Monday, May 30, 2016

Nabila's Summer Bucket List

Right now I am so so exited. Why you might ask? I will graciously answer your question. Because it is finally summer! And that means:

-I have 3 whole months of no school
-I can finally wear shorts
-I can go in the pool and swim
-I have more time to spend doing whatever I want with then leads too
-I have more time to BLOG

Truly the only bad thing about summer is the blazing heat. But lets focus on the good things and not start a whole rant on how hot it is *breaths*.

So because of this amazing season I have decided to make a bucket list.  I have never actually done this before but I think it will be awesome.

What is a bucket list?

A bucket list is usually a list of things you want to do.

Why are bucket lists so amazing?

They make you focus on doing things you really want to do and set down all of your goals which is always a good thing.

So now lets start on my My Summer Bucket List

1. Go to the pool at least twenty times. I absolutely love swimming. With the water in my hair and around my body I just feel good. Plus swimming is very, very good for you and it cools you down on a hot day. But sometimes during the summer I just forget about swimming. It’s truly horrible. So this time I am putting it on my bucket list. 

2. Write at least 5 posts a week. With all this time I want to take advantage of it by writing a lot of  more posts.
3. Go skating with my mom. If you are a newer reader you might not know that my mom does Roller Derby (which is pretty much just a type of sports mostly played by women on skates). So since she does Roller derby she is an awesome skater. When she started me and my sisters all got roller skates so we can skate pretty well as well. But I have never really gone skating with my mom. With just her and I. But I think it could be super fun.  

4. Be nicer to my sisters.  This is something I really really want to improve on. I am that kind of person that wants everyone to like them. And the thing is I think my sisters kind of hate me. They say I don’t play with them and that I am just mean to them. This makes me very sad. So this summer I am going to try my hardest to be very nice to my sisters. Even if they make it super hard by being the annoying little sisters that they are sometimes. 
5. Get some online friends. I love making new friends in real life and I want to extend that friendship online. This post pretty much sums it up of me. 
6. Get some new friends from my new school. Next year I will be going to a new school for middle school. Truly it is kind of daunting to me. A whole new school. I mean I stayed in my old one for 6 years. It’s kind of hard to change. But to make the change easier I am going to try to make some new friends with people who are going there. There is one person from my school I don’t know very well who is going there. There is also a little event I am going to go to (I think) where I will be able to meet a lot of the people that are going to be in my grade. 

7. Ride my bike at the park. This is really, really good for me and when I do it with friends it is actually really fun. 

8. Read at least 50 books. There are actually some books I have to read for school but I also want to read some for pleasure. I love reading so I though why not put it on my bucket list?

9. Bake something. I am not a very good cook. Like at all. But this summer I want to bake something. It could be anything. And then eat it. Why? I have no idea.

10. Spend some time at the beach. There is a beach only a hour from where I live so it is perfect in the summer. As I said I love swimming so from swimming in the ocean to building sandcastles spending some time at the beach sounds super fun. 

11. Learn more about photography. Though I would like to call myself a queen at taking photos I am actually really bad. I have shaking hands and I don’t even have an official camera. But I am going to try to really practice this summer and get better at it. 

12. Make lemonade and have a lemonade stand. I did actually have a lemonade stand last year with my friend but we didn’t really make any money. But this summer I want to do it again and actually make some money. I think it could be fun. 

13. Have a sleepover. I almost never have sleepovers. Like ever. It kind of annoying. Why? Because my mom doesn’t like them. I think she despises sleepovers actually. But now I am absolutely promising myself I am going to have at least one sleepover this summer. Can I at least have one mom?
14. Get a henna tattoo. These aren’t permanent and they are so pretty! The first time I saw them was at one of the events at school and I immediately loved them. I am not sure where I will be able to get one done but I am going to figure it out. Maybe.
15. Go to a concert. I have only ever gone to one concert (where Weird Al played) and I had a lot of fun! I really really want to go to another one. 

16. Have a picnic. I live right a cross the street from a park so having a picnic is really easy for me and I think I just don’t do it enough. 

17. Clean out my closet. I would call myself a pretty clean and organized person. But with my closet? Not at all.
18. Have a photoshoot with my sisters. I usually don’t do people photography. I have lots of ideas though. The only reason I don't is because I don’t have anyone to take pictures of. My sisters always say no and I feel kind of weird to ask my friends. But one time this summer I want to have at least one summer photoshoot with my sisters. 
18. Get better at editing posts. You might have noticed as you read my blog how bad I am at revising and editing and stuff like that. I have been working on it though and I really want to get better. 

