Thursday, May 26, 2016

111 easy and interesting blog post ideas

Hi everyone (I need an official name for you guys)! If you are a blogger then at one point in your blogging journey you have probably had a writing slump (I have actually been in one for this past week). If you have then you probably know that it is very annoying. Like very very annoying. So to help you when you are in a slump I have some super easy fun post ideas for you guys!

When I put ____ that means that you are supposed to fill in that part.

1. A day in your life.
2. Your morning routine.

 Break, Breakfast, Corporate, Cup, Drink, Food, Sunday
3. Your nightly routine.
4. Book Review.

5. Movie review.
7. Blogging tips.
8. Some of the latest photos you took.
10. Your tips on blogging for new bloggers.
11. A letter to your future self.
12. A letter to your younger self.
13. A letter to a book character.

 Letter, Handwriting, Family Letters, Written, Pen, Ink
14. A letter to a movie character.
15. A tag (if you want to be tagged by me in the future feel free to tell me).
16. Blog post ideas (like this post).
17. Share your favorite author and tell why the author is your favorite.
18. Talk about your favorite place to go wherever you live.
19. Tell your readers what you have been doing recently.
20. What you have been loving this week/month/year. You could list books, products, drinks, and lots of other things.
21. Why your readers need a _____.
23. Guest Post.
24. Write an a-z post. It can be tips for something or maybe even about you.
25. Share how to make something DIY style. It can be a fun craft or something bigger like furniture.
25. Songs you have been listening to lately.
26. Books you have been reading lately.
27. Run a contest. This is a great way to bring readers to your site.
28. Your goals/bucket list. It can be for the season, year, month, week, your blog, your life and a lot of other things. This is an awesome way to share more about yourself and write down your goals or things you want to do.
29. Try a Top Ten Tuesday post. If it is Tuesday and you like books then this is perfect!      

30. Share a special event in your life. 
31. Make a guide/tutorial. If you are really good at a subject (like coding or taking photos) then share that knowledge! Tutorials have a lot of value.
32. Review a product.  
33. Make a post full of gifs. These can be super funny and they are easy to make. Gifs add a lot of humor to posts.
34. Share your favorite blog/bloggers.
35. Participate in a challenge.
36. Share where you have been traveling recently. 

Word, Map, Hand, Travel

37. Write a list of facts about yourself you haven't told your readers before.
38. Share your favorite comments you have gotten on your blog.
39.Write down your to-do list.
40. Tell a personal secret. This can help you by getting your secret of of your shoulders and help your readers know more about you.

41. Share your thoughts on a popular topic.
42. Tell your blogging story.
43. Share why you started blogging.
44. Roundup your favorite quotes.
45. Roundup your favorite books.
46. Roundup your favorite photos.  

47. Share things that make you happy.
47. Inside your journal.
48. Inside your bag.
49. A tour of your room. 
50. Make a video. It could be of you singing a song or you just talking your post instead of saying it.
51. Share what you hope to be doing in the future.
52. Share behind the scenes of your blog. Like your stats.
53. How you come up with blog post ideas.
54. Show some of the outfits that you have been wearing lately.
55. Your tips on ____.
56. Your blogging habits.
57. Share some of the websites you visit often.
58. Review something that you hate.
59. Have a giveaway.
60. Share some of your art. 
61. Write about some things you regret doing.
62. Ask a question. Then debate what you think the answer is. 

Question, Mark, Question Mark, Surprise, Astonishment
63. Publish some facts that are not widely known.
64. Make a post with all of your post popular posts. New readers will probably go here and whoever reads it will likely check out some of your posts listed.

65. Start a series. If you been having and idea to do a series for a while then I say go ahead and start it.
66. Share some of the stuff you own. It could be cloths, toys, furniture, etc.

67. Make a list of mistakes usually made in your niche.
68. Make a post with lot and lots of resources for one subject. Maybe it can be on blogging or designing. This is super super helpful for readers. This is also an awesome way to bring new people to your site.

69. Share important lessons you have learned in life.

70. Write down a list of things you want to do before a curtain point. It can be funny to look at later and can give others ideas for there own to-do lists.
71. Make a list of people your readers should follow.
72. Round up stuff that is currently happening in your niche.
73. Talk about someone you admire. Is there someone you really really like? Write about them!

