Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Giver // Book Review

Hi everyone! Today I have a book review of The Giver. So let's get started!

I had actually listened to this book before, but that was so long ago, and I decided I wanted to read the series, and so I had to read the first book again.

Reasons to Read

  • The visual imagery that the book recreates in my mind if pretty amazing. Without going into to much detail (with I hate) when the book describes the memories I can almost see them. I love when this happens in a book. To me it can really describe how good a book is.

  • I'm also love the world that Lowry created in the book. With all the strict rules and "sameness" I could seriously see that it could happen. I mean it would never happen in the world we have now of course but unlike some other books I have read it is possible and would work.

  • I can really imagine jonas's anger and feelings. He's one of the main characters and I think I just qlick with him. Like I know what he's thinking. If this happened in real life it would be called being psychic but sense it is in a book it is called serious character building skills. 

  • The relationship between the giver and jonas is really well developed I'd say. They seem to really grow and the giver really turns into a teacher.

  • Have I said I love futuristic/different worlds? Yes? Ok good! Because I do! And this book gives a humongous dose of it. 

  • The way the story is paced is just right! It doesn't go too fast or too slow it is just right (I feel like goldilocks)! 

  • Sometimes when there isn't that much going on and just the character wrestling with her/himself it can get really boring. But in this book that is not true at all. With jonas thoughts it is actually really interesting and will snatch you up and not let go. 

  • The wording of the book sounds so grownup and not like a kid would use but then I can still understand it. #BestSenerioEver!  

  • Umm the cover! With the mirroring and the weird eyballike thingy I love the mirroring!

  • Taylor swift was in it. Ok now don't get too excited she wasn't in the book. I'm pretty sure that's actually physically impossible. But she was in the movie. With I now have to watch. 

  • There are some things in this book that of course everyone in the book doesn't get at all because there little brainless worms but that I can guess and can connect with the real world

Have you read the book? Did you like it? If no do you want to now? Do you love books set in other different worlds?


  1. The Giver is such a good book!! I have read it at least three times- it's so great. Your review really captured why it's such a great read. Neat post!

  2. Replies
    1. Awesome Dani! It was quite good in my opinion. Though I think you can guess that from my review :)

  3. Best. Book. Ever.
    That's saying a lot, considering I read way more than the average person. I read this book in fourth grade, and it was so... beautiful. I mean, really, Lois Lowry is a mastermind. I'm going to make a post later about my top ten fave books, and this is totally going to be on there. I have to say the movie was kinda disappointing, but that's only really my opinion. I still think it's worth watching, though. Taylor Swift unfortunately wasn't in many scenes! As a Tay-Tay lover, that made me very mad. Also, the movies kinda messes with your imagery, which bothered me a bit.
    I hope I don't bore you by leaving the longest comments ever, but I have to admit I am very talkative person myself. Do you get in trouble at school for talking? Cause I sure do.

    1. Oh my gosh yes! This book was so awesome! I actually listened to it in fourth grade on CD and I really couldn't have said it better myself. It is probably on my top ten as well. I look forward to that post! I haven't actually watched the movie (though I really really want to). And you saying it was worth watching makes me want to watch it even more. Taylor swift is amazing in my opinion and I can imagine your anger. Haha. Oh my gosh that happened to me so much when I read books and then watch the movies. Like I have these images in my head and then the movie completely turns it around. You are so not boring me! I love comments big or small and I love talking with people. I would call myself a pretty talkative person (sometimes) but I usually don't get in trouble. I guess that is just the price you have to pay for being so amazing though.