Sunday, April 3, 2016

Testing 101: step by step

I had both the reading and math STAAR test this week. STAAR is like a mandatory test if you live in texas. It is very long and very boring. *Audience somewhere in the background says "booh!"* Though truly almost every test is pretty boring and uses some of your brain power (even if it is super easy). So I have decided to do a post on testing to help you (and I admit me) on your/my next test. This more applies to super big tests but it can also be for just a regular test.

The week before

*Says like a drill sergeant* Study, study, study! *Goes into regular voice* This probably a given but still! If it is...

 Math there are millions of free math games you can play that are mildly fun (this is a website I like).
Reading then read read read! This is a fun way to "study". Also writing something is very helpful.
Social studies then read your textbook or watch something on the subject you are covering. 

The day before

*Says like a therapist* Just relax. Deep breaths people. Deep breaths. *Goes into regular voice* The day before you just want to relax and....

Eat an awesome dinner. And make sure to tell whoever cooks (if it is you then tell yourself this too) that they should make your favorite meal because you deserve it (you have been studying super hard of course) and you have a test tomorrow and you have to have your energy. 

Just kind of forget about. I don't mean don't be prepared but don't stress over it or anything. You have studied and learned and if you do your best you are going to be absolutely fine. No need to worry. 

Read! This will help you with absolutely every subject and if you find the right book it can be fun.

The time before the time before

When you get up get yourself some water or a nice drink like tea or something. Then after calming your nerves make sure that you have absolutely everything you need for your test. Check, recheck, and then for extra messer just check again. I mean think about it if you did all of this hard work and then didn't bring a pencil or something! That would be pretty horrible. I usually like to take:

Pencils. Bring at least 2 or if you write really hard even 3. I usually like writing with mechanical pencils but for these big tests I am only aloud to use umber 2 annoyingly. 

A sharpener. With all of those pencils you need something to sharoe them with once they become dull (but sometimes your not aloud to bring sharpeners so check before hand).

A book. After the test if you finish early you need something to do and a book is perfect. It is quite and entertaining. 

All of the papers needed. If you had to bring something make sure you do.

Watch (optional). Sometimes I get scared when I don't know what time it is and so I like to bring a watch. 

During the test

Just go question after question. Don't rush (unless of course you have to) and use all of that stuff you have learned. If it is a long test give yourself a break occasionally. Maybe you can  lay your head down for 5 minutes. Or you could ask to go to the bathroom to stretch your legs a little. My tips pace yourself, give yourself some breaks, and don't you dare rush! Promise me. Ok good. And don't be super negative about it! Think of the god not the bad! True it might be hard to find the good but there is some. Maybe like the possibility that the test is going to finish soon and you can get over with this subsect. That sounds pretty good to me or at least better than "This is so boring! I'm gonna fail." Now that is very bad thoughts. While you want to think good thoughts. 

After the test

Reward yourself! You just completed an amzing test of amzing skill. And what do you want to do after that amzing feat? Reward yourself and just do absolutely nothing. So do it for goodness sakes. Just let your mind shut down. Maybe eat a tiny treat. *Healthy Nabila comes in and says in cheery voice* but make sure to always eat healthy foods and not eat too much junk food. *Normal awesome nabila pushes her away* It is true that you should think about health but at this very moment you should teat yourself to something. Watch some tv or read my blog. Something!

Did you like this post? What are your tips? What do you usually bring to a test? Did you have a big test recently? Was it horrible? 


  1. Hi Nabila! Thanks for the testing 101!

    1. Totally Hana! I'm really glad you liked it :)

  2. Sincerely thank you for all your advices because I become a really lazy student in school all started on my freshman year when I discover that I am not made for my career and well now on my senior year I need finish this shit! And my grades are really bad
    Great post

    1. Totally Sakuranko! I'm happy I helped you :) Hope you get better grades in the future! Thank you :) I would prefer no cussing on my blog though if thats ok.

  3. At my school in tests we just remember to try our best and if we did, that's all at matters. :) :) :)

    1. Well of course! Doing your best is very very important. Wait does that mean you don't have grades?