Saturday, March 19, 2016

Why Ghost Towns are creepy, weird, and unlivable (aka why I couldn't live there)

You have probably heard of a ghost town before. maybe in a scary book or movie or maybe you heard someone talking. Today I had the fortune of going to one. It was out in the dessert with only 20 people living there. 20! Like how do they get food? Or plumbing? I just didn't get it. So here are reasons why ghost towns are all out weird!

How do you get food? Like if only 20 people love there how are they getting food? Are they just all working the farm and grocery store or what? 

There are broken up houses. I'm serious! There were these half houses that looked really weird! Like some kind of tornado went through them. Or a flood of some sot that also took the people. *shudder*

There is no internet. If I didn't have internet I couldn't have this blog. With means I could never talk to you or pretty much anyone because I would have no internet to access my gmail acount. And then I couldn't play any online games. I might die. 

So, what should I do? There is nothing to! No events going on or anything. And you have to admit to yourself at one point just running around through the creepy old ruins or just talking to your one neighbor get's boring. So after you get bored of that what in the world are you supposed to do????

It had ghost in it's name. I'm pretty sure any town that has the name "ghost town" has it for a reason. Ghosts were pretty much made to be creepy so a ghost town must also be pretty weird. Definitely with all the "ghosts" floating around.

I kind of want an education. With a town like that you would either have to drive 40 minutes or get everyone living there to be a teacher or just be home schooled if you ever actually want an education. And I'm not sure about you but I want a good job when I grow up.

"I don't like you!" If you live in a town with only like 20 people, who ever lives there you kind of have to be friends with. Either that or you are going to have a really bad life not liking the only few people you see. 

The houses are run down. With the houses that actually do have people living in them, they are so run down! The roofs are broken and the doors don't have hinges. For get about boredom how do you not become majorly sick? I'm waiting for and answer. Hello?

"Stay out!" This might just be the one I went to but there were keep out signs everyone! And that kind of scares me. Like those people have something to hide or people tried to break in in the past. 

Being able to go to the restroom and wash my clothes would be nice. With a town that small out in the middle of nowhere, how are you supposed to have indoor plumbing? And though you might not think so plumbing is sure good and has a lot of uses. Like water to cook or pretty much all of the bathroom. How in the world do you go without that? 

Have you ever been to a ghost town? Was it weird? Do you want to go one?


  1. I would never like to live in a ghost town. It would just feel so creepy, so weird. I mean, it was bad enough when there was this old abandoned house (it wasn't that old, but it looked like it) next to my friend's house but i would go CRAZY!
    -mia xxx