Wednesday, April 20, 2016

9 easy tricks to help you to make an amazing title for your blog post that will make people actually click on it

I am definitely not an expert at blogging. At all. But one thing I know for sure about a blog is that without a catchy and hooking title no one is going to click on your blog post and they will just skip it.

1) Start with a rough draft

In all writing you need to start with some kind of a rough draft. This means a copy of what ever you are doing. Without all of the editing and the amazingness of it. The thing that you ccan lean on. So if I was trying to find a title for this post I could start with "How to make a blog post title".

2) Numbers! 

Numbers are awesome in titles! And they are pretty east to include. If you have a post with 3 different types of makeup say that there are 3! If you have a post to say how to do something with coding say how any steps it takes! Easy. I'm pretty sure this is true because people hate uncertainty and love certainty. You always want to know what you are getting into.

Pink and Gray Telephone

3) Question?

Questions make good titles? Ya that's not a question. That's a fact! When you see a title that starts like "Did you know that pigs fly?" Or "What does McDonald realy put in there chicken nuggets?". If people have at least prier knowledge of the subject it will spark there interest. And they will think something like "Wow I never thought of that. This sounds interesting" or "No I didn't know that. I want to find out more!".  With are awesome reactions!

4) Good, fun, interesting adjectives

Like how I used awesome in my title. Everyone wants to be awesome make there stuff awesome right? Same thing with the rest of these adjectives. Like maybe "Strange"  or "Fantastic". Something that says how awesome or weird or interesting your post and whatever you are writing is. 

5) Solid Nouns

If this is going to be a list post say it! If it is going to be tricks say it! Here are some examples:


And that kind of stuff. 

6) Don't lie!

No one likes a lair! If you have a title like "Ten people that can rule the world". Actually make sure that they can rule the world! If you have a title that says proven in it somewhere. Actually make sure it's proven! Yes saying these thing will probably make the reader click on the article but after they notice "Hey this isn't true at all!". They won't like you and will never come back. 

7) Use negatives

Attack the reader! Use words like never or I bet you didn't. People like to know everything. And when they don't or don't want to be proven wrong (cause who does?). They will press on it.

8) Get all personal

Think about your audience. "Who are they?", "What do they do?", "How old are they?" and then use that to there advantage. Let's say most of your audience are teens or pre-tweens. Instead of doing a title like "5 thing everyone should know" you should do "5 thing every teens should know". This makes it a lot more person and a lot more attention grabbing. Even if I wasn't looking for everything I should know I would still click on it because it singles me out as a person.

9) Make it Searchable

Before I ever publish a post I make sure that the name is actually searchable. What I mean by searchable is that someone would actually search for for that.

Macbook Air on Grey Wooden Table

What title would you do if you had a post on how to build rocket? What are your tips to make good blog titles? Do you like my title image for this post? 


  1. Very different was a blog post. Congratulations. I'll benefit from your post.

  2. I think my title would be something like 'So you want to fly with the stars?' or something along those lines! This is a great post, some really fab tips!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Cool title! Very mysterious. Thanks Alice! I'm happy you think so :)

  3. I do like your post image! It looks quite professional.
    These are some really great tips and I'm sure they would come in handy!
    My title would be "How to build a rocket- In 10 easy steps!" Even though it would take some many more steps haha!
    -Elsa :)

    1. Awesome! I used canva this time instead of what I usually use for my images and I think it works really well. Thanks Elsa! Cool title! It states what in the world is going on, how long it will take, and say's it easy. Bonus! Ya building a rocket would probably take more steps. Maybe the steps are humongous or something and cover a lot of things.