Tuesday, March 8, 2016

What to actually do when your mad or upset

You might have seen my post here but it was really just a comedy post that was meant to make you laugh. And I hope it did! But I had a fun time doing it and now I am going to do a post and what to actually do when your mad.

1. First of all don't talk back to the person who made you mad! It will only make them mad with will eventually get you more mad with... I've got myself confused now but just don't do it!

2. Once you have walked away from the problem, with you did right? Right! Yes, ok good. Then you want to calm down a little. Here are a bunch of awesome ways you can do that.

-Go to your room and do absolutely nothing. Just sit and be peaceful. Though this is really hard when you want to hit something it helps!

-Sleep. You can count sheep or something. Sleeping helps though. Then when you wake up you forget everything that happened until it all comes back but let's forget about that part.

-Listen to music. You can listen to your favorite song or band. Sing along or just listen in silence (I don't recommend rock though).

-Get a warm drink. Maybe some tea or hot chocolate. This calms your senses down and also taste amazing! Win win right?

3. Ok now that you have calmed down a bit you might be able to go back into civilization. But check and make sure if you see your sibling you don't want to punch them. Ha ha just kidding a lot of people also want to punch there sibling make sure you don't want to kill the person who made you mad. If you do then go back to step 2. You can't go out in public. But if you don't want to kill them  then good. Now you should go do something fun like...

-Get together with friends
-Watch a movie
-Binge watch all your favorite tv shows
-Let yourself have some chocolate

4. Ok now you should be at least halfway calm and just a little happy. Hopefully. Now the rest is up to you. You could go back to the person who made you mad a try to talk it or just forget about it. But my advice to you don't just keep thinking about it and do anything in my post you can find here.

What do you do when your mad? Did this post help? Are you going to absolutely ignore me? 


  1. Those are really good ideas! I'm probably gonna use the binge watching it sounds like it helps!


    1. Thanks! Binge watching something always helps :)