Sunday, July 17, 2016

How to easily make online friends

Online friends internet friends whatever you want to call them. It does not matter. They are still magical! They are amazing. Friends are pretty much everything ( well exept for family and everything else in the world). Maybe you're saying that you don't need a friend. Wrong! You do!

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Why you should have an online friend:

-They will proably get you more. Chances are you found them from a blog that you love or a site. And if they were there then they get it/love it/made it. So you can connect with them.

-You can do this without ever actually talking with someone. I know some people who are really shy or "peoplephobic". With online friends that is ok because you can just type a few words instead of overcoming your fear to talk.

-You won't have to leave your room to make a friend. Like what?? #TheBestThingEver.

-You can start talking and getting together with them easier then an irl friend. Why? You ask. Because with an online friend you can just send an email or a message and if they are on they are there. With an irl friend you can still do that but it is harder and you have to actually leave your room to go see them. #IAmFeelingVeryLazyRightNow.

Convinced yet??? Yes? Ok good. Now there are the 5 steps to easily make friends online.

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1. Find the person

You can't just say hi to thin air. You must first find someone who you would like to be friends with. You can do this by browsing blogs and their owners. Or maybe your followers. Or just someone you find really interesting. Also no this would not be considered stalking. 

2. Say hi and approach them

Now to make a friend the person kind of needs to know you are there. After you have found someone just send then an email or message (I personally love and use email or google hangouts) like:

"Hi *inserts person name*! I love your blog and I was wondering if we could talk."


"Hey *persons name*! *Your name* here. I think you are just so awesome and I think we could be really awesome friends."


"Hi! I saw your post on *inserts post subject* and I thought it was super cool."

or something more simple like:

"Want to talk?"

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3. Wait for them to respond

This is proably one of the hardest steps. Just plain waiting. It can get very boring at times. Sometimes people will respond right away (I like to think if they do it is a sign we were meant to be friends) but if they don't it is also ok. People have other things in there lives besides the internet. Also make sure not to get mad at the people if they take a while. I usually give the person around a week and then send another message.

4. Start a conversation

After they have responded (proably with a yes) you have to get a conversation going. Really good conversation starters are questions or just discussions. Here are a couple you can use:

1. "What are your favroite things to do?"
2. Talk about how you liked there latest post (if they are a blogger)
3. Say somethings you like to do.
4. You can talk about something you have been obsessed with lately.
5. Ask the friend advice about something.
6. Tell them something exciting that happened to you lately.

(If you want more conversation starters just tell me down below in comments)

5. Keep talking

After your first conversation you have to keep talking to really stay friends. So do just that. After you guys learn more about each other it will be a lot easier to start conversations. I promise. You can still use the starters above though as well. But if you feel weird or really awkward after talking a lot you guys might just not meant to be friends.

Here's an infographic to sum it all up.

So did you like this post? Do you have a lot of internet friends? Do you like online friends? What are some of your tips for getting friends online? Should I do more friend related posts? 


  1. I loved this post. I only have one internet friend, but it's better than none. I'm way more bubbly and confident than irl! My tip would be to just go for it! Be brave and say hi. You should definitely do more friendship posts!
    - Edie

    1. I am so happy you liked my post! Yeah one is always better than none. I really like that tip! Just don't be shy. I'll try to do more frienship posts. :)

  2. This is a great post! I haven't really got any internet friends, but it seems cool to have one - almost like a penpal!

    Paige xo // The Joys of Being Paige

    1. Thanks Paige! I would love to be your friend Paige! Yeah, internet friends are very cool. I guess they are kind of like penpals.