Friday, July 1, 2016

The Process of Reading a Good Book Told by a Bookworm

As all bookrooms know, reading a book is quest. A journey. A cycle.

(Nabila being me. I just made that up.)

From getting the book to the reading to the hangover. It is an experience. So in this post I am going to describe the exact process of reading a good book. I thought this would be fun so let's get started. 

You see it for the first time

This is when you glance at it in the library or bookstore or online. This is when you first get interested. Maybe by the cover or the description. 

You think about it

After seeing it you have to think about it a little. Do I want this book or do I not want this book. It is sounds cool but it could be lame. A lot of stuff happens in those few moments. 

anime thinking hmm think overthinking

You get the book

You have finally decided you do like it and that you should try it out so you either buy or borrow the book. I recommend getting it from a library. 

You let it sit for a little while

Possibly on your bookshelf or on the floor. You just let it rest before you attack and destroy it. 

Great architects book - wooden shelf

You read the first page

This is a very important part of the process. Very sacred and holy. If you like the first page you read the book. If You don't like the first page... Well you proably still read the book cause you just got it but still. Very important. The first page determines if you are going to like it or not. 

You read the first chapter

After reading a page you read the first chapter. In most cases if the book is a good book you will be hooked by now. Unless is is The Lightning Thief. The first part of that book was so boring *tries to hide from angry mob*. Well it was. But then it turned better. 

Chapter, Book, Text, Tale, Reading, Read, Library

You read some more chapters

You are probably pretty into the book by now. In most cases you have been introduced to the main character by now who you have a slight crush on. You will know at least a little bit more of the storyline. 

You think up scenarios in your mind

You think of all of the different things that could happen.  

You read some more chapters

Not that amazing. Just some reading. 

Person Reading a Book While Sitting during Day Time

You decide you hate one of the characters

There is always a character in book who is just annoying that you want to smash the head(s) of. By this point you have proably have been introduced to him/her. Then you get mad at the character. Very emotional. 

i hate you i hate everyone

You read even more chapters

Just more reading. 

You decide one of the characters is your sole mate

The one you just connect too. The character you must stay with forever. Your true love. 

love disney reactions fan crush 

You start dreaming about it

The book invades your mind even untill you start dreaming about the book at night. About what you read that day and all of that.

White Orange and Gray Tabby Cat Lying on Gray Textile
Yes, cats also dream. 

You read a bunch more chapters

Lots of chapters. Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots. 

You scream to your parents/friends/unsuspecting strangers about how amazing the book is 

You have all of this emotion bottled up inside you you must confess. You must get it out!  If you are a blogger in a blog post is perfect but if not then just everyone around you. After finding someone to sit still you will proably say like a bajilion paragraphs of words about the book that your listener will probably think is nonsense. 

scream mickey mouse disney ah screaimg

You neglect everything else important in life to read the book

There is no time for other things. You must finish the book of all power! All other things is not important. 

You read some more

Reading. Dadaadadadad. 

You go online and have a heated discussion about the book with a fellow booklover 

Since your listener earlier didn't listen you must now go online and get someone who actually listens. And talks back. This discussion could go on for hours. 

You start reading the book when you are supposed to be asleep

It is very hard to stop reading a book when you are in the middle of something. It is physically hard. Asking someone to stop reading when in the middle of something is like asking them to stop eating. 

So instead of stopping reading you start reading the book into the night. 

You sit there for a little while in wonder of what you just read

Person Sitting and Covering the Sunlight during Daytime

You draw pictures of something from the book

Aka fanart. 

pens, school, colorful

You realize you are almost finished with the book and you can't decide if you should cry or laugh

You read a bunch more

Reading about 100 pages a day at minimum. 

You cry because something happened

Maybe your soul mate died. Or someone got hurt. Or something happened you didn't want to happen. It is very very sad. 

sad reactions crying cry patrick

You start imagining yourself as a character in the book 

No words.

You finish the book

You have finally read the whole book.

You say wow

Because it was so good. 


You start crying again because you loved it so much and you didn't want it to end

A couple months ago when I finished a book I told my mom I was sad and she asked me why. I said because I had just finished an amazing book.  Then she looked at me weirdly and asked me why I wasn't happy if it was a good book. Then I started at her for a little bit and said that I was sad because I didn't want it to end. The lesson of the story is that when you are sad that a book ended it means you loved it (in most cases). 

The hangover begins

The book hangover to be exact. 

The picture below pretty much describes everything.

Symptoms of a Book Hangover via Epic Reads... That last one is exactly the position I'm in while I am repeatedly calling out characters names (think: Stella):

You go online and see what others thought of it

No that you have gotten through the initial bewilderment of finishing a book now you must know what others thought of it.  

The process starts again

Here is a little summery. 

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Do you like this post? Should I do more book related posts? I am thinking of doing like the hardships of a reader or how to know if you are in a book hangover. Would you like that? Do you like reading? Would you call yourself a bookworm? What is your favroite book? Do you like how I put humor into this post? 


  1. OH I adore books! I want to read all the books but then I get sad because there are more books than me and I would need many clones to be able to tear apart all of them, I'm working on it.
    I love posts like this, please do more, it was berry funny.
    Have a good day.
    You're Just Right

    1. I also adore books! They are things to be adored. Oh my gosh Yes! SAME! I sometimes get sad because I think of all of the amazing books in the world and how I can't read them all. But then I think about what I'm sad about and I start laughing. I laugh at myself a lot. Clones would be very useful. I'm happy you thought it was funny Crystal! I'll try to do more posts like it. I hope you have a good day too!

  2. Hahahahaha! SO very true indeed!!