19. And last but not least have THE BEST SUMMER EVER!

Do you have summer break? Are you exited for summer? What is on your bucket list? Do we have any similar things on our lists? Do you have any special summer plans? How pumped are you for summer!?

Thursday, May 26, 2016

111 easy and interesting blog post ideas

Hi everyone (I need an official name for you guys)! If you are a blogger then at one point in your blogging journey you have probably had a writing slump (I have actually been in one for this past week). If you have then you probably know that it is very annoying. Like very very annoying. So to help you when you are in a slump I have some super easy fun post ideas for you guys!

When I put ____ that means that you are supposed to fill in that part.

1. A day in your life.
2. Your morning routine.

 Break, Breakfast, Corporate, Cup, Drink, Food, Sunday
3. Your nightly routine.
4. Book Review.

5. Movie review.
7. Blogging tips.
8. Some of the latest photos you took.
10. Your tips on blogging for new bloggers.
11. A letter to your future self.
12. A letter to your younger self.
13. A letter to a book character.

 Letter, Handwriting, Family Letters, Written, Pen, Ink
14. A letter to a movie character.
15. A tag (if you want to be tagged by me in the future feel free to tell me).
16. Blog post ideas (like this post).
17. Share your favorite author and tell why the author is your favorite.
18. Talk about your favorite place to go wherever you live.
19. Tell your readers what you have been doing recently.
20. What you have been loving this week/month/year. You could list books, products, drinks, and lots of other things.
21. Why your readers need a _____.
23. Guest Post.
24. Write an a-z post. It can be tips for something or maybe even about you.
25. Share how to make something DIY style. It can be a fun craft or something bigger like furniture.
25. Songs you have been listening to lately.
26. Books you have been reading lately.
27. Run a contest. This is a great way to bring readers to your site.
28. Your goals/bucket list. It can be for the season, year, month, week, your blog, your life and a lot of other things. This is an awesome way to share more about yourself and write down your goals or things you want to do.
29. Try a Top Ten Tuesday post. If it is Tuesday and you like books then this is perfect!      

30. Share a special event in your life. 
31. Make a guide/tutorial. If you are really good at a subject (like coding or taking photos) then share that knowledge! Tutorials have a lot of value.
32. Review a product.  
33. Make a post full of gifs. These can be super funny and they are easy to make. Gifs add a lot of humor to posts.
34. Share your favorite blog/bloggers.
35. Participate in a challenge.
36. Share where you have been traveling recently. 

Word, Map, Hand, Travel

37. Write a list of facts about yourself you haven't told your readers before.
38. Share your favorite comments you have gotten on your blog.
39.Write down your to-do list.
40. Tell a personal secret. This can help you by getting your secret of of your shoulders and help your readers know more about you.

41. Share your thoughts on a popular topic.
42. Tell your blogging story.
43. Share why you started blogging.
44. Roundup your favorite quotes.
45. Roundup your favorite books.
46. Roundup your favorite photos.  

47. Share things that make you happy.
47. Inside your journal.
48. Inside your bag.
49. A tour of your room. 
50. Make a video. It could be of you singing a song or you just talking your post instead of saying it.
51. Share what you hope to be doing in the future.
52. Share behind the scenes of your blog. Like your stats.
53. How you come up with blog post ideas.
54. Show some of the outfits that you have been wearing lately.
55. Your tips on ____.
56. Your blogging habits.
57. Share some of the websites you visit often.
58. Review something that you hate.
59. Have a giveaway.
60. Share some of your art. 
61. Write about some things you regret doing.
62. Ask a question. Then debate what you think the answer is. 

Question, Mark, Question Mark, Surprise, Astonishment
63. Publish some facts that are not widely known.
64. Make a post with all of your post popular posts. New readers will probably go here and whoever reads it will likely check out some of your posts listed.

65. Start a series. If you been having and idea to do a series for a while then I say go ahead and start it.
66. Share some of the stuff you own. It could be cloths, toys, furniture, etc.

67. Make a list of mistakes usually made in your niche.
68. Make a post with lot and lots of resources for one subject. Maybe it can be on blogging or designing. This is super super helpful for readers. This is also an awesome way to bring new people to your site.