74. Shoutout to your fans and special people in your life. This can make a super emotional post and can make a lot of people feel special.

75.  Share some hacks. Everyone wants to make life easier so a list of hacks is pretty valuable.
76. OOTD
77.  Make a list of jokes. 

Laugh, Child, Girl, Face, Happy, Human, Blond, Hat

78. Tell your readers your plans for the holidays.
79. List some of the apps that you use.
80.  Share something that you are obsessed with. Maybe a item or a tv show.
81. Write a list of things you wished you had known when you started blogging.
82. Talk about where you blog. 

Home Office, Workstation, Office, Business, Notebook

83. Create a list post.
84. Write a checklist on how to ____.
85. Have you been asked a question before by one of your readers? Answer it!
86. Share something new that you have done.
87. Write down books you really want to read.
89. Share your distractions and how you deal with them. 
90. Talk about your dream job.

sunny, summer, dream

91.  Your reaction to____.
92. Is there something that you have been really not loving lately? Share your frustrations with your readers.
93. What are some things you would love to improve on?
93. Share what inspires you.
94. Share some of your favorite gifts you have ever received. This gives readers incite on what you like and can give them ideas.

Gift, Made, Surprise, Loop, Christmas, Festival

95. Best  ___ tutorials.
96. What is the worst/best thing you have ever done?
97. How do you wind down after a long day?
98. Share why your readers shouldn't do _______. 
99. If you could have 3 wishes what would they be?
100. A diary entry.
101. Write a letter to someone in real life and share it on your blog. This could be to a friend, a model, and pretty much anyone else.

 typing, vintage, technology

102. Write pros and cons of an item.
103. Share your daily scheduled. 
104. List some do's and don't's. 
105. Share some things you think your readers should try.
106. Have you changed something lately? Like your house or hair? Share some before and after picks.
107. Things to know before _____.
108. The truth about ____.
109. Ways to _____.
110. Share some pictures of yourself. 
111. Celebrate your blogging birthday. 

Did you like this post? Are you in a blogging slump?  If not, have you been in a slump before? Have you used any of these ideas? If so I would love for you to link the post. What are some of your blog post ideas? Do you have trouble finding ideas? What do you usually do when you are trying to think of a blog post?


  1. Did you make all of those up? Those are neat!

    Allie D.

  2. ooh I love the ideas. Thanks for sharing them :) I actually got the same situation seldomly. This is very helpful.

    1. Yay! Totally! I'm really happy you find my post helpful :)

  3. Very good ideas!

  4. These are such great ideas and especially recent photos I've taken - that is such an easy but cute post idea! x

    1. Thanks Eleanor! I’m happy you like them :)

  5. Greetings Earthling :)
    Wow! 111 ideas!!! Writing a list this long is pure dedication girl!
    These are all so great, I will definitely look back to this post when hunting for blog post ideas, I've been thinking about doing some tutorials since I am a DIY fiend (I have fun coding too!) but a lot of the time the posts don't come out the way I like them and I end up having to rewrite the whole thing and major editing.
    Posts with artwork in them are really fun too!

    Have a lovely day!
    You're Just Right

    1. Creating fellow Earthling (or at least I think you are an earthing. Are you?)! Haha. Thank Crystal! That is why I made it. I will probably look back on it as well. Oh you like coding? That's so cool! I so get that! Some times posts just don’t turn out the right way at all. Ya they are!

      I hope you have a nice day!

  6. I'm in SUCH a freaking blogging slump!!!

    1. Oh no! If you want any help with getting some more ideas feel free to contact me. Did this post help you?

  7. This is such a great post! I can always use some inspiration ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

    1. Thanks Amy! I'm happy I gave you inspiration :)

  8. This post is #83. You can check it of your to-do list! ��

  9. You know, I don't believe this is on the list, you said you were going into middle school in another post, you should do a post about making friends at a new school.

    1. Haha. Your right! This is #83 or a list post. I'm not sure what you mean by check it off my to-do list though. Do you mean my summer one?

      That is such an awesome idea! And no, you were right, that is not on the list.

    2. Also just a while ago, didn't u have a friend do a guest post on woman's rights.I'm pretty sure it was done this summer. I loved it.Ask her to do another. Please.

    3. I did. It was actually just a few days ago. I am so happy you liked it! I really liked it to. I will totally ask her :)