Sunday, May 8, 2016

10 Iconic pieces from Star Wars I would love to own!

If you guys didn't know, I love Star Wars! I did another post related to Star wars here if you want to check it out. So with Star Wars day (which was on May 4th), I decided to show you guys 10 pieces from the Star Wars Franchise I would love to own!  So here they are :)

1. Han Solo DL-44 Blaster

This is an awesome rustic looking blaster that Han Solo uses in a lot of the movies. It just seems so powerful to me! And of course Han Solo uses it (who is one of my favorite characters in the whole series) so it has to be at least pretty awesome, right? Also then I could just blast my enemies out of existence. Which would be pretty amazing.

2. A Light-Saber!

This is the mystical weapon used by the Jedi in the series. It is also called a "light sword" but really a light -saber sounds so much better. Don't you agree?  Its powers seriously never cease to amaze me. The Jedi (who are the best little group of strawberries ever) have always used this if they have a weapon at all and it is a very very important weapon in the movies. It would be amazing if I had one. I could just scare everyone into doing my bidding *laughs evilly*. I would probably want one of those awesome double sided ones like Darth Maul has so that I can do a double hit. The thing is I would probably wouldn't be able to use it because I'm not very focused and am no Jedi (though I would love to be). So I might have to get lessons but it would still be amazing.

3. The Death Star

Section of the “Death Star” from Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi.

IT WOULD BE SO AMAZING. Then I could literally blow up earth if I wanted (though never fear I would never do that, well if you behave). This is the thing that pretty much started a lot of Luke's troubles and is the Empire's "secret weapon" in the first movie.  I could pretty much just take over the world because everyone would be afraid to die. Though of course I would let all of my friends, family, you guys, and fellow star wars geeks live in my palace. *Starts thinking up what my palace would look like*

4. Darth Vader Outfit

Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back prototype “Darth Vader” helmet.

 This would be like the most amazing Halloween costume ever. I'm not talking about the cheapo plastic ones either. I'm talking about the real thing. With the breathing thing and talking and all of it. I would just sound so ominous and scary. Invaluable  (which is an awesome sight that sells movie collectibles and props) is actually selling a test production piece with when I saw I thought it was amazing! And something I would love to have! They are also selling some other awesome movie props as well that you can find here


5. The Millennium Falcon 

This is the legendary space ship owned by the one and only Han Solo.  As Rey said it really is "a piece of junk" but it just goes through so much! It is there from the beginning to the end and somehow it is not in smithereens. How that happens? I have absolutely no idea. 

6. BB-8

When I saw this thing for the first time I was amazed. How in the world did this weirdo droid just move and not fall on it's face? Me and my dad (who has loved star wars like forever!) even had a discussion about it.  So I decided it must be magnetic. But I mean it just looks so cool! With all of the moving around I just looks so jerky. If I actually did have one I would would probably make it a butler and put a little suit on it. That would just be so cute! It probably would drop everything but whatever.

7. R2-D2

This little guy saved so many characters and went through so much in the movies and I would love to have him at my side. He served a queen, Luke, and a bunch of other people. Plus if I did have him I cold get him to hack into everything with would be fun. Well for me. Then I could find out all of your little secrets *laughs evilly again*. 

8. C-3PO

And this is the worrying, Anakin-made droid that always goes with R2-D2. He is fluent in like ten bezillion languages. So if I went anywhere I could just make him translate everything. Which would be so much easier then actually trying to learn the language.  Also he would probably end up saving my life one time or another since he worries so much and he is a droid. 

9.X-wing starfighter

I have always been interested in birds and sometimes I really wish I could fly like them. Something like an air plane (with I very rarely go on anyway) does not count because you just sit in a seat and can sometimes see out but can't really feel the excitement of flying! But if I had a starfigher I could really fly around with me being in complete control. I could go wherever I wanted! It might be hard to find fuel though. Since you know not many people use them to get around nowadays (or any day for that matter). 

10. Rey's Staff

While most of the people in the star wars movies have light-sabers or gun type things Rey (who is a new character introduced in The Force Awakens) actually has a staff  with I think is very cool just because she uses it so amazingly! As I was reading about Rey (who is also one of my favorite characters in the movies) most people say it is just a regular staff that she has to use because of poverty an have no great power. So the staff isn't that special but she just looks so commanding in those pictures where she has the staff I couldn't resist. I mean who doesn't want to look commanding?

Why do I sound so evil in this post? No seriously I want to know because I have no idea. Did you like this post? Do you like star wars? What iconic pieces from star wars would you love to own? Why? Should I do more star wars/movie related posts? Would you like to have any of the items above? Why?


  1. I've not actually watched any Star Wars movies before! I'm sure I'd love them though! Rey's staff looks awesome! I loved this post, you should make more like it!
    - Edie

    1. Really? I think you so would love them! Ya, Rey's staff looks so awesome! I happy you liked it Edie :)

  2. I only happen to watch the latest Star Wars movie. But, I'm planning to have a movie marathon of it since I'm so curious of their storyline. I definitely want the light-saber! Haha :D

    1. I hope you end up doing the marathon! The movies are awesome and I think that you would like them. Also The Force Awakens (the latest star wars movie) has a lot of stuff that is not explained in the movie but are from the other movies. Ya, the light-saber is one of the ones I most want from the list!

  3. Nabila! Didn't know you were blogging! Awesome!