69. Share important lessons you have learned in life.

70. Write down a list of things you want to do before a curtain point. It can be funny to look at later and can give others ideas for there own to-do lists.
71. Make a list of people your readers should follow.
72. Round up stuff that is currently happening in your niche.
73. Talk about someone you admire. Is there someone you really really like? Write about them!

74. Shoutout to your fans and special people in your life. This can make a super emotional post and can make a lot of people feel special.

75.  Share some hacks. Everyone wants to make life easier so a list of hacks is pretty valuable.
76. OOTD
77.  Make a list of jokes. 

Laugh, Child, Girl, Face, Happy, Human, Blond, Hat

78. Tell your readers your plans for the holidays.
79. List some of the apps that you use.
80.  Share something that you are obsessed with. Maybe a item or a tv show.
81. Write a list of things you wished you had known when you started blogging.
82. Talk about where you blog. 

Home Office, Workstation, Office, Business, Notebook

83. Create a list post.
84. Write a checklist on how to ____.
85. Have you been asked a question before by one of your readers? Answer it!
86. Share something new that you have done.
87. Write down books you really want to read.
89. Share your distractions and how you deal with them. 
90. Talk about your dream job.

sunny, summer, dream

91.  Your reaction to____.
92. Is there something that you have been really not loving lately? Share your frustrations with your readers.
93. What are some things you would love to improve on?
93. Share what inspires you.
94. Share some of your favorite gifts you have ever received. This gives readers incite on what you like and can give them ideas.

Gift, Made, Surprise, Loop, Christmas, Festival

95. Best  ___ tutorials.
96. What is the worst/best thing you have ever done?
97. How do you wind down after a long day?
98. Share why your readers shouldn't do _______. 
99. If you could have 3 wishes what would they be?
100. A diary entry.
101. Write a letter to someone in real life and share it on your blog. This could be to a friend, a model, and pretty much anyone else.

 typing, vintage, technology

102. Write pros and cons of an item.
103. Share your daily scheduled. 
104. List some do's and don't's. 
105. Share some things you think your readers should try.
106. Have you changed something lately? Like your house or hair? Share some before and after picks.
107. Things to know before _____.
108. The truth about ____.
109. Ways to _____.
110. Share some pictures of yourself. 
111. Celebrate your blogging birthday. 

Did you like this post? Are you in a blogging slump?  If not, have you been in a slump before? Have you used any of these ideas? If so I would love for you to link the post. What are some of your blog post ideas? Do you have trouble finding ideas? What do you usually do when you are trying to think of a blog post?

Sunday, May 15, 2016

You Go Girl! // A Guest Post

Hello everyone! I have not had a guest post in like forever! So when my close friend offered to write one I gladly agreed. She is an awesome writer (probably better then me, haha) though some of her views can be very, how do I say it? EXTREME. And before I give the mic over to her I want to add that I would also call myself a feminist though I don't talk about it a lot. And now lets welcome my wonderful friend Lydia! *You hear clapping from an unseen audience*.


Hey, Lydia here, (Nabila's friend). I'm going to do a guest post. Have you read or heard about the question about drafting women who are eligible into the army? On one hand, it's not like you can force the whole country into war, on the other hand, do women really have equal rights? Or do we need to test that? So simply, (as a feminist) if we get to have the same "opportunity" to die horribly for our country, shouldn't we get the same "opportunity" to be forced to die horribly for our country? I'm putting it into such negative terms because it's not like I want for the situation when that's necessary to actually happen or anything.

Moving on to more of this kind of thing, you'd be amazed at who some of the sexist pigs are out there, or as I like to call them; TURDS! TOTAL AND COMPLETE TURDS! (no offense to them, but- no I take that back, total offense to the TURDS! TOTAL AND COMPLETE TURDS!/ sexist pigs). But here's a couple of the major one's;

  • Walt Disney
  • Donald Trump (well, duh)
  • Alex Blimes (editor of some big magazine)
So, Walt Disney, (bet you didn't already know about that one) he was most certainly sexist. He was a lot of other negative things, check out this link! Besides the fact that he has a quote about how he feels like the creative part of the studio being not for women, a man who worked closely with him observed that he didn't like women and/or trust them. Finally, and this one's more commonly known, Frozen was the very first Disney film ever to be made by a girl. You go Jenifer Lee! As for Walt Disney, he has earned the title for; TURD! TOTAL AND COMPLETE TURD!/ sexist pig!

