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Friday, April 1, 2016

What's in my Bag?

I have never done a "What's in my Bag?" post but I have seen people do it and it looked really fun! I am doing my school bag for this one. I never really put much thought in what I put in my bag. It's pretty much just a jumble of stuff I either need or want for school. So let's get started!

I used to have a rolly backpack but then the wheels totally broke so for the rest of the year I have to use this plain one that my parents have had forever. Though it is in really good condition it's not "cute" at all. 

In the front I have a little pack where I keep my pencils and flash drives and little things I need. 

Then I have a tiny pack on the top where I have a wallet where I keep some money. Oh and though my wallet seems to suggest it, I have never been to washington DC. My grandparents did go though and gave it to be.

Then I have some books that I just read for pleasure when I have extra time. I just finished The Giver so be ready for a review that will hopefully be coming up soon. 

Then I have a place where I keep some papers. Though I really don't use it that much. 

For all the papers I don't keep in that thing above (I forgot the name) I have some folders. 

For my reading and writing class I keep pretty much everything in this binder.

I also have a couple notebooks with worksheets in them.

The dreaded Wordly Wise book *shudders*

And that my friends is my very unorganized backpack.


  1. can't wait for your review on the book "The Giver". I'm finding something to read these days :)

    1. It should be up tomorrow. I think you would like it!

  2. everything in his backpack. You carry the world on his back. What's on your desk? We can worry him. If you have an opportunity to pull in his image, we are satisfied that you shared your page. I wish you success in life.

    1. Thanks! Very true! I could so do a "whats on my desk" except I don't really have a desk.

  3. Omygosh!!! The giver is so freaken amazing!!!!

  4. I quite like the what's in my backpack topic! It's honestly pointless but it's interesting to see what people like and own. One last thing: what is Wordly Wise? Is it a spelling textbook or something?

    1. I like reading them too! I also think it is interesting. That's one of the reasons I did it :) Wordly wise is a book with a bunch of words and their definitions and then a lot of activities to go with them. I get the activities for homework and then on friday of every week I have a test on it. That is why I don't like it.


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