Thursday, April 7, 2016

Could you awesome people possibly take my new poll/survey?

Hello my amazing cookies (aka followers). As you can probably tell you from the title I have a survey thing I would love for you to take but before that I want to highlight some of my favorite comments I have had on my blog recently.

"I think that all these reasons are really nice ways to show that you appreciate a blogger! 
I just wanted to say that your are SO, SO, SO, SO o̸k̸ i̸ s̸h̸o̸u̸l̸d̸ s̸t̸o̸p̸ awesome at making list posts! And overall blogging. Keep it up! :D
-Elsa :)"


"Wow, Nabila. This is amazing! And SO true. I totally get the follower and comment thing. Whenever I get a new follower, I always yell to my mom, "I got a new follower!" Your posts are so creative! How do you come up with this stuff? :) Great work!


Aren't those just so nice! They would both on this post if you want to take a peek. Ok now onto the survey. I really like to know my awesome readers opinions and I haven't done a blog survey in a while so I decided it was time. Here it is :)

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Thanks :)

Oh ya and if you read my last post you might know I was trying out for a play and though I didn't get the exact part I wanted I did get a good part and I'm happy.

So did you take it? Huhh???? Did you? Hello! Did you? Yes? OK yay!


  1. yey! finished answering your survey :) that was a bit tough hahaha.

  2. Done! I tagged you for the Text Tag!


    1. Thanks Dee Daa! And thanks for tagging me for the tag :) I've actually been wanting to do it.

  3. Oh my goodness, thank you so much for featuring my comment! It made me feel so happy :) Not that I wasn't already LOL!
    Also I took your survey, as you probably saw.
    -Elsa :)

    1. Totally Elsa! You make me feel so happy when you comment on my blog and I think you deserve to be happy as well since your so awesome. And also thanks for taking my survey!