I think it's fair to not do too much Donald Trump because I don't have enough time to write that much just like you don't have nearly enough time to read that much. Either way he has earned a title that he could be doing much better without. Remember two things; I hate him as much as any other candidate (and I hate them all), and that this is just the tip of the ice berg.  They are mostly about Hillary Clinton. Here are 5 things he said;
  1. Can you imagine that, the face of our next next president? I mean, she’s a woman, and I’m not supposed to say bad things, but really, folks, come on. Are we serious?
  2. 26,000 unreported assaults in the military-only 238 convictions. What did these geniuses expect when they put men & women together?
  3. “The Face of a Dog!”
    (NYT reporter Gail Collins wrote a scathing op-ed in 2011, stating that Trump once mailed her an article she’d written about him, her face circled in the byline with “The Face of a Dog!” written above it.)
  5. It must be a pretty picture. You dropping to your knees.”
    (Bret Michaels told Trump that his project partner, former Playmate Brande Roderick got down on her knees and pleaded with him to be the manager. Trump had this 'classy' oral joke in response.)

So let's move on to someone less famous, but a huge TURD! TOTAL AND COMPLETE TURD!/ sexist pig! It will be so much faster if I just list some of his biggest sexist quotes;

  1. They are beautiful objects
  2. They're (women) objectified
  3. The women that we feature in the magazine are ornamental. That is how we see them.
  4. I could lie to you and say they're interested in their brains as well, but on the whole, we're not
I know all I mentioned is four but you should know there are many more and that more importantly those are really big one's that could as well account for 4 times as many of sexist quotes. He too has (unfortunately gladly) received the shameful title.

sunny, fashion, summer

Even though the world is filled with turds, jerks, and just plain bad people, not everyone has to live under the regretful title. There are some big time feminist out there;

  • Me
  • Harry Styles
  • Shailene Woodly
  • Pharrell
  • John Legend
  • Lena Dunham
  • Beyonce

All of these people publicly announced that they want to officially be under the category; Feminist. That includes myself being that right now this a Lydia Gafford quote; "I hope people can consider me as an extreme feminist. Equal rights between men and women is the sort of thing that I believe in so much, I rather die fighting for it, then live in a part of the world where I can't have it." I know it's dramatic but I do not care.

I want to be a person who can tell a simple difference between right and wrong. All of the previously mentioned people who have been labeled as feminist are intelligent enough to know that. Beyonce came into her latest interview wearing a feminist crown! I wonder if I can get one like it.
Harry Styles has been opening concerts with his thoughts about how much he supports women's rights.
Shailene Woodly won't admit to the label but is still supporting equal rights.
That's just a few examples, google some more if you wish.

What do I say about drafting women, well, I hope it doesn't come to that, but we should be equal. And for any women in the military, you go girl!

 Wow! That was a very heartfelt post. I usually don't do very heavy post like that one my blog. 

So..... How did you like the post? Would you call yourself a feminist? What other feminists do you know of? Do you agree with what was said? Should I do more posts on kind of hard topics like this? Would you like to see a girl power post?

Saturday, May 14, 2016

9 things you should always do before publishing a blog post

Once you have spent minutes, hours, even days on a post your probably just want to hit that publish button. It is very temping I must admit. But wait a minute. Are you really making this post as amazing as it can be? To make sure you are I have made a list of 9 things you should do before publishing a post.


No one wants to read just text after text after text. It can get boring! So to spice it up just add some images.  If you like taking photos then I totally recommend showing of some of your killer skills! If you do not like taking photos then that is totally fine as well. There are millions of free stock photos online that you can find. I really recommend pexels or pixabay. They both have super nice looking looking pictures. 


As I said above no one likes to just read a humongous thing of text. So an awesome way to break it up is by putting the text in paragraphs and small groups of writing.  This is easier for the eyes and also easier to read. You can make each paragraph about a certain subject. This also makes it easier to actually write the post because then you can know what everything is specifically about. 


This should really go without saying but a lot of bloggers are really bad at proofreading (including me). When readers find mistakes in a post it makes the blog look very very unprofessional! Which is a bad thing. It can also make the post really hard to read. And when you can barely understand a post with attention spans how they are and how many others posts you can probably find on the subject they will just leave your blog for another one that is actually readable. Like without reading the whole post. And then they will not be able to see your amazingness. With would be very very sad. 


Really think about the post and ask yourself the question "Would I like this post? Would I actually read it?". If the answer is yes then congrats you made a post some one actually likes! But if not then don't post it. If even you don't like it then probably no one will. Same thing with jokes. If you don't laugh your own jokes no one will. Unless that person laughs at everything but that is besides the point. 


If you don't have a good title no one will look at your post in the first place so a title is very important.  I actually did a whole post here with a lot of tips for making an awesome title. Here is the gist of it. 

1. Have a rough draft.
2. Have numbers!
3. Make it a question.
4. Use fun adjectives.
5. Use solid nouns.
6. Don't lie!
7. Use negatives.
8. Get personal. 


Umm free advertising??? Yes, yes, and yes! If you have something in the post that is similar to another post you wrote. Link it! Maybe you say to do something in your post and you have another post that says how to do the thing. Link it! This is very easy and a great way to make readers not only go to one post but a lot of posts on your blog. 


If you want something to stand out then I highly recommend making it bold! If you have a very long post readers are post likely going to scim at first. So if you bold some words making them stand out you are just making it so much easier for your readers to scim your post! Then once your readers finds out how amazing your post is they will go back and read the whole thing. 


This is an awesome way to provoke comments or discussion at the end of a post (I did some tips on commenting here). You can add some questions at the end of the post related to the topic at hand. You might have noticed I have started doing this at the end of all my posts. Since I started doing it I have had a lot more comments. 


It is very helpful to preview a post in it's native environment to see how your readers will see the post. This can help immensely with proofreading. It can also help you with making sure all images are working and that everything is in it's right place.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

BIBPC #2 The Last Challenge

Hey everyone! If you don't know BIBPC is a photography contest that is going on and today in this post I am going to enter my photo for the last challenge.

Photo Editing!

I quite like editing photos and playing around with features so this was a really fun category for me!

So here is the photo before I edited with you can find in this post. 

And here is the photo after editing. I made it a lot brighter, adding more contrast, made the colors pop more, and I also added a red tint. I edited this photo with VSCO.

How do you like my picture? Did I edit it well? Should I do a tutorial on editing pictures? Should I do a tutorial for VSCO or picmonkey? Or both? What should I do to improve my editing?  

Monday, May 9, 2016

8 Awesome Present idea's for a 7 year old girl for under 10 dollars

Since I realy liked doing this post where I gave some gift idea's for mothers day I have decided to do another like that that but this time for 7 year old's. If you guys didn't know I have a little sister that just turned 7 recently and we had a party and it was really fun! But sometimes when people have birthdays I can not think of anything to get them! Like at all. So to help you guys when you are in that position I have come up with 8 awesome gift idea's for 7 year old girls. 

A stuffed animal

Since stuffed animals are just so cute and cuddly they are perfect for a little kids that age. I recommend something soft and little. Also something that is princess or frozen related will always win over a little girls heart. 

Fun fact: I actually still sleep with stuffed animals sometimes. 


Every year straight for like 4 years my sister has asked for a doll. That might just be her but I'm pretty sure that's not the case. Every little girl wants a doll one time or another. You can do there hair dress them up and everything. Truly what girl doesn't like that?

Some dresses!

This is a really easy present you can get except for the fact that you kind of need to know the size of the person. But besides that it is a really nice present. I recommend dresses that are pretty, frilly, pink, and just really poppy. 

Some Legos

This is the first year (the seventh year of life) that a lot of kids are actually aloud to use the smaller Legos and actually want to. This is a harder present to get because it is more expensive then the other ones and also some kids just aren't mature enough to use them. But it would probably make whoever receives the gift the most happy. I recommend Lego friends. 


Again this is a little harder because you need to know the shoe size but still! Every girl loves a pair of shoes and 7 year old's are no different. I recommend getting those fake high-heels or sandals. 

Some craft equipment like crayons

This is a super easy gift you can get that is actually usable and serves a purpose.I recommend just getting a crayola cartoon and maybe a coloring book. And then boom! Perfect present!

Nail Polish

This is also the year little girls start imagining themselves wearing makeup. And so some nail polish (with is really the only type of makeup they should wear at that age) is the perfect fit! A lot of stores sell kiddy nail polish you can get for really cheap and are small. I recommend pinks and purples. 


I'm not talking about the real thing but more that kind of plastic jewelry you can find. This is again super cheep and easy to find. I recommend necklaces or bracelets that are shiny and pretty.  

Do you like buying presents? Do you have a 7 year old sister? Have you gotten a present for a 7 year old? What did you get? What are some presents you recommend? Do you like my idea's? Should I do more present posts/party? What is your dream present?

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