided to start blogging again. I may have had some readers on my old blog but there wasn't much interaction going on as there are no people responding or commenting on my post. Honestly, you have done a way lot better than i did back then. Comparing your content that you post with what i post back then was a huge difference. Your content is way more interesting to read and mine back then was kinda empty. The fact that you are only 11 years old blogging the way you do now and have a lot of interaction with other bloggers is just amazing. You may be struggling and feel that you are overlooked but look at the bright side. You are young and you had started doing something that you love. Some people are still struggling on finding things that they enjoy doing. The fact that you started blogging a young age gives you the opportunity to grow and gain experience. If you keep on blogging, just imagine on what will happen 5 years from now. You will be 16 and by then you probably have learn a lot when it comes to blogging. You would probably own social media accounts and your post, your blog will grow with you. Blogging is a journey, and your journey just began. It's not about the destination on how big you will be, or how many followers you have. It's all about what's happening along the journey, what you gain, what you experienced and what you have learned. Don't feel intimidated by big bloggers. I came across a big blog and the blogger once wrote a post saying that eventhough she had a big amount of followers and readers...she started to get a little bored of it. She said she didn't have the thrill anymore. She doesn't feel excited when a new follower followed her blog or people commenting on her post anymore. You see, some bloggers may be big but there are still unhappy. So do what makes you happy and just enjoy your journey and the growth process. Keep on be passionate when it comes to blogging.

    1. I that is officially my favroite comment on my whole blog. Thank you so much Syahirah! I am doing what I love. I love blogging. That is so true! I have to remember that I should do what makes me happy. This comment seriously made my day. :) Thanks for commenting!

  3. I enjoyed this post and completely agree with your feelings. I first started blogging when I was 8 but I deleted that blog and started my current blog when I was 10. It can get frustrating but it's really fun. I don't like it when people are all like; "Your blog will only be like my blog if you go to this conference or have that social media platform. I think facebook is 13 and twitter is also 13 and obviously I can't go to all those meetings and conventions till i'm at least 15. Keep writing awesome pieces
    - Edie

    1. I'm happy you enjoyed my post! Yes! It can get frustrating sometimes! Yeah I hate things like that. Thanks you so much! I hope you keep writing awesome stuff on your blog too. :)

    2. Actually I was one of the first to read Nabila's blog a few years ago, if she's 11 now, she started this blog when she was 8 too.

  4. I sort of can relate because I had a blog when I was a tween. Keep up the good work and try your hardest. :)

    Allie D.

  5. Oh the truth about approaching bigger/older bloggers. I'm never quite sure how to do it. They always seem so unreachable, especially for friendship, don't they. Though, you may be a tween blogger, but your blog is so good. You're so much better than I was when I started blogging. I was never a tween blogger, but I have so much respect for all of you. You keep doing the amazing things you're doing Nabila.

    1. Yes!! It's like they already have all of this stuff and it's hard. Oh my gosh thank you! I am so happy that you like my blog! And I have respect for you as well. I hope you keep doing the things you are amazing at too. Thanks for commenting!

  6. I love this post! :) I'm a 17 year old blogger, but I hope I'm not intimidating! Keep up the good work and one day you'll be part of the cool scary blogger group lol . . . just kidding we're not scary! ;)
    Amanda B.

    1. I am so happy you love my post Amanda! Hmm... Well you're still kind of intimidating but also awesome. Maybe I will be one day. Thanks for commenting!