Thursday, April 14, 2016

My pin board!

I had wanted a pin board for like EVER! I got one around a year ago and I was pretty happy. My mom just brought it home one day from work and asked if I wanted it. I said yes! I'm pretty sure it was originally a painting of a flower but they has used it for a pin board so that is also what I use it for.  I have a little tour of it today for you guys!

This is a little paper from a performance I did at school. the only reason i kept it is because it had my name in it.

This is a letter I got from my assistant principle congratulating me on my odessy of the mind accomplishments. 

Here's the medal I got from the competition. 

To spic it up a bit I added some duct tape to the top and bottom. 

Here's a piece I did. It is supposed to be a view of the city if you laid down in the middle of the road and looked up. 

These are my initials that I decorated. Isn't it cool they spell new! 

This is a certificate I got last year for getting all A's. 

This is a piece I did this year where the assignment was boots. 

Here's some more of my art.

This I did in kindergarten (I think) and actually got an award for.

Here is some more certificates I have gotten. 

*note* I am by no mean trying to brag. And I am not exceptionally good at art. All of the art stuff above has been done at school. 

Do you like this type of post? Do you have something like this in your room? What is on it? With of my art pieces do you like the best?


  1. Wow your art is amazing! :) I love the city! :)

    1. Thanks you so much (wait are you sarah or bernie?)! I also like the city one. Why do you like it?

    2. I like it cause it's very unique! And because I love tall building and the city! I love the colors too! I'm Bernie! :)

    3. I mean city's are pretty awesome. I'm so happy you like it! I wanted all of the colors to match so I picked a bluish whitish theme. Well, hello Bernie :)

  2. Aw I love the artworks that you did! I've never been too fond of art, and even if I tried back when I was in grade school, I was never satisfied. But looking at yours, they just look so lovely! Your pin board is full of colorful artworks, and I really admire your creativity for that :)

    Jillian @ Jillian's Books

    1. Thank Jillian! Truly I don't like art that much either. I'm so happy you like them though! I've never really thought of my self as a "good artist". I think all the artwork makes it look unique and colorful with I like.

  3. You have some really cool stuff on your pinboard, Nabila! I have one, but a few years ago I would update mine every single week, and I loved putting things like artworks on it. Now I barely ever change it!
    Also, you're really good at painting and drawing! I can conclude that you're a talented person :)
    -Elsa :)
    P.S Could you please tell me how you change the blogger image to a picture? I don't know I just can't seem to figure it out, maybe because I don't have a profile?

    1. Thanks Elsa! It's cool you have one as well! I actually don't change mine either. Your a pretty talented person too!

      Well If you have a profile you should be able to go to your profile page and if your logged in press the edit button and change it. But since you don't have a profile I'm not sure. Sorry! If you want you can email me here ( and I can try to help you further.