Sunday, July 10, 2016

How to Fall Asleep Fast

A lot of times it's really hard to fall asleep. I have problems with it all the time. In this post I am going to give you some tips on how to fall asleep faster. 

Make it cold. 

It has been proven that is you are cold you sleep better. You can easily do this by turning on a fan. Then you can get under your covers and be warm and cozy.

wind, fan

Clear your mind and just don't think of anything.

Some people say "count sheep" or something like that but that just doesn't work for me. I have to just clear my mind and almost will it to sleep.

Read in bed.

 Just get coisy and then read. Preferably get a boring book. Your brain and eyes will get tired. 

Try not to move.

I get that you will want to toss and turn but you need to resist that temptation and just lay still. Moving keeps your mind awake.

Don't use glowing machines before bed. Turn them off 30 minutes before you go to bed. 

Like ipads or phones or computers. It can one hurt your eyes and make them wide awake and definitely not sleepy. 

hands, coffee, smartphone

Drink a warm drink. 

This both tastes good (hopefully) and is soothing for your body. I recommend either tea with no caffeine or some heated up milk. 

Don't eat right before bed.

You want all of your food digested before bed. If you are hungry close to the time when you go to bed eat something very light like fruit. 

Like some nice cherry tomatoes. 

Get a good pillow.  

You need your head to be comfy and levitated of the bed. So you need a good pillow so that your neck won't get cramps.

Stop looking at the clock! 

You want your mind to be slowly turning down not thinking about the time! This will stress you out. 

Try not to take naps during the day. 

 You want to sleep more at night than during the day. If you sleep during the day you will not be tired at night. 

Take a warm shower or bath before bed. 

This calms down your body and feels good. 

Make sure to sleep in complete darkness.

Light keeps your eyes awake and darkness does the opposite. 

Do some meditation and breathing exercises. 

Breath in and out. My mom taught me to inhale for 4 seconds, hold my breath for 7 seconds, and then exhale for 8 seconds. This calms your body down and seriously really helps. 

Sleep on your right side and not your left. 

It has been proven that sleeping on your right side helps you sleep better. 

Do some stretches before bed. 

This makes you more relaxed and tired. It also helps to untighten your muscles after a long day. 

Listen to relaxing and slow music. 

This really helps your brain slowly fall asleep. There are a lot of playlists on youtube with stuff like this. Just remember to not listen to really loud or fast music before you go to bed because that keeps you up. 

Make your room smell good.

What I mean by this is that you can get some scents and sprays to make your room smell floral that relaxes your body. My sister actually made one for me and I always spray it around my room. 

Here's a little infographic to sum it up. 

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Do you like this post? Should I make more infographics? Do you have trouble sleeping? What are some of your tips? Do you sleep well?  What kind of pillow do you have? What kind of bed do you have? Should I do more posts like this? 


  1. Cool tips!! Although I have to say, if I'm cold, then I just can't sleep. XD

    1. Thanks Grace! Yeah everyone is different. :)

    2. I think the idea is for the room to be cold, but you are warm and cozy under your blankets. I can't sleep when I am cold either.

    3. That is what I meant. I am so sorry I was unclear.

  2. Great tips! This is actually a weird coincidence because just yesterday I was watching a YouTube video about how to get to sleep easily and fast, and a lot of your tips were in it! But yeah, your tips are great and I may even print your tips infographic out!
    -Elsa :)

    1. Thanks Elsa! Wow that is so cool! I guess that proves that my tips actually work. I would be so honored if you printed my infographic out. I am so happy you like it. :)

  3. Thanks for this, Nabila! I have struggled with insomnia a lot in my lifetime, but not recently, because believe it or not, I have been using a lot of these tips before even reading this. It's great that you've posted this so that others can also find relief. :)


    1. Totally Tane! That is so cool! I hope this does help some others sleep better.

  4. Thanks! This really helped :) I have a question (because I'm a noob blogger xD) How do you add a button to your blog?

  5. Thanks! This really helped :) I have a question (because I'm a noob blogger xD) How do you add a button to your blog?

    1. Totally Audrey! I am so happy I could help. :) Like how did I make the button or just make the gadget and put the button there?

  6. I used to suffer from insomnia so I used some similar tips to help myself get to sleep. My bed isn't that wide so it's kinda uncomfortable.

    - Edie