Thursday, April 14, 2016

Hibiscus Flower

Sunday when I was walking around my backyard I noticed this beautiful bright red flower. I was very puzzled. I definitely didn't plant it and I'm sure my mom didn't either. I asked my mom what is was and she said it was a hibiscus flower they use to make tea. I of course thought that cool so I had to take some pictures of it. Here they are :)

Isn't it pretty? What is your favorite picture? Have you seen signs of spring where you live like flower blooming? Do you like my new sidebar picture?


  1. I absolutely LOVEEEE hibiscuses!!! Your photography just made this post that much better! I really like your new sidebar photo! (I actually can't remember you other one! :0)

    1. They look so awesome right! Thanks Dani (for the photography comment and sidebar)! I really like how my sidebar picture turned out. I want it to be very "springy".