Monday, May 9, 2016

8 Awesome Present idea's for a 7 year old girl for under 10 dollars

Since I realy liked doing this post where I gave some gift idea's for mothers day I have decided to do another like that that but this time for 7 year old's. If you guys didn't know I have a little sister that just turned 7 recently and we had a party and it was really fun! But sometimes when people have birthdays I can not think of anything to get them! Like at all. So to help you guys when you are in that position I have come up with 8 awesome gift idea's for 7 year old girls. 

A stuffed animal

Since stuffed animals are just so cute and cuddly they are perfect for a little kids that age. I recommend something soft and little. Also something that is princess or frozen related will always win over a little girls heart. 

Fun fact: I actually still sleep with stuffed animals sometimes. 


Every year straight for like 4 years my sister has asked for a doll. That might just be her but I'm pretty sure that's not the case. Every little girl wants a doll one time or another. You can do there hair dress them up and everything. Truly what girl doesn't like that?

Some dresses!

This is a really easy present you can get except for the fact that you kind of need to know the size of the person. But besides that it is a really nice present. I recommend dresses that are pretty, frilly, pink, and just really poppy. 

Some Legos

This is the first year (the seventh year of life) that a lot of kids are actually aloud to use the smaller Legos and actually want to. This is a harder present to get because it is more expensive then the other ones and also some kids just aren't mature enough to use them. But it would probably make whoever receives the gift the most happy. I recommend Lego friends. 


Again this is a little harder because you need to know the shoe size but still! Every girl loves a pair of shoes and 7 year old's are no different. I recommend getting those fake high-heels or sandals. 

Some craft equipment like crayons

This is a super easy gift you can get that is actually usable and serves a purpose.I recommend just getting a crayola cartoon and maybe a coloring book. And then boom! Perfect present!

Nail Polish

This is also the year little girls start imagining themselves wearing makeup. And so some nail polish (with is really the only type of makeup they should wear at that age) is the perfect fit! A lot of stores sell kiddy nail polish you can get for really cheap and are small. I recommend pinks and purples. 


I'm not talking about the real thing but more that kind of plastic jewelry you can find. This is again super cheep and easy to find. I recommend necklaces or bracelets that are shiny and pretty.  

Do you like buying presents? Do you have a 7 year old sister? Have you gotten a present for a 7 year old? What did you get? What are some presents you recommend? Do you like my idea's? Should I do more present posts/party? What is your dream present?


  1. I'm more towards the DIY side of presents, as I am cheap and broke but I love these ideas and I know that I'd have loved to get these when I was 7 :)


    1. I would also do DIY but the thing is I'm not very good at making things and they always seem to turn out horrible. Ya, I definitely remember wanting them when I was 7 as well!

  2. I enjoy buying presents but like Noor said, I prefer to DIY. This post was really helpful because my little sister is turning 7 at the start of next month.

    - Edie

    1. I also really enjoy buying presents! I like picking stuff out. Haha. I'm happy it was helpful to you Edie! Also tell your sister I said happy birthday :)

  3. This is a nice post! Thanks for sharing your ideas. I actually have a 7 years old sister and most of the birthday gifts that I gave to them are small toys and art crafts since I'm on a budget. Haha :)

    1. Thanks Fiona! I'm happy you thought so! Oh thats cool! Well any present that comes from love is still awesome even if you are on a budget.

  4. Those are all such a great ideas Nabila :) x