Sunday, June 12, 2016

11 Father's Day Gift Ideas 2016

Father's day is coming up really really soon. It is only a couple days away. With is very soon. In this post I am going to share 11 gift ideas for father's day.

When is father's day this year? 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Now what actually is father's day? 

Well father's day is a day where you are supposed to celebrate the fathers or father figures in your life. Usually gifts are send and or given. It is a lot like mothers day except less celebrated and for fathers.
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11 Father's Day Gift Ideas

1. A card

This is probably one of the easiest presents for father's day. You can either go to a store and get one of those pre-made cards for super cheap or make your own by just folding some paper. Then put a nice note maybe decorate it and the. Bam! You're done. 

Hand with oil pastel draws the heart

2. A watch

Watches are more costly but if you actually have the money and really want to show someone you care then this is a nice gift. I recommend getting one from amazon. 

fashion, person, woman

3. A Deck of Cards

A card and a deck of cards are different things what I mean by a deck is like these kinds of cards.

Person Holding Playing Cards

Yes? Understand? Ok good. Sometimes people get confused. Anyway for a person who likes games this is a nice father's day gift. 

4. A Tie

If you like clothing and picking clothes out this could be a gift that you can really really personalize. Which is nice. 

fashion, tie, clothes

5. A Water Bottle

Do you have a sporty father you want to get a present for? Yes? Then this is perfect! You can find some cheap ones online and this is a practical gift that would probably be used. 

Water Bottle, Bottle, Aluminum

6. Coasters

Coasters are a nice gift that you can actually make at home. I made some really cute ones for my mom last year. You can just get some round soft cardboard pieces and then put some stuff over it. I could do a tutorial on it if you want. Tell me in comments. 

Beer Coasters, Blank, Drink, Table, Paper, Pulpboard

7. A Mug

When dad gets up in the morning what do they use for their coffee? Mugs of course! Most guys drink coffee or at least something warm in the morning so this is a very practical gift. Plus there are so many websites where you can make custom ones. The only bad thing is that they are fragile so they might be hard to transport sometimes. 

8. A Picture Frame

There are so many adorable picture frames with fatherly designs on it it is insane. Or you could get a plain one and custom decorate it. The things that come from the heart are the things that really matter, right? Also getting a father a picture is just one more reason why they should put a picture of you on display. 

Picture Frames, Wall Art, Interior, White, Wall

9. A Pocket Knife

Pockets Knifes are just cool. My dad has one and carries it around like everywhere. Plus he actually uses it. Like a lot. When i asked him if he uses it he "Ya. Quite a bit." With means that it is a very useful gift. 

Penknife, Pocket Knife, Blade, Serrated, Folding

10. A Cutting Board

For a father who likes to cook having a cutting board on hand is always nice. You could get one of the wood ones or you can find sets or plastic ones for pretty cheap. 

food, cutting board, knife

11. Ear Phones

Most adults usually have at least one electronic. Lots of times a phone. Dad can use the ear phones when he is running or maybe just wants to listen to some music when doing work. This is a present that can be used for many reasons. 

Earphones, Blue, Sound, Glamour, Fashion, Phone

Are you doing anything or Father's Day? If so, what? Do you usually celebrate Father's Day? Have you gotten anything for your dad in the past for this special day? If so, what? Do you like Father's day?


  1. Nice post, these are great ideas. Also if you have siblings and it's a relatively loud house, for the day, try silence. (and when siblings don't want to, earplugs lol)

  2. Yay for fathers!! You had some really great gift ideas in here, Nabila, and I must say, your Dad must be pretty lucky! :D
    And yes, it would be so awesome if you did a tutorial on how to make coasters (in another words could you please do one? :])
    And one last thing, what is that thing next to your blog signature that says 'Time since Event started in Houston?' Is it an Event of some sort, or something else?
    -Elsa :)

    1. I know right? Go fathers!!! Thanks Elsa. I do like to think my dad is pretty lucky to have the amazing me as his daughter. LOL.

      I will try to do that Elsa :)

      I am so sorry for that! I was kind of trying to do a countdown to fathers day but it kind of failed. I have deleted it though so all is good.

  3. These are good ideas!