Saturday, April 30, 2016

Think you can make a good comment? 20 Do's and Don't's for commenting on blogs (and why commenting is important in the first place)

Comments are very very important things on a blog. As a blogger you get awesome feedback from your readers. As a reader you can voice your opinions and possibly tell some criticisms. To me it is a must have kind of thing (though that is only my opinion). Here are my Do's and Don'ts of commenting.

But before we get started, you might be wondering why in the world commenting is important? Well here is why.

1. It helps the blogger because:

 -It makes them happy (you can't really deny it all my blogger readers!).
-It gives them feedback with lets them improve there blogs. Which is always good, right?

2. It helps you as a reader because:

-You can connect with other people.
-You can learn something new!
-You can promote yourself.

 Do you believe commenting is important now? Good.

Do's for commenting

Leave a link to your blog at the end of every comment. Easy Hyper Links is a really awesome website that I totally recommend for this.

Compliment there post! Say that you like the post. This makes bloggers really happy ( I know from experience).

Say why you like the post. Even if you do all of the wonderful stuff above if you don't say why you like the post it almost means nothing.

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Say something personnel. This is an awesome way to share experiences and really connect with the blogger. Lets say the post is about camping. Share an experience you had camping. Or maybe how much you want to go camping.

Add some of your advice. Let's say the post is about sleeping. Do you have any more tips to add? Share them! This can help you, the other readers, and the blogger! Win win win. 

Leave your name.  This isn't a must but it is a nice way to close a comment.

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Use the name of the person who wrote the post in the comment. Like instead of "great post!" do "Great post Nabila!". This makes it a lot more personal and nice.

Don'ts for Commenting

Be afraid to write a long comment! If you have an opinion then you should share it! Even if it is really long or really short. Sometimes when all the other comments on a blog are super long I am scared to comment because I know my comment won't be that long.

Write a one/two word comment. This will not help anyone anywhere!

Write a comment like this.

Awesome post!

*insert name*

*insert link*

hands, laptop, notebook

Ask for the blogger to follow you. You will just seem greedy and it doesn't look good.

Ask the bloggers readers to follow you. *Que gasping from unseen audience*. This is even worse then the one above. If you comment like that then that means you probably don't care about the post and just want to use the blogger. No one *note bold letters* likes that!

 Ask the blogger to visit your blog. Again seriously just rude. Though this is less horrible then asking for followers still don't do it. If you want to promote your blog just leave link at the end of the comment.

Should I do more blog tips? What is your opinion on commenting? What are some of your tips? How did you like this? Do you usually do long or short comments? Do you comment a lot? Do you agree with my do's and don'ts? Have anything to add?


  1. Great job on this! I really agree with these things, Nabila! :) Comments are the best. A blogger did a comment-a-thon once and now I just comment on most posts I read. It doesn't take long usually, and it's often quite fun. :)

    Megan {A Barefoot Gal}

    1. Thanks Megan! I'm happy you agree with me! I know., right? Comments are awesome! I am not really sure what a "comment-a-thon" but it sounds cool. I also do that! Commenting is totally fun :)

  2. These were some great tips, Nabila! I am trying to comment more often on posts that I read, because I know how much comments make my day, so I try to do it for others. ;)
    Emily// A Purpose and A Promise

    1. Thanks Emily! Ya, comments always make my day! And making other peoples day is always awesome!

  3. BTW, I tagged you for the hunger games tag which is a tag I freaken made up all by my freaken self/ *que the clapping, dang girl's, and crap's*

    1. Thanks for tagging me Dani! It's cool you made it up!

  4. These are some nice tips girl and I agree with you. Comments are the most important part of blogging.Its very time consuming but totally important :) x

    1. Thanks Ambi! It is a very important part of blogging! I so agree with you :)

  5. I agree with & love these tips! Also I'm really happy that us readers make you happy with our comments <3
    Commenting is great, hey! I love commenting on your blog especially since you always reply back, with fun and all-round fantastic answers, and because I just do love commenting ya know.
    -Elsa :)

    1. I'm so happy you do Elsa! You readers make me so happy I can not even describe it. You guys are the reason I blog at all. Thanks Elsa! I always try to reply with accurate an fun answers/reply's. At least I try. LOL. Commenting is pretty great.