Thursday, July 7, 2016

How to make an amazing about page for your blog

You might not have known this but about pages are super super important. They are usually aside from home the most looked at page on your blog. If someone wants to know more about the blog that is where they go. That is why you have to have an awesome about page. In this post I will show you how to do that step by step.

Before we get started though I want you to think about these questions and answer them.

What is your blog about?
Why would your readers like it?
Who is it aimed for?

Some about your site

1. Ask a question. Like do you want to _? Or are you ready to_? In the blank you would put what your readers will get out of your posts. Like if you have a fashion blog you could put get fashion inspiration or if you have a blogging blog you could put become an amazing blogger. Stuff like that.

2. "Yes? Then you are in the right place." Or at least put something like that after the question. Your readers wants to know if your blog is right for them and you have to show them that it is.

3. Add a picture. Like a picture of yourself or a your desk. You want pictures that describe you scattered all around your about page.

camera, picture, photo, photography, hands, mobile, smartphone, mural, wall, art, city, urban

4. Tell your readers who the site is for. You can say this site is for _, _, and _. You should list at least 3 types of people your site is for. Like if it is a cooking blog you could say chefs or if it is a fashion blog you could put fashionistas or fashion lovers.

5. "Pretty much this site was created for people like you!" Again you want to tell your readers that your blog is perfect for them.

6. "You will find _, _, and _." Pretty much list what kind of posts you will be doing.

7. Where should they start? If you have an awesome series or a couple posts that you are amazingly proud of then list them! This shows new readers where to start and gives them a little taste of your blog.

8. Why should readers even listen to you? Does your site have credibility? Has your blog been featured by any other sites? List them! Or you could say that you are still learning.

9. List your social media accounts. You want all of your readers to follow you so you should list your accounts. You can say something like "if you want to find out more about me and my blog you can go to *inserts all social media accounts*".

10. Share how your site got started. Your readers want to hear a story so tell it to them! Share exactly how to you thought of having a blog and how you started. Share how you got the passion for what your blog is about. When did you start? All of it.

Now you can write some about you! 

Wooooh!! The moment you have all been waiting for. The moment you actually get to write about you on your about page. Here are some stuff you can/should include.

1. A picture of you. I know a lot of times if you are a younger blogger (with I actually did a post about here) sometimes you are not allowed to show your face but you should still show yourself (or some of yourself).

That is a picture of me from this post. 

2. You name.

3. Where you live. Of course not the exact place but the country and maybe state.

4. Your hobbies (like blogging or swimming). 

5. Things you like (like bands or books). 

6. You social media links again. 

But remember:

The about page is not all about you

It's not! Or at least it shouldn't be. Your readers came to the page to learn about your blog and what they can get out of it. Not 20 random facts about you. Remember this.

Show personality and kindness

On your about page you want to show what you're all about. If you want to be known for being funny then make people laugh!

the simpsons funny bart simpson lisa simpson laughing

Write like you speak

Don't right with super big words that you wouldn't normally talk with. Your readers want to hear you! Not a robot. 

Do you like this post? Whe was the last time you updated your about page? Are you planning on redoing it? Should I do more page related posts? Did you know that your about page is super important?


  1. This is such a fun, helpful post. I put down my about page for personal reasons but I am working on a new one!


  2. About pages are important to me, and I often change mine. They shape your blog and who you are for your blog. Whenever I read a new blog, I try to read the blogger's about page to get a grasp of who this blogger is and what their personality is. Lovely post Nabila :)


    1. About pages are also super important to me. Thanks Noor!

  3. This is so so helpful! I can't wait to begin writing my about page (i sound so geeky omg) Such a lovely and useful post!
    Xx Sofia

    1. I am so happy you find it helpful! Writing stuff is fun. Thank Sofia!

  4. This is such a lovely post! A good about page is so important ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

    1. Thanks Amy! Yeah, a good about page is essential.

  5. I need a new About page pretty soon, I'll use this post to make it the best it can be :)

    x Envy
    Lost in Translation