Monday, May 30, 2016

Nabila's Summer Bucket List

Right now I am so so exited. Why you might ask? I will graciously answer your question. Because it is finally summer! And that means:

-I have 3 whole months of no school
-I can finally wear shorts
-I can go in the pool and swim
-I have more time to spend doing whatever I want with then leads too
-I have more time to BLOG

Truly the only bad thing about summer is the blazing heat. But lets focus on the good things and not start a whole rant on how hot it is *breaths*.

So because of this amazing season I have decided to make a bucket list.  I have never actually done this before but I think it will be awesome.

What is a bucket list?

A bucket list is usually a list of things you want to do.

Why are bucket lists so amazing?

They make you focus on doing things you really want to do and set down all of your goals which is always a good thing.

So now lets start on my My Summer Bucket List

1. Go to the pool at least twenty times. I absolutely love swimming. With the water in my hair and around my body I just feel good. Plus swimming is very, very good for you and it cools you down on a hot day. But sometimes during the summer I just forget about swimming. It’s truly horrible. So this time I am putting it on my bucket list. 

2. Write at least 5 posts a week. With all this time I want to take advantage of it by writing a lot of  more posts.
3. Go skating with my mom. If you are a newer reader you might not know that my mom does Roller Derby (which is pretty much just a type of sports mostly played by women on skates). So since she does Roller derby she is an awesome skater. When she started me and my sisters all got roller skates so we can skate pretty well as well. But I have never really gone skating with my mom. With just her and I. But I think it could be super fun.  

4. Be nicer to my sisters.  This is something I really really want to improve on. I am that kind of person that wants everyone to like them. And the thing is I think my sisters kind of hate me. They say I don’t play with them and that I am just mean to them. This makes me very sad. So this summer I am going to try my hardest to be very nice to my sisters. Even if they make it super hard by being the annoying little sisters that they are sometimes. 
5. Get some online friends. I love making new friends in real life and I want to extend that friendship online. This post pretty much sums it up of me. 
6. Get some new friends from my new school. Next year I will be going to a new school for middle school. Truly it is kind of daunting to me. A whole new school. I mean I stayed in my old one for 6 years. It’s kind of hard to change. But to make the change easier I am going to try to make some new friends with people who are going there. There is one person from my school I don’t know very well who is going there. There is also a little event I am going to go to (I think) where I will be able to meet a lot of the people that are going to be in my grade. 

7. Ride my bike at the park. This is really, really good for me and when I do it with friends it is actually really fun. 

8. Read at least 50 books. There are actually some books I have to read for school but I also want to read some for pleasure. I love reading so I though why not put it on my bucket list?

9. Bake something. I am not a very good cook. Like at all. But this summer I want to bake something. It could be anything. And then eat it. Why? I have no idea.

10. Spend some time at the beach. There is a beach only a hour from where I live so it is perfect in the summer. As I said I love swimming so from swimming in the ocean to building sandcastles spending some time at the beach sounds super fun. 

11. Learn more about photography. Though I would like to call myself a queen at taking photos I am actually really bad. I have shaking hands and I don’t even have an official camera. But I am going to try to really practice this summer and get better at it. 

12. Make lemonade and have a lemonade stand. I did actually have a lemonade stand last year with my friend but we didn’t really make any money. But this summer I want to do it again and actually make some money. I think it could be fun. 

13. Have a sleepover. I almost never have sleepovers. Like ever. It kind of annoying. Why? Because my mom doesn’t like them. I think she despises sleepovers actually. But now I am absolutely promising myself I am going to have at least one sleepover this summer. Can I at least have one mom?
14. Get a henna tattoo. These aren’t permanent and they are so pretty! The first time I saw them was at one of the events at school and I immediately loved them. I am not sure where I will be able to get one done but I am going to figure it out. Maybe.
15. Go to a concert. I have only ever gone to one concert (where Weird Al played) and I had a lot of fun! I really really want to go to another one. 

16. Have a picnic. I live right a cross the street from a park so having a picnic is really easy for me and I think I just don’t do it enough. 

17. Clean out my closet. I would call myself a pretty clean and organized person. But with my closet? Not at all.
18. Have a photoshoot with my sisters. I usually don’t do people photography. I have lots of ideas though. The only reason I don't is because I don’t have anyone to take pictures of. My sisters always say no and I feel kind of weird to ask my friends. But one time this summer I want to have at least one summer photoshoot with my sisters. 
18. Get better at editing posts. You might have noticed as you read my blog how bad I am at revising and editing and stuff like that. I have been working on it though and I really want to get better. 

19. And last but not least have THE BEST SUMMER EVER!

Do you have summer break? Are you exited for summer? What is on your bucket list? Do we have any similar things on our lists? Do you have any special summer plans? How pumped are you for summer!?


  1. I really like 13 because my mom is the same way! One of my goals this summer is to have a sleepover at least one time too! :P And 18 also. I want to do photoshoots with my sister but she's not the most photogenic. And it's so weird asking your friends! Great post! I hope you can do all of these! :)

    1. *hugs* Lets cry together in our struggle. You will have to tell me if that works out. :) I know right! It is really weird! I have actually tried asking one of my friends before but I don’t think she got it at all and just kept on talking. Thanks! I hope you can do all of your goals as well!

  2. I LOVE it!!! :D Great ideas!! I might just use this idea :) With proper credit to you of corse :D

    1. Yayy!!! So do I! Thanks! I would love for you to do it :)

  3. These are all great things to do! I want to go to a the sea so badly, but I live in a completely land-locked area. I'm going to try to make it happen, though ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

    1. Thanks Amy! I think you would love the sea and I hope you get to go!

  4. You sure have a very fun summer bucket list. Enjoy your summer, dear Nabila!

  5. I understand your sister struggle! I try but sisters will be sisters and you know what that means ;)
    I love doing henna! You can actually buy a tube (I was about to spell it toob, what even?) and do it on yourself, there are a ton of tutorials on youtube and it's really fun to do at parties and stuff. Just a word of advice, DO NOT get the paste on your clothes, IT NEVER EVER COMES OFF NO MATTER HOW NICELY YOU ASK IT TO OR YELL AT IT!
    These are all really awesome goals! You go you cool girl you!

    You're Just Right