Tuesday, April 12, 2016

4 Book/writing blogs everyone should know.

 There are many many book bloggers out there in the blogging universe, because there are so many books and bookworms that must express there feelings to the world. Here are my top 4 favorites (it was super hard to choose) blogs that I think everyone (or at least everyone that has picked up a book in there life and isn't internet dead) should know.

*note* Sometimes they also post about other things on there blogs but it is still amazing (or at least awesome to some extent)!

This is a actually a collab blog with five awesome reviewers! They show there insight on books and have giveaways every once in a while. I love there reviews because they really do all of the points of what's good and what's not. 

Plottinger Twist

So lets just sit for a moment and enjoy this header. I for some reason am in love with it. I love this blog because Hannah's (the author of the blog) personality really shows through. I know what she's thinking. She is more of a writer blogger then a book blogger.

For some reason none of the picture on this blog aren't copy-able. This is probably my second most favorite book blogger of all time. I am a very lazy person. When there are ten million words stuck in front of me I scim or just skip. But somehow when I read this blog and there are a bunch of words I don't skip and I actually read the post. With means that it is super super engaging.

black and white + me + shelfie

This is seriously my favorite blog from this list. Hands down. Cait (the author) has a personality and writing style if she got another blog and didn't tell anyone it was her I would probably still be able to guess she was the author of the blog. Yes she has that unique of a writing style. And her reviewing style is seriously amazing. Instead of doing humongous thunks of writing she does them in lists with makes it so much more easy to read and less threatening. Also I just love her book photography. The way she uses props and other books and lighting to me is amazing. 


  1. What about me? Half my blog is dedicated to books!!

    1. Your also cool dani! I would say you need to make your reviews and posts about books a little better and longer and then I might be able to add you to the list :)

  2. Great list! I just discovered Paper Fury, and it's an amazing blog. Cait really does have a unique voice -- not to mention, she's hilarious (I actually laughed out loud while reading her post about YA Siblings). Gotta love her dragon secretaries!


    1. Thanks Loren! Paper fury is so awesome! Oh my gosh I have so done that. One time I just stated laughing and my sister starting looking at me all weird. It was cool :) Dragons are pretty awesome.

  3. Thanks for sharing those blogs with us dear. I am going to check them right now. Thanks for following my blog dear !! I have followed you back :) stay in touch girl. x

    1. Totally Ambi! You so should! Totally, your blogs awesome! Thanks for following mine! I am so staying in touch (I mean you called me dear)!