Thursday, May 5, 2016

4 gift ideas for that special mom in your life for Mother's Day for lest then 10$ dollars

Mothers day is very fast approaching and lots of people are scrambling to go get presents last minute (I can relate). So to help all of you guys I have 4 easy affordable gift ideas. So let's get started!

A Nice card

This is a perfect gift and doesn't cost you anything (unless you get a really expensive card but I recommend making one yourself). This is what I am doing for my mom (don't tell her *shush*) and if you just want to make a quick gift then this is the one for you. Here are some tips when making a card:

-Do it from the heart.
-Say how amzing the person is (if they are awesome of course).
-Say why that person is so amazing.
-Make it colorful!
-Put a little art on it.

A Small Bag

Every girl needs a bag one time or another and so this is a nice little accessory you can give someone. You can find things like this at places like target. 

Nail Polish

This is kind of a standard gift and though it can be a little more expensive then the ones above. Pretty much every women has some on hand most of the time *raises hand*. You can also find this at target or Wallgreens or stores like that for pretty cheap. 


This is probably the most expensive of all of them (except for the nail polish, those might be equal). But it is also the fanciest. I quite like perfume because (though then again I am not a mom) I just love smelling nice. It makes me feel nice. My sister sometimes make perfume with just flowers and other stuff she fins in the yard with I think is very cool. 

What are you doing for Mothers Day? Are you getting anyone anything? What is it? What ares some of your Gift ideas? Do you like Mothers Day? Do you usually celebrate it? Do you agree with my ideas?


  1. Cards are always totally nice! :D I'm actually organised beforehand this year (like the first time EVER) and I've got her a funny mug. And I'll probably make paper flowers too. :')

    1. They are very nice! Ya, I definitely didn't *looks shamefully at ground*. A mug is a really great idea! And paper flowers are always cute! One year I actually tried making paper flowers and it did not turn out so well because I cod never fold it correctly #FAIL.

  2. This may sound a bit strange because I don't know her or anything but Happy Mothers Day to your Mom!
    These ideas are really nice, especially the homemade card ;) I may make a card for my Mom!
    -Elsa :)
    P.S Those nail polish colours are cute <3
    P.P.S I can see you Blog design coming underway, how exciting!!

    1. I don't think I understand what you are saying. You don't know whome?

      Thanks Elsa! Ya a card is probably one of the sweetest option.

      Thanks again Elsa! I also like those colors. They are very shiny. Yes my blog design is coming underway and I am very exited! Do to like it so far?

    2. Oops sorry about that, I was supposed to say: Happy Mothers Day to your Mom even though I don't known her. Yeah, it is a bit strange of me to say :P
      Also I do like you design so far!
      -Elsa :)

    3. Oh OK. I was getting confused! My mom says thanks. That is a very nice thing to say! Yay! I'm happy you like my design so far :)

  3. I saved this post so I could use it next march. Mothers day in the UK is in march instead so we've already had ours. I made my own chocolate.

    1. Yay! I'm happy you like it enough to save it (at least I think that means you like it)! Oh I didn't know that. I think they should just do it all the same day so I don't keep getting confused! That is so cool that you made your own chocolate! How? What